Saturday, June 24, 2017

Happy Father's Day

For Father's day, we made a special breakfast for Victor and the girls presented him with beautiful artwork they made.

It was the perfect morning to a fun day with daddy!

That evening, we went to dinner at a local sushi restaurant, Victor's choice!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Playing Legos with the Girls!

The girls loved building lego creations with Gigi like an elf village, an alternate universe, fodget spinners, a wedding party, and a dolphin rescue mission by ship.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sierra Saves a Turtle!

Today while Sierra & Audrey were running errands with their Daddy, Sierra spotted a soft-shelled turtle on the highway. If it wasn't for her keen eyesight, the turtle would've been run over by a car!

Victor pulled over, picked it up amd put it in the back of his truck to return it to safety.

He and the girls let the turtle free in the backyard close to the river. While we were releasing the soft-shelled turtle, we found a tortoise laying eggs!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Audrey lost another tooth...

Last night Audtey was nudging her loose tooth, the lower left incisor, with her tongue when she pushed it too far forward and it tore the tissue. She was surprised and a little scared when it was just hanging there, but, Audrey was brave and hung in there for another day to see if it would fall out on its own.

Then today, she went to lunch with her daddy, and she accidentally swallowed it!

Once again, she was surprised and a little scared, but her daddy let her know that the tooth fairy was magical and would definitely find her tooth no matter where it was! That made her feel a lot better!

Tonight, before bed, Audrey wrote the tooth fairy a note, hoping she would understand! This is her 6th tooth she has lost so far and she hasnt even made it to 1st grade yet!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Flying to Florida

Were on our way to Florida! Audrey is so excited- this will be the first airplane ride she will remember! Very exciting times!

Denver Zoo Field Trip

On the second to last day of school, Audrey's class went to the Denver Zoo on a field trip. It was a beautiful and hot day. They saw the seals, polar bears, giraffes, elephants, and of course the new tiger exhibit!

Best of all, Audrey was with her friends, Bella, Annika and Iris! It was the perfect day!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

More Pool Fun

The girls enjoyed a fun after school gathering at the pool tonight before bed. Such a fun surprise!

We Scream for Icecream

After school today, our neighbor took the girls and his kids, Lauren & Macy, to get icecream! It was the perfect way to cool off on such a hot day!

Memorial Day weekend at the Pool

For the Memorial day weekend, we spent our time at the pool having loads of fun and getting too much sun!

Spirit Night: Vodka

Our neighborhood had the last spirit night of the season, featuring vodka at Matt & Stephanie's house. Coincidently, it was also Robin's birthday.

It was a fun and very late friday night! Thanks everyone & happy birthday Robin!

Audrey's New Glasses

Audrey had an eye exam after complaining about double vision. We discovered early that she had a condition called Convergence insufficiency disorder. We were lucky to have caight it early (many kids don't realize they have it until they are 9 due to poor testing availability). Beyond wearing glasses to ease the headaches, the best treatment is vision therapy.

Notes on Active treatment: A multi-site randomized clinical trial funded by the National Eye Insitute has proven that the best treatment for convergence insufficiency is supervised vision therapy in a clinical office with home reinforcement (15 minutes of prescribed vision exercises done in the home five days per week). The scientific study showed that children responded quickly to this treatment protocol...75% achieved either full correction of their vision or saw marked improvements within 12 weeks.

Field Day!

During the last couple weeks of school, the students enjoy field day! A great day playing outside at different stationsincluding a bounce house, rock climbing, tug of war, water balloon tossing, and races!

Victor volunteered to help with the activities and each time the girls competed with the boys at tug-o-war, he played a trick on the boys. On the count of 3, he told thd girls to let go, smd each tomd the boys fell to the ground and the girls giggled their butts off!

Bounce House Party

After soccer, we hosted the end of the season celebration. We got a huge bounce house for the courtyard and had a BBQ. It was tons of fun and lasted all day! Nice season girls!

Audrey's Soccer Photos

Audrey's last game day on Sunday was a double header. Before the gsme she had her team photos taken. They got really goofy and had a great time.

The games were long and it was a hot day! But, the girls did fantastic and scored lots of goals, including one by Audrey.

Above audrey hugs one of her best friends, Bella!

Sierra's Soccer Photos

Sierra's soccer team, the Superstars, had their team photos taken this past weekend before their last game at the Aurora Sports Complex on a regulation size soccer field. It was huge!

The girls looked so tiny playing on the big field. Sierra did an amazing job blocking 4 goals from a #1 ranked team on her goal. Way to go Sierra!

After the game, their coach passed out medals.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

I had the most wonderful Mother's Day. The girls let me sleep in, then I was treated with breakfast in bed! I also got flowers and wonderful artwork and lots of kisses!

Class Pictures

The girls had their class pictures taken of their kindergarten and second grade classes! As they both ho on to their next grade level, thry can look back with fond memories!

Sierra is on the second row from the top, 5th from the left. Her teacher (on the right) is Mrs. Knickerbocker.

Audrey is on the second row from the top, 5th from the left. Her teacher (on the right) is Mrs. Schultz.

Soccer Fest

This Saturday, the Rapids Soccer organization planned Soccer Fest. It was an event planned for the enrire day where teams get together and play 15 minute games with all the other Denver teams.

Audrey's first game was at 9:00 am. When she arrived, her team had started early and were down by a couple goals. Coach Ryan immediately put Audrey in and she scored our first goal. Her team rallied around her and scored 3 more goals afterwards with Audrey leading the way.

Soccer fest lasted all day and ended up with the pro team playing the earthquakes team and winning 3 to 0!

Sierra's game was later in the day at lowrey park where she played as goalie and prevented a #1 ranked team from scoring any goals! She caught, kicked and blocked 4 attemped goals, then went on to help her team score the winning goal! It was a fabulous day!

The Girl's Artwork

While we were at High Tech for audrey's graduation, the girls showed us the arteork they created that hung on the walls of the school.

Audrey created a family puzzle showing us all while Siierra painted a beautiful owl!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Audrey's Graduation

Today Audrey graduates from Kindergarten! There is a graduation ceremony at 5:00pm followed by a Project Based Learning (PBL) showcase.

We walked over to the school at 4:45. Audrey was dressed and very excited about her special day.

During the ceremony, the kids sang songs and dud sign language. Then each class was called to the stage to accept their diplomas!

After graduation, the kids showed off their PBL projects. Audrey built her own house and is neighbors with her friends Isabella and Annika.

It's such fun to be 6! Below Audrey poses with her teacher, Mrs. Schultz.