Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Bash

Our Halloween started early with a party invite from one of our neighbors, the Cappacci's. Most of the neighborhood attended the bash in costume. 

Sierra changed her entire costume plan earlier that day. She didn't want to be a spider witch and instead opted to be a pink kitty cat dressed in a warm jacket with ears and paws- a much better choice that fit her personality perfectly!

Our friends Layla and Oman arrived dressed as Elsa and Marilyn.
Victor and I dressed up as fire chief and fireman. I was the chief, of course!
Audrey also changed her costume from a gladiator with angel rings to a tiger kitty. She also did her own whiskers and nose using my makeup! She did such an amazing job!

Above Sierra looks cute on a scooter! The cappacci's had entertainment stations set up throughout the house and street for all the kids to play with. So much fun!

Pumpkin carving

Saturday morning we decided to carve our pumpkins! The girls were super excited and wanted to help.

So I cleaned out three of our pumpkins, and the girls found the templates. Audrey wanted to carve her pumpkin on her own, so I traced her BOO words on hers. She started carving right away and did a fabulous job!

Sierra preferred to save her pumpkin and simply draw an elaborate black widow spider in hers! I made an owl for the family! Happy Halloween to all!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Date with Daddy

On Sunday, Sierra wasn't feeling well, so Audrey went with him to the afternoon Rapids game. They had a lot of fun watching the game, eating cotton candy and having fun!

After the game was over around 4pm, they rode their bikes to the Fall Festivsl st High Tech. Audrey played on the playground, laughed with her friends and welcomed in the fall season. Audrey even rode on the hay ride with her friend Isabella!

She was king of the hill on the playground!
What a beautiful grown up girl! We love you Audrey!

Audrey's Soccer Finale

Saturday morning, the SugarBees had their lady double-header soccer games.
The entire team was excited to play on this sunny morning.
Before the start of the first game, the girls practiced their drills. They passed the ball, kicked the ball down field and made goal shots.
Audrey was playing great as long as Bella was on her team! Below Audrey kicks a goal.
Way to go Audrey! Congratulations on finishing the season in style! We love you.

Casa Bonita

On Saturday night, after Audrey's final soccer game, we went with friends to the famous Casa Bonita! 

It's a legendary Mexican restaurant built in the 1970's with a high dive and pool, gorilla show, arcade, puppet show, magic show, and gun fighting show. 

The food was horrible, and is distributed by a food service line, but it is touted as the most exciting restaurant in the US. The girls loved it, and played in the arcade until 9:30pm, well past their bedtime!

Hiking Genessee Park

Last Sunday, we hiked the Chavez/ beaver brook trail behind a house we are considering buying in Golden. It's a great hike with lots of things to see.

On today's hike, we played a game where we had to find animals and traces of animals. If the girls spotted an animal, they got 10 points and 1 point for traces of animals. 

For animals, we found squirrels, chimpmunks, birds, ants, spiders and a falcon. For traces of animals, we saw poop, termite holes, anthills, paw prints, and bird nests.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Spirit Night

On Saturday night we went to the first spirit night - an occasion for us all to get together and learn about the history of various spirits, how they taste and the culture behind them. For the first spirit, our neighbors, Ben and Robin, hosted a brandy tasting.
It was a fun and educational night. Kids were invited and entertained with a movie and games in their basement.
Audrey loved taking care of Oakes, Lisa and Jay's 5 month baby boy.
As the night went on, some of the parents got silly. Above, Ryan wears his daughter's Rapunzel wig in a moment of lunacy.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Soccer Game

This morning Audrey had a 9 am soccer game. It was early but the girls out in a good effort of running up and down the field.
Since only 4 girls play at a time, below Audrey is sitting on the sideline waiting her turn to play.
After lots of scoring, the girls did their championship run through the arches.

Isabella and Audrey walked hand in hand after the game. BFFs forever!

House Party

After work, Ryan and Jill invited us over for dinner and drinks. The small gathering turned into a house party when all the neighbors joined in the fun.
Audrey and Macy played hairstylist during the party and had tons of fun!

Science Museum Take 2

We On Friday, Victor took the girls to the science center. Sierra and Audrey both had the day off for fall break. They saw huge crystals...
A huge mastodon statue was right in front of the museum. The girls looked tiny beneath him.
Afterwards, they walked through the park to find the park coyote resting in the shade beneath a tree.

It was a fun and adventurous day at the museum. The girls even got to see the special mummy exhibition.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Family Time

The girls were off today for fall break. So, we decided to visit Ralston Elementary School to have a tour of their facilities.
The tour was amazing. We spent an hour seeing the classrooms, meeting the teachers, discussing the curriculum and playing on the playground. We even got to meet students that were in the girl's grade levels. 

Audrey and Sierra were nervous about the tour and really don't want to leave their friends at High Tech. But, visiting and seeing their new school will make the transition easier when we move in the winter. In January, after the winter holiday, the girls will enroll at Ralston. Wish us luck!

After the tour, we had lunch at a local restaurant with Mimi.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Science Museum Fun

Audrey's fall break started today. As a fun activity, Victor took her and Mimi to the science museum.
They saw huge dinosaurs...
Audrey looked so tiny among the giant beasts.
She was almost as long as a prehistoric amphibian.
Her favorite was the saber tooth tiger display where it made a loud roaring sound.
She also loved the huge ladybug in the children's section! What a fun day with Mimi!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Napkin Art

While waiting for our lunch at Panera, Sierra drew this beautiful illustration. I thought it was a perfect image of innocence, curiosity and sweetness! Nice job Sierra!

The SugarBees

On Saturday, Audrey had another soccer game. We had a lazy morning and drove over to Central Park by 10 am for her 10:30 am game.

Audrey had the chance to practice goal kicks before the game with her friends.
Above Audrey ( far right) is pictured with Macy, Cora and Harper.
It was a fast paced game. The kids ran up and down field a lot and made lots of goals.
After the game was over, the kids made their celebratory run through the parent arches.
Audrey plays with her team mate, Isabella, afterwards.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Audrey's School Photo

Audrey's school photos arrived today, and they were beautiful! Our lovely kindergarten girl looks so mature and grown up! We love you Audrey!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sierra's School Photo

Sierra brought home her school photo today. We were so excited to see her pretty second grade smile!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Slip-n-Slide Sunday!

Sunday was hot...sunny and in the high 80's. So, Victor set up the slip-n-slide in our courtyard so the girls could cool off
According to Sierra, Maia, and Devon, it was the best idea ever!
It got a little cooler in the later afternoon, so we poured hot water on the slide to warm it up!  Happy Sunday to all!

Audrey gives me a kiss!

On Sunday, Audrey decided to come with me to run a few errands. While we were at Target, she jumped on the big red ball and gave me a kiss! She is such a sweet girl!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Our Haunted House

Thia Halloween, we decorated our house with huge spiders with Brady red eyes, glowing skeletons, tombstones and ghosts. We also added an oscillating-orange light to add an aire of gloom.
Next week, we will carve our pumpkins and roast the pumpkin seeds! Happy Halloween to all!


After our hike, we came home to discover our neighborhood planned an Octoberfest street party!
It was a big event and most of the neighbor's dressed in authentic, nederhosen German wear, to celebrate the occasion. Victor wore his kilt (as the only anti-German), but celebrated as a true sportsman would. Many of the women dressed up as beer stein gals in cute, matching costumes! Below Stephanie and Lucy showed off their outfits. 
We grilled German beer brats, had authentic German pretzels with mustard, and other German food and fare. As a craft, the kids strung pretzels on ribbon to wear as necklaces!
The party lasted well into the evening. Many neighbor's and people from other neighborhoods stopped by to say hi. It was a great night!