Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas morning was lazy. The girls woke around 8:30 excited and curious. Sierra swore she heard Santa rustling around during the night. Audrey was giddy and saw that the stockings were filled with goodies!

We took our time to open presents, playing with them as they were opemed one by one. We ate a tabulour prome rib feast around 2pm, them finisjed opening presemts by 5! What a wonderful, lazy day!

Saturday, December 23, 2017


After breakfast this morning, the girls heard the song “Wiggle” on the radio. It’s a song about “big fat butts” and the girls think it is hilarious! So we turned up the volume and Sierra and Victor danced and wiggled their butts to the tune!

Ugly Sweater Cookies!

Gigi shared a fun activity with the girls this morning - an ugly sweater cookie decorating kit! Before breakfast the girls were busy working on their ugly sweater designs and anxious to eat them afterwards!

, Victor treated us all to a wonderful and healthy breakfast after

Sierra’s 3rd grade Holiday Party!

On Thursday, Sierra’s class had an ugly sweater holiday party! Victor dropped her off at her class and got to hang out for tye fun and festivities! They served hot chocolate and donuts, and had a funny picture booth as the main attractions.

Merry Christmas!

For this year’s Christmas card, the girls posed on our backyard patio with our new puppy, Atlas, for our first sunny Christmas in a long tome!

Since 2011, we’ve enjoyed the seasons and snowy Christmases from Rhode Island and Denver. Every year, they begged for sunshine and now that we are here amidst the sun in December, all they want is to go snow skiing!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

It’s Puppy Time!

Sierra relaxes with our new puppy, Atlas, as she smothers him with hugs and kisses sfter school.

Audrey’s School Play

On Friday, Audrey’s class performed a play called, Bob, the Goofy Reindeer. Each child wore elf hats and read a part of the sctipt up in stage, and one boy, David, was Santa Claus! It was funny and very cute!

After the play, Audrey celebrated with her friends, Isabella, Arelia and so many others! Nice job Audrey! We love you!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Family Birthday Fun!

With Sierra’s birthday party on Saturday, we had to plan time for family fun! Using our Christmas tree as a birthday tree, we placed all our family gifts for Sierra under it and had her open them one by one!

Audrey gave Sierra roller skates and dilly string! Grand-dad gave her a purring kitty cat, Gigi gave her a science kit and magic eightball. And, in addition to the party and trampoline, Daddy made sure to find lots of science and fun brain games for Sierra like, Exploding Kittens, and Frank Einstein.

Happy Birthday #9 Sierra! We love you!

Sierra’s 9th Birthday!

On Saturday, we planned a fabulous Paris themed birthday party for Sierra with swimming and bouncing! She helped with all the planning and helped make decisions on the food.

We got a bounce house and warmed the pool so it would be extra special. Many of her friends joined the party including, Evelyn, Sophie, Hannah, Abbey, Hadley, Riliegh, Donnivan, and Gavin.

We made cake pops, bounced in the bounce house, went rollerskating and scootering down the street, swam in the pool and ate lots of delicious food! It was a highly energetic and fun day!

Painting Party

Just before Thanksgiving, a few friends wandered over to say hello! Feeling crrative, we pulled out the canvases, paints and bruahes and had a painting party on our porch! What a great way to spend the morning!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Ice Skating in Florida!

Today, we ventured out to downtown Tampa with the girls and Atlas. As soon as we arrived, everyone wanted tobpet the puppy. While Victor dealt with the crowds, Sierra, Audrey and I went ice skating.

It was a crazy day on the ice with slSierra zipping all around us and Audrey right by my side! The girls couldn't believe they were ice skating outside in the 80 degree Florida sun!

We shopped around then ate at a cute downtown bistro! Happy Sunday to all!

Road trip to the Ice Skating Rink...

Today we are going ice skating! For the past 5 years, we've lived in cooler climates and have made it a tradition to go outdoor ice skating after Thanksgiving! Sierra didn't believe it was possible to skate outdoors in Florida, but we are going to prove her wrong and have a ton of fun in the process!


This morning for breakfast we ate eggs, toast and bacon. But, we couldnt eat all the bacon, so rather than have it go to waste, we treated Atlas to a treat. He had no idea what it was, but he loved it. The girls split a slice with him and utvwas gone in seconds!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Lemonade for Sale!

Instead of spending money on Black Friday, the girls are making money selling Christmas Lemonade & cookies!

Sierra woke up this morning wanting to have a lemonade stand, so she rallied her friends. They all contfibuted in the effort. Evelyn & Hannah made the chalkboard sign. Sierra picked the location and named the lemonade after Atlas Audrey brought the cookies & granola bars. They all pitched in to make the lemonade, and Sophie decorated our table wuth leaves and pretty pictures.

They decided on setting up their stand on the corner of our street, Bell Creek, and Waterford Run so they would have more traffic. Then they all drew Christmas scenes all over the street to attract people. We played Christmas music and the girls danced to attract visitors.

it was a huge success! After about 2 hours, they earned $25 total snd split the money between the 5 of them! Way to go girls & thanks to all the neighbors for stopping by!

Tuesday Night Pizza Party!

As Thanksgiving approaches, we were in the mood to reach out to friends. Our neighbors, Greg and Julie, invuted us to a Tuesday night pizza party!

after dinner, we stayed past midnight playing games, laughing and talking. It was so much fun! The girls got crazy with some purple lights they found.

We Have a New Puppy!

This past Sunday, Victor got a call from a friend informing him about a rottweiler puppy in need of a good home. So, with little time to decide, we spontaneously drove to Ft. Meyers to meet the little guy.

Of course, once we met him, we fell instantly in love with him and decided to take him home. He lived on a farm with chickens, pugs, cows, ducks snd geese! At six weeks old, the little puppy was so tiny, but will griw to be wa big as his father - a 130 pound loveable beast!

We named him Atlas. In Greek mythology, Atlas was a Titan condemned to hold up the sky for eternity after a war. We figured our puppy would be big amd strong enough to hold up the sky for us if needed!

Flat Stanley Arrives!

Sierra's friend from Colorado, Cassidy, had a friend from Arizona send her "Flat Caneron", based on the Flat Stanley character from the 1964 childrensbook. The character cut-out travels around the world with the goal of seeing as msnu places as possible.

Flat Cameron is traveling sround the US. After Arizona and Colorado, we marked off Florida, and sent it to Rhode Island to Kylie snd Annabel. And, afterwards, hell be mailed to Maine!

Sierra had fun documenting the day with our neighbor, Evelyn!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Exploring Brandon...

Last Sunday, we had breakfast at the Egg and I, then walked sround to explore the area. The girls found statues to climb on and we walked around a lake and discovered a mama duck with 3 ducklings!

We found a donut foodtruck, a neighborhood that reminded us of Stapleton in Denver, and a bustling row of shops! After stretching our legs, we ordered 6 specialty decorated donut holes from the foodtruck and ate them on the way home. It was the greatest, lazy afternoon!