Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day!

We spent our Memorial Day sat the maverick Pool. The girls had a blast and so did we!

Block Party Sleep Over

When we got home from the game at 6:30, Sierra met up with her friend Bella, and she asked if Sierra could have a sleep over. The simple sleep over turned into the biggest sleep over in history...10 kids slept in our neighbor, Robert's, house!
Robert set up a tent in his basement and all the kids brought over sleeping bags. Victor set up a movie and the night was on!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Go Rockies!

Today we went with friends to a Colorado Rockies game. 
Sierra says it was an EPIC day! 
We ate hotdogs, cotton candy and Audrey had her first Cracker Jack!
The Rockies lost 3 to 8 against the San Francisco Giants, but even though we lost, we had a great time and especially liked seeing Gonzales' home run in the 8th inning! We were on the 4th level just shy of the purple row of "mile high" seats, and the view was outstanding! 
The girls posed in the famous seats at 5280 ft. above sea level.
After the game, all the kids got to run the bases! Sierra went with her daddy while Audrey and I were the last two to run the field.

We walked back together and said goodbye to Justine and get sister, Chris, and family! It was a great day!

The Pools are Open!

According to the girls, the best thing about Memorial Day weekend is that the pools are open!
We spent a couple of hours swimming late Saturday afternoon.
The girls loved it and had the honorary ring pop to celebrate the open snack bar too!
We'll be spending a lot of time at maverick pool this summer!

Audrey Rides Her Bike

On Saturday, Audrey learned to ride her bike! Victor took her training wheels off that morning and after about 15 minutes, Audrey was riding like a pro!
Sierra was so proud of her!!!!
Audrey rode all around the school playground.
We love you Audrey! Way to go!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sierra's Singing Assembly

Today after school, Sierra had a singing assembly at school for 1st - 3rd grades.
She dressed up in the lily Pulitzer dress Grand-dad and Su-su got her. 
It was a wonderful celebration of music. She sang 3 songs by memory with her class, "O-moon", O-bwisana" and "I am". 

Audrey and I sat together on the first row to listen. It was a wonderful night! Way to go Sierra!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Field Day for Sierra

Today was Sierra's field day event at school. She and her classmates got to play outdoors, race, and compete in obstacle courses before class.
Victor volunteered to help out for the event. He witnessed first hand how fast Sierra was at track. 
We knew she was fast from a track event in Rhode Island last year, and everyone told Victor how speedy she was today, especially when she beat all the boys in her races!
It was a wonderful event on a beautiful day! Audrey's field day event was last week while we were away on vacation.

Our Spring Celebration

Upon our return, we scheduled a big "Spring Celebration" for Sierra and Audrey on Sunday afternoon!  It was actually a post-birthday celebration for Sierra since we both got sick back in December for Sierra's special day.
Early that morning, we set up 2 big bounce houses, a slip and slide mat, and hired a Polynesian dancer for hula lessons for the girls! 
It was a huge bash for the neighborhood. The party started at 1:00 and lasted til nightfall. Even the men were called on to participate in a Hawaiian dance! 
Sierra learned a polynesian fire dance...
We made sure all the girls received a grass skirt, Hawaiian lei and hair clip for the party. It was truly a day to remember!

Happy spring everyone!

Our Cruise to Alaska

From our balcony on the cruise ship, the sunsets were spectacular!
On our first stop in Ketchivan, Alaska we took a boat ride through the Misty Fjords to see wildlife and amazing waterfalls at every turn. 
The highlight of the ride was seeing the national monument, an island that was a former volcano where eagles nested in the trees limbs.
Victor got to sit shotgun with the pilot on the seaplane back to the port. 
On our way to Juneau, the cruise ship approached a glacier and spun the  ship so we saw a 180 degree view approximately 1 nautical mile from the glacier. We sat there long enough to see the ice calve where ice chunks fell into the water.
Harbor seals littered the water and we could see many pregnant females laying on floating crystal blue icebergs.
Below was an aerial photo taken from our helicopter.
Once we arrived in Juneau, Victor and I went hiking on the Mendenhal Glacier. We were heli-dropped on a flat part of the glacier and hiked the rifts in the ice. 
Below Victor is pictured climbing a 30ft. wall of ice!
...then posing in front of a beautiful tunnel that the melting water formed in the ice.
Cycling from 5240 ft to the base of the mountain in Skagway, Alaska. As a part of this third excursion, we passed through Canada on our decent in the drizzling rain!
On our last day, we stopped in Victoria, British Columbia for a bus tour and ended up walking the city to see the sights.
Below we are pictured in front of the parliament building. 
At night, it transformed into a beautifully lit scene.
Back aboard the ship, we had fun watching theatrical & dance productions, acrobatic shows, comedy and illusion. We also partook in the many staged photo areas on board a shown below.
The final show, Amade, was an amazing cirque de solae style production...just fabulous!
Now that our trip is over, we're happy to be home to share our experience with the girls! 

A Night in Seattle

Flying out to Seattle on the 12th of May was exciting. It was our first private vacation in years and the anniversary of the day we met! Below we are sitting at the airport...
Then after the short flight, we saw Mt. Rainier on our decent into Seattle!
It was a beautiful city and a glorious day! 
We were lucky to have a sunny day in a town typically known for cloudy skies and rain.
We stayed in a cute boutique style hotel called the Palladian. The hotel and rooms were themed after actors and rock stars painted in classical portraits. 
Our hotel was only 3 or 4 blocks, a short walk to the Iconic Needle, where we would have dinner for the night.
The skyline view of the mountains and sunset was spectacular!
Our dinner was amazing and delicious. Since they knew it was our anniversary, they offered us an ice cream dessert floating in dry ice!