Sunday, April 30, 2017

Happy 5th Birthday Devin!

This morning was a busy day. After spring cleaning the house, we went to Devin's 5th birthday party.

There was a bounce house set up in the courtyard and starting at noon, the kids bounced, amd bounced and bounced!

They also aet up a pinata, which was a huge hit. Sierra and Audrey both took turns wacking at it. Sierra's hit tore off one of its cones and so she wore it as a party hat!

After the party, we took the girls to see Beauty and the Beast. It was a magical movie the girls loved!

Rocky Mountain Arsenal

While it was snowing, we took another trip out to the arsenal to see if we could find anymore animals, and we found a herd of deer! The girls were excited to see their fuzzy winter coats and cute white tails!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Snow Day!

After months of warm sunny days, this morning we woke to a snow covered yard and a steady drift of snow falling from the sky!

All soccer games were cancalled, including Audrey's double-header!

After playing legos this morning, we drove to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal to see the buffalo!

Now were off to see Beauty and the Beast at the theatre!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Daddy Daughter Time

After work today, I found Victor upstairs with the girls reading a story.

The girls had the day off school, and had a wonderful day together having lunch at Zen Sushi, shopping at Claire's and reading at home! It was a beautiful sight to see them so happy!

Caulk Art

Victor was filling a hole with caulk when the girls saw an opportunity for art! After dividing up the putty, the girls shaped their creations and then used markers to color them. What was the result? Beautiful art!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Layla's 3rd Birthday Party

Audrey and Sierra were invited to our neighbor's house for their daughter Layla's birthday.

Of course, she is a princess so Ariel the mermaid was there to tell stories and sing!

It was a lot of fun, and the best part of all was the big trampoline in their back yard!

More Soccer!

Audrey's soccer team, the Sugarbees, are doing great. They practice once a week and have games on the weekends!

Last Saturday, the game was rained out, but Sunday's game was exciting. It was sunny and the girls were energized! Audrey was kicking the ball down field when a girl kicked the ball back at her and it slammed her in the head on her left eye! She cried for a while but got right back out there after a short time.

We are so proud of her perseverence & courage! Go Audrey!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

High Tech Dance

Tonight there was the tirst inaugural high tech dance. Victor and I were eager to attend and have a night of family fun.

The dance featured a disc jockey featuring lots of trendy songs, games, trivia and dance competitions!

The girls had fun and so did Victor and I! It was a fun night out that ended at 6pm!

Afterwards, we had family movie night and watched the first Harry Potter movie!

We had a wonderful night! Thank you girls!

Soccer Practice!

Sierra had soccer practice this past Saturday. She was an attentive goalie and did a great job protecting her goal.

Starting in May, Sierra has goalie camp. Which she was invited to by a scout who saw her as a goalie and thought she was Colorado Rapids material! Way to go Sierra!

Thank you Mimi & Gigi

When we got back from our ski trip, the girls loved receiving more packages fron their grand parents.

Mimi sent pretty dresses, a puzzle and a college fund donation. Gigi sent Easter eggs, and fuzzy stuffed animals!

Thank you everyone! We love you!

Our Ski Vacation at Keystone

For Easter vacation we planned a ski vacation on the last weekend at Keystone resort. It was fantastic!

Once we arrived, the girls enjoyed the Riparoo face painting and easter celebration filled with an Easter egg hunt, coloring and fun games!

After our first day, we were ready for ski lessons and the mountain snow!

We signed the girls up for ski lessons. Sierra was in level 3 ready for the chair lift and skiing down greens and blues! Audrey was level 1 and a first time skiier.

On her firat day, audrey did amazing! She was top in her class and advanced to level 3 right away!

After Audrey learns to ski, i eent up on thechair lift with her to ski down the mountain again!

We had a great time sking together & Audrey did fantastic!

Sierra skiied with her daddy down a blue and a black diamond with moguls! We traded kids mid-day and i gir to ski down Schoolmarm and avfew blues all the way down to the gondola 3.5 miles from the top!

We met new friends and shared great meals! It was a great easter weekend in the snow!

Thanks G-Daddy & SuSu!

The hitls were so excited to receive a care oackage from Grand-dad and Susan filled with Easter surprises! Sierra got a super-soft stuffed bunny and Audrey fell
in love with her super-soft lamby. It was a wonderful way to start our holiday Easter weekend!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Crazy Hair Day!

Today, at the girl's school, it was crazy hair day so the girls each chose 2 fun ways to express themselves! It was a celebration for raising money to help kids with cancer through the donations we raised for Jump Rope for Heart!

Audrey chose to have her hair pouring out of a Sunkist bottle into a solo cup, while Sierra chose two cute strawberry cupcakes with cherries on top!

Both girls got lots of attention at school for being so creative on this fun occasion!

Audrey Loses Tooth #5

Audrey is definitely growing up too fast... Her second tooth in one week fell out! Now "All she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth!" She's been singing that tune all morning!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Audrey's 1st Soccer Game!

The Sugar Bees are back in their 2nd season of soccer! Audrey had a great practice on Wednesday and is ready for her first real game!

It was an awesome game. Audrey drove the ball dien field and was very aggressive! Way to go Audrey!!