Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Audrey lost another tooth...

Last night Audtey was nudging her loose tooth, the lower left incisor, with her tongue when she pushed it too far forward and it tore the tissue. She was surprised and a little scared when it was just hanging there, but, Audrey was brave and hung in there for another day to see if it would fall out on its own.

Then today, she went to lunch with her daddy, and she accidentally swallowed it!

Once again, she was surprised and a little scared, but her daddy let her know that the tooth fairy was magical and would definitely find her tooth no matter where it was! That made her feel a lot better!

Tonight, before bed, Audrey wrote the tooth fairy a note, hoping she would understand! This is her 6th tooth she has lost so far and she hasnt even made it to 1st grade yet!

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