Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Mountain for Ms. Tina!

Audrey is a thoughtful girl. When Tina was visiting, she promised Tina she would make her a ski mountain and that's exactly what she did! 
All in her own she build a snowy field and talk mountain with a girl on skis at the bottom. She was so proud, so we texted Tina a photo of her creation!

Audrey's Double-Header!

Audrey's soccer game this morning was a double header game. 
With two hours of play, Audrey and her team mates were exhausted. Although the girls played great and Audrey got a goal toward the end of the game. 
She also got more aggressive with the ball and controlled it all the way down the field during the last half of the game!
We are so proud of Audrey! Above ahe is pictured with her teammates as they wait their turn on the field.

A Visit from Justine & Tina...

On Friday, Justine and Tina stopped by for a visit. It was such a cool day, we hung outside on the porch and played Legos.
The girls were especially thrilled to see Tina, and have her extra hits and kisses.
Toward the end of their visit, Justine gave our girls a joy ride in her convertible. They  raised the volume and drove around the Biloxi three or four times having a ball!
Thanks for visiting Justine & Tina!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Whipped Cream & Legos

While Victor and I were on our mini retreat, Gigi took care of the girls. After school on Wednesday, they went to Target to get a small topping of whip cream from Starbucks and to buy Legos!
It was the perfect after school treat!
As soon as they got home the girls started building their sets. Sierra got a skateboard park and a creativity center kit...
While Audrey got a vet clinic with an ambulance. By bedtime, both girls had completely assembled their kits with time to spare to play with each other!
Thank you so much Gigi for the great care and fun you give the girls! We love you so much!!

Walking the Girls to School

Gigi has been helping take care of the girls for a few days while we have a couple days off. She wakes them up for school, gets them dressed, packs their lunches and makes them breakfast. Then after brushing their teeth, they walk over to the school together. 
This Friday morning we snapped a quick photo of them as they departed for school! Thank you Gigi!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Garden of the Gods

After Pikes Peak, we headed to the Garden of the Gods for more hiking. 
We started out at the Siamese Twins trail where we saw the twin red rocks below...
Victor tried to scale the one of the twin rock formations...

The keyhole formation was perfect for an impromptu photo of me...
Below Victor poses by the famous Balancing rock...
While we were looking for the toadstools, we found a huge formation of rocks that formed a natural circle around a small valley.
Then we decided to divide and conquer...Victor hiked the rocks on the left while I took on the right side.

It was a wonderfully hot day hiking. We can't wait to come back again soon with the girls!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Our Pikes Peak Adventure

On Wednesday we took the Cog Railroad to Pikes Peak. The main station, situated at 6,500 ft above sea level, housed the old Swiss trains which would climb 8,000 feet to the peak. The Cog railway is engineered to travel at below freezing temperatures and as such the station is open year round for travelers to visit the top of the mountain.
On our trip up the mountain, at a steady 25 degree grade, we passed waterfalls, rock monuments and the beauty of the wilderness.
We learned the railway was built in the 1800's by prospectors. The place where we stayed, the Cliff Hotel, is the oldest hotel in Colorado.
We passed the various mile markers along the way and learned about various landscape novelties. 
For example, the aspen trees pictured below with bright yellow leaves turn their bright color for only a few weeks in early fall. The aspen tree root system is impervious to forest fires because they are essentially one root system deep beneath the rock spreading across miles of property and sprouting thousands of trees.  
The mountain view mile marker was the last of the green landscape and looked out over lush valleys at 10,000 ft. 
By the time we reached the 12,000 ft elevation, the landscape had transitioned to rock with big horn sheep, marmots and chipmunks foraging for food out on the rocky terrain. 
It was an amazing sight to see how the landscape changes from zone to zone.
By the time we reached the summit, the temperature had dropped 50 degrees and a light rain brought snow flurries as we looked out across 5 states!
Hot donuts were served at the peak.

After seeing all the breathtaking views, we journeyed back to base camp at a slow 8 miles per hour on the Cog.

Havin' Fun at Pikes Peak

For a quick 2-day getaway, Victor and I planned a romantic escape to Piles Peak in Manitou Springs situated at 6,571 ft above sea level. When we arrived to our room, we were pleasantly surprised with the fresh chocolate covered strawberries in our room.
We spent the afternoon walking through the small town and seeing the multiple springs and waterfalls down the town river.
The shops were filled with art from local artists...
We had dinner at the cliff house restaurant and strolled down the avenue to stretch our legs. 
The next day after breakfast, we walked to the Cog Railway to take us to the top of Pikes Peak at 14,115 ft above sea level!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Audrey has 30 kids in her kindergarten class, so it's no wonder that we are attending birthday parties every week. 
Today was her friend Lucy's birthday. The kids all met at the Bladium for fun bouncing in the bounce houses! All Audrey's friends were there including Annika, Emerson (fave paint), Simone, Lucy and Cassidy.

Go Audrey & the Sugar Bees!

This Saturday after Rithica's birthday party, Audrey had her second soccer game at Central Park.
Her team, the SugarBees, did great! 
Audrey kicked the ball a few times and helped her team score!
After the game, they all gave high fives to the opposing team members.
Sierra and Lauren had fun climbing on the goal posts while Audrey played her game!

Happy Birthday Rithica!

Our friends, Sonu and Elena, invited us to their daughter Rithica's birthday. Sierra was thrilled to go since she hasn't seen her friend in a long time.
At the party, it was like they never stopped being friends and picked up right where they left off chatting about everything fun and new!
Gigi flew in and I met her at the train station to bring her back to the party. 
The girls played laser tag, video games, rode in a space ship simulator, ate pizza and cake and played with slime! What more could you ask for on a 9th birthday!?
Thanks for inviting us Rithica d happy birthday! We had a great time.