Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My Birthday!

For my birthday today, I took the day off work. Woke up early to get the girls to school, exercised and then spent the day relaxing with my hubby. He took me to a great authentic sushi restaurant near Cherry Creek called Sushi Den. It was amazing! After picking up the girls at school, we played in the park, and went home to open gifts!
Since we are still on our lean and green diet, the girls surprised me by baking an easy bake strawberry chocolate cake! 
We put fresh strawberries and candles on it and after the birthday song, I made my wish!
The girls loved it and said it was delicious! Special thanks to mom and Victor for being extra thoughtful. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Shopping with Audrey...

On Sunday afternoon, Audrey and I went shopping together. We also had lunch at Chipotle and got goofy on the patio.
...Loving girls!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Happy Birthday Devon!

Devon's birthday started with an early ride with all the boys in Victor's H1. They rode through the Rocky Mountain arsenal to scope for buffalo! Then after lunch at Wahoo's, they migrated to Maverick pool around 2:00. Kaliya and the girls got cozy on a lounge chair...
Lauren and Bella were hiding from the sun under the chairs.
After the pool fun, the party moved back to our neighbor's house. We spread out the lawn chairs and enjoyed a delicious BBQ among friends. Devon's birthday cake was a Star Wars themed chocolate and vanilla cake!
The girls had a picnic outside to enjoy their delicious cake! It was a great day!

Our Fun-Filled Saturday...

Our Saturday was filled with non-stop activities. At 9:30, Sierra had her karate class and demo team practice at the high school down the road. This practice was especially hard. Beyond the typical forms with kicks and rolls, Master Giles had them run 2 laps around the field instead of 1, so the kids were exhausted after the 1-1/2 hour class!
Then at 11:00 am, we rushed to the Puddle Jumper pool for Sophia's birthday party, one of Sierra's classmates. It was Dolphin themed and so much fun. Audrey got to come too!
Splashing and diving and swimming with lots of drama since they were all 7 and 8 year old girls! 
Sierra and her friend Madeline (above) compete for the biggest splash! 
After the party at 2:00pm we drove to Juatine's house downtown for her pre-birthday bash! She will turn 50 on August 30th, as I roll in at 48! 
It was a casual gathering of friends and family, including Tom & Marie (her mom & dad), and her first babysitter! Friends from SRS also showed up including Bill, Tom & Iris, and Brooke. It was nice. 
The girls were amazingly well behaved and played games in the car as it got late.

Monday, August 22, 2016

First Day of School

We started our day early for the first day of school. With daddy checked into the hospital for his knee surgery, the girls were super helpful and quick to get ready.
Sierra was cool. On the walk to school, we ran into Brady, a forth grade neighbor, which made the walk more fun for Sierra. Greeting her teacher, Ms. Knickerbocker made her excited to begin 2nd grade!
Audrey and I walked hand in hand all the way to her classroom. She was nervous at first, but when we ran into her girlfriends, everything was perfect.
Ma. Schultz greeted Audrey with open arms & well wishes!
Have fun on your first full day of school. We'll see you in the afternoon!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Yummy Cookies!

On Sunday after lunch, the girls baked chocolate chip and strawberry lemon cookies in their easy bake oven. Yum!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sierra Loses a Tooth

Sierra has had a loose tooth for several weeks, and today was the day it came out. After karate practice, she was playing and her knee hit her mouth and shoved her left front incisor up into her gum. It was just enough force to tear it away from her gum so her daddy could pull it out easily.
Way to go Sierra! You are so brave!

Splash Into Kindergarten!

Audrey's school organized a "Splash into Kindergarten" pool party at the maverick pool right by our house. It was tons of fun. 
Audrey saw her friends Annika and Max. She swam, splashed and goofed around. What a great way to enter kindergarten!
Sierra met up with her friend Cassidy too!

Camp Out

After meeting the girl's new teachers, we had a BBQ and camp out party. It rained for some of the night, so the party moved inside. It was chaotic! 10 kids running around the house and their parents mingling all night proved to be a lot of fun for everyone!

Victor set up the tents in the early afternoon, when it was hot...
By nightfall, we started a fire in the center to warm up the camping area!
We set up a movie in the theatre room to calm the kids down around 9. Sandlot, the movie, was a big hit for all the kids aged 4 to 12.

The party ensued until about 1:30. And, in the morning, breakfast was served camp side! Thanks Tiffany!

Meet the Teachers

Friday night was Meet the Teacher" day at the girls elementary school, High Tech.
Sierra was excited to meet her new 2 BD grade teacher, Mrs. Knickerbocker. She set up s treasure hunt for all her students. Sierra raced through the hunt (finding different colors and objects) so she could get the prize- a bag of candy! We ere happy to discover one of her classmates is our neighbor Lauren.
Audrey loved meeting her new kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Schultz. As a welcome gift, she gave all her new students fairy dust. Her best friend Annika will be in her class, which makes Audrey so happy! This is the first year Audrey will have full day classes from 8:15 until 3:45pm.

After meeting the teachers, there was avpicnic in the cafeteria.?we met up with Audrey's ECE-4 teacher, Ms. Schmidt and her assistant, Ms. Bouzari. We also ran into Ms. Philipsen, Sierra's 1st grade teacher, on the way out!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Going Shopping...

The girls love to shop, and with grand-dad's $25 gift to each of them, they were ready to find a bargain at Target! They went into the store with their cash...
And they left the store with big grins and Lego sets, excited to get home and start building! 
 Thank you G-daddy and Susu!

Going to the Zoo with G-daddy & Susu

We met g-daddy and Susu at the zoo on Monday morning. We saw lions, tigers, sea lions, a giant turtle, snakes, dragons and much more!
Sierra found the perfect seat in a bubble window in the aquarium...
Then she tried to kiss the porcupine puffer fish...
Audrey got goofy with some fish...
And was overjoyed when she found her favorite animal at the zoo, the Komodo dragon! 
G-daddy was feeling generous so he gave the girls $25 each to go shopping for toys. We snapped a photo right outside a local toy store.
Saying goodbye was sad, but we were happy to spend the day with them both!

G-Daddy Visits Denver

Sunday night we caught up with G-Daddy and Susu for dinner at Elways in Cherry Creek. The girls were so excited to see him. They sat beside him and gave him hugs and kisses all night long! 
Dad looks so happy and content to be with his two beautiful grand-daughters! We had a great time!

Splash into 2nd Grade

On Sunday, Sierra had her "Splash into 2nd Grade"  pool party. She saw lots of her friends from first grade like Willa, Lauren, Kaylyn, Sophia, Nica, Rinaldo, Billy and Alex.
It was sunny and the pool at Runway 35 had a diving board! Audrey had fun with her best friend Annika.
Sierra loved doing cannon balls and silly jumps into the pool.
Below she did her first cannon ball for the biggest splash contest!
Afterwards, the kids enjoyed pizza and watermelon slices. Sierra and her friend Cassidy sat together to celebrate second grade with their new teacher, Ms. Knickerbocker.

Sleepover at Marie's

Saturday after Sierra's karate graduation - where she earned her purple belt - we met Marie and her parents at a new restaurant at Northfield. Then we got Menchies frozen yogurt for dessert. The girls were having so much fun playing together, they decided to go see the movie, Pete's Dragon, and then have a sleep over! It's so much fun to be 7!

Our Tower Garden is Out of Control!

With summer in full swing, our tower garden is growing super fast. We have hundreds of tiny green cherry tomato buds...
and BIG cucumbers - at least a dozen of them! We are so excited to start harvesting them for dinner!

Watching the Olympics with the Girls...

On Tuesday night, while Victor was getting a sleep study, the girls and I watched Michael Phelps win the 200m butterfly and Cady Ledecky and her team win the 800m medley. It was a cozy night with the girls!