Monday, January 30, 2017

Happy Birthday G-daddy!

The girls called grand-dad tonight to send him happy birthday wishes. They were all riled up after their gymnastics class so they were about in the wild side. The craziness made for a great FaceTime experience for dad! Happy birthday! We love you and miss you a lot.

For his birthday, the girls sent him individual books with a collection of their artwork and stories. They had a great time making them!

Get Well Auntie Donna!

The girls were sad that auntie Donna, from Rhode Island, had to have surgery.

Audrey wrote her a note and both girls made her a sparky painting to cheer her up! We hope your recovery is fast and you're back to being yourself soon. We miss you!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Happy 8th Birthday Maia!

Today we went to the Monaco Lanes bowling alley for Maia's 8th birthday. It was a ton of fun.

There were about 30 kids and they all bowled a full game.

Sierra got 2 spares and finished in 2nd place with score of 89, while Audrey got 1 spare and finished in 3rd place with a score of 82.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fairy Doors...

Sierra and Audrey are excited about fairies. While we were shopping at Michael's one day, Victor found 2 fairy doors on sale and bought them for the girls.

They were so excited to get them and set them up! That night they wrote personalized notes to their special fairies telling them how happy they were to have a fun at for them to visit. Sierra's fairy is Ella, the princess fairy. Audrey's fairy is Sophia, the woodland fairy. Each fairy has a book that teaches the girls about the importance of kindness, sharing and thinking of others.

When the girls write a note and leave them by their fairy doors, within a few nights their fairies write back! It's great for teaching the girls lessons and reinforcing good behavior. So, we love the fairies!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Visiting Boulder

Today we went to Boulder for lunch and to see the shops on Pearl Street. It was a brisk 48 degrees and sunny. We are at Riff's then searched for a chocolate shop. The girls loved climbing the statues and seeing the street performers - lots of musicians including a 6 year old violinist. Sierra's favorite was the silver man that showed us a short hip hop locking show.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

More Birthday Fun!

Victor and I picked up Audrey at school on her special day and headed home for more birthday fun.

She opened her present from Grand-Dad, a pink mermaid tail blanket, which she loved so much that she put it right in and snuggled with it.

Gigi sent her a great book called, "A Nest is Noisy" which we read that night! Did you know alligators and turtles have nests?!

And, special thanks to Joe for his generosity in sending her cash - which was a big hit (as always)!

We got Audrey a fairy garden figurine set so she can set up a fun, resting and playing spot for her fairy friends! Most nights she sets out food and water for her fairy guests along with a sweet love note!

Now, we're off to IHOP for what Audrey calls brinner (breakfast for dinner). She orders a pancake with strawberries, bananas and whipped cream! Sierra orders a short stack and smothers it in strawberry syrup!

We came home to sing the birthday song and eat cake. This year Audrey wanted lemon meringue pie for her cake, so that's what she got!

What a fun day for us all! We are so excited Audrey is 6! Happy birthday tiger lily!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Happy Birthday to Audrey!

Audrey's day is finally here! She's been counting down the days since Sierra's birthday in early December!

Last night we celebrated the the eve of her birthday with a present from Mimi. She loved the painting set and immediately painted a farm scene for her daddy!

This morning before school, Sierra gave her present to Audrey and she was so excited to see it was Num-nums - Little collectible characters with lipgloss inside!

I'll be coming home from work early today so we can take Audrey some place special for dinner. What an exciting day!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


It snowed about 4 inches on Saturday night, so Sunday morning we headed to the Central Park hill for sledding fun.

Our neighbors, Kaliya, Maia and Devon showed up too. We had a ball sledding down the big hill and the smaller ones too.

To to take a break from sledding, Sierra climbed a tree and Audrey made snow angels!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Another Day at the Rodeo

Today we had 2:00 tickets for the Pro Rodeo featuring the Westernairres, bull and bronco riding, bull fighting, barrel racing and calf roping!

The westernairre show started the event off with excitement. They ride out into the arena with neon lights on in a pitch black stadium. The music was loud and the riding was fast. After the intro, we saw the beautiful Clydesdale horses pulling carriages and synchronized riding from the westernairres.

The girls favorite part was seeing the cowboys come out of the shoot and ride the bucking broncos and bulls.

Audrey loved rooting for the bulls and didn't like seeing the baby calves get tied up. Some times the calves got away which was her favorite part.

It was nice getting out of the city to see true westerners perform amazing feats of skill and bravery.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Denver Rodeo

Today we went to the Denver Rodeo. It's a huge event that lasts all month with lots of events like bull riding, barrel racing, mutton busting and shows. We went and saw the heifers parade around after they were all gussied up with spray paint and hairspray! We also saw a funny show featuring two pigs that did tricks. Sierra and Audrey sat in the front row to see all the fun.

We saw the riders for the Wild West show practice back stage and met lots of horses in their stalls waiting to be shown or perform.

Sierra got to sit on a brahma bull, while Audrey opted for a tall horse. It was a fun day for all of us.

Tomorrow, we'll go back to see the bull riders and other rodeo entertainment!

Heartlake City Zoo

Sierra loves Legos. One day she and Audrey were building a Lego set and Audrey was having trouble with the instructions. Sierra got mad and thought Lego should be more responsible and make better instructions for 5 year olds, so she decided to write to the Lego corporation and tell them.

When Sierra found their website, instead of finding the customer complaint department, she found the Lego Friends Contest - build a Lego hangout and win a trip to Denmark and get a Lego character built in your name! She was hooked.

So over the next 2 weeks, Sierra built her "Heartlake City Zoo." She said, the monkey exhibit inspired her to build the zoo. And, because dolphins were her favorite animal, she designed an aquarium where you can feed the dolphins. She also made a bear den with a cave and waterfall, and a tiger exhibit. At Sierra's zoo, bunnies run around free and there is a spinning carousel to ride! She also made sure to include a very tall tower so people could see the zoo from far away. If you're hungry you can get a hotdog and a smoothie, and on your way out you can buy something at the gift shop to remember how much fun you had!

Sierra is super excited about the contest and hopes she wins. Visit the contest gallery here: and give her Heartlake City Zoo a thumbs up!

Good luck Sierra!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Snow Day

Today was very cold - 8 degrees to be exact, but that didn't stop our girls from having fun sledding down the hill at Central Park.

The girls went up and down the hill about 10 times, laughing and playing on their own sleds and then coming firm together. It was a great way to spend the afternoon!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Fun with the Neighbors

Victor, the girls, and our neighbor Ryan and his girls (Lauren & Macy) had a fun filled day. After waking up late from the sleep over, the girls all went to the rec center to go swimming and drift down the lazy river. Then, after swimming they all had lunch at chipotle in downtown Stapleton. To cap off the fun, in the afternoon they went bowling.

With no school to occupy their time, Victor is getting creative with finding things for the girls to do. Today's activities were a huge success thanks to Victor!