Sunday, March 26, 2017

Lemonade for Sale!

Sierra decided to set up a lemonade stand today! She drew a wonderful poster advertising her delicious lemonade and cookies and ran out to the corner with her friend Eva!

She drew quite the crowd (shown with her friend Jasper above, and Walker below) with her stand, and to her delight made a few sales!

Way to show initiative Sierra! We love you!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Tyce's First Birthday!

Our neighbor's son, Tyce, is one today.

To celebrate the girls went to his open house birthday party!

Hiking Lair o' the Bear

On Saturday, we hiked Lair o' the Bear, just past Golden in Morrison.

As usual, it was a beautiful day of meeting new people, splashing in the river, catching minnows, climbing rock walls, seeing a beautiful castle and getting a lot of sun and exercise!

We had a great time & went to BeauJo's pizzeria in Evergreen for dinner.!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The girls had an extra exciting St. Patrick's Day! They were happy to wear green to school instead of their school uniforms. We added green accessories, like necklaces and hair clips and painted cute little green clovers on their cheeks!( and gold coins too for Audrey!)

At school, they played games and had parties! There was a leprechaun that ran around the school causing mischief too which added to their fun.

At home, Sierra prepared an elaborate plan to trap her leprechaun. It consisted of gold coins, a box and a string which was tied to one of the coins and triggered a big pot to fall on the little guy! Of course it failed, but she had fun planning the trap!

Audrey preferred to have sweet treats for her leprechaun in lieu of a trap! Happy st. Patty's day to all!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sierra's SOAR Award

Sierra earned a SOAR award for "Accountability".

Her teacher, Ms. Knickerbocker presented it to her.

She was so excited to stand up in front of her class in the cafeteria as victor and I looked on! Way to go Sierra!

Afterwards, we played in the park and walked dinner st Brix!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Rainbow Chicks

Audrey created this beautiful painting she calls, Rainbow Chicks, at school.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Audrey lost her 3rd tooth!

Tonight Audrey decided it was time. Her front, left tooth had been hanging on by a thread for the entire weekend. So, daddy got the tooth floss, tied it to the tooth, and gave it a quick tug. In a second, the tooth was out and Audrey was grinning her toothless smile! She was so excited.

Afterwards, we read the story of the tooth fairy book, placed the tooth in her silk pouch, and tucked it under her pillow. We can't wait to see what the tooth fairy will bring!

Fish, Worms & Ducks!

This afternoon, we went to see the movie, A Dog's Purpose. Then afterwards, we got Menchies frozen yogurt. As we were walking through the shopping center, Audrey wanted to visit the ducks at Bass Pro shops, so we walked over.

As we want in, we discovered there was a man teaching kids about the different types of fish in the tank.

The girls learned about rainbow trout, large mouth bass, stripers, sturgeon, catfish and pike to name a few. The girls even got to feed the fish live worms! The rainbow trout turned out to be the hungriest and fastest fish in the tank!

And, finally we were happy to see that the Ruddy ducks had layed an egg!

Walking to School...

Everyday Victor gets to walk the girls to school. He's such a lucky man!

Monday, March 6, 2017


This past week Audrey was the Helping Hand" for her kindergarten class. What that means is that she was responsible for taking care of a he class mascot, Lola the dachshund.

Audrey is learning about community and responsibility in this lesson.

So so this past week, we've been having fun with studying, building Legos, making rice crispy treats with Lola by our side. and when we're not at home and going to birthday parties and gymnastics studios, Lola is at home guarding the house.

It's been a busy week and Audrey took great care of Lola!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Bungee at the mall...

The girls were feeling adventurous after we went to the mall to get Sierra's eye glasses. We signed yh up for 5 minutes of bungee jumping over s trampoline. According to the girls, it was awesome!

The Rapids Are Back!

Sierra and Victor rode their bikes over to the Rapids stadium with several neighbors to watch the first soccer game of the season. Sierra and Bella were cheering for our team. We beat the Boston team 1 to 0. Go Rapids!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Bounce Stapleton

Audrey was invited to Quinn's 6th birthday at a place called Bounce Stapleton. It turned out that Bounce was actually a gymnastics studio.

Audrey was so excited because she loves gymnastics!

There was an obstacle course complete with a climbing wall, balance beams, a rope swing, a trampoline, parallel bars and a vault.

The kids played for almost 2 hours before the pizza and cake arrived.

Silly Girls!

This is what the girls look like on a 15 minute trip to the mall. We're in trouble if we have to drive across the country!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Today was Dr. Seuss's birthday! The girl's school celebrated by allowing kids to dress up as their favorite character.

Audrey and Sierra chose, "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish." So, I drew and cut out fish from the book for each of the girls to wear as hats.

In the early afternoon, I left work early and headed to High Tech to attend the reading party. Audrey picked out, "The Best Nest" for me to read for her class, which I read three times to three groups of kids!

It was loud and fun and educational! Thank you for inviting me Audrey!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Audrey is the helping hand...

At school this week, Audrey was given Lola the dachshund to take care of for the week. She's learning to be responsible and considerate of others. Everywhere we go, we make sure to always include Lola.

So far, we've taken Lola grocery shopping, and she helps Audrey with her homework. She sleeps beside her bed and they start their day together after making her bed and eating breakfast. We are so excited to include her in our weekend activities!

Thank You Mimi!

For Valentine's Day, Victor's mom Mimi sent the girls a care package fillled with candy bracelets, cute necklaces and fluffy keepsakes. Thank you so mych for thinking of the girls!

Lunch with the Girls...

On Wednesday, I worked from home and around mid-day Victor suggested we walk up to the school and have lunch in the cafeteria with the girls... so we did!

Audrey was sitting with her class when we arrived. As soon as she saw us, she jumped out of her seat with a big smile in her face!

When Sierra's class lads arrived a while later, she gave her daddy and me a big hug! we shared a big table with her and 2 of her friends, Lauren & Madeline.