Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Walking to School

On the way to school today, the girls crossed paths with the local orange kitty cat. 
It was a nice surprise for the girls!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Daddy's IOU

While I was at work, Victor texted me this message, "I finally paid Audrey off on that cherry Slurpy I owed her."
I love you little angel with a sweet tooth!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sierra's 1st Slumber Party

After the soccer game, the girls didn't want to leave each other, so we had a slumber party...Sierra's first!
Like most slumber parties, there was a pillow fight...
...And a dance party!
We also had a pancake breakfast and afterwards, we had a paint party, where the girls each designed and painted their own small canvas! It's so much fun to be 7!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Go Colorado Rapids!

Our neighbors invited us to a Colorado Rapids, the local soccer team, game tonight. 
The girls had a great time watching the game, and eating cotton candy!
The Rapids beat the Seattle Sounders 1:0

Thank you G-daddy & Susu!

Thank you Susu & G-daddy for sending the girls such beautiful Lily Pulitzer spring dresses! They were so excited to see the pretty boxes with pink ribbon.
When we went to dinner in Friday night, the girls insisted on wearing their new dresses!

They modeled just outside our house as we left. Thank you Susu and G-daddy so much for the beautiful dresses!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Another Spring Blizzard

Friday night it started raining and getting colder by the minute. When we woke Saturday morning, we found 4 inches of snow all around. Throughout the day, the snow never let up. By evening, we had about 6 to 8 inches.
We fed our neighborhood bunny rabbit some cabbage leaves and carrots so he wouldn't have to forge for food in the snow. 
By mid-morning we saw him nibbling on a carrot right outside his home. It made me and the girls smile!

Bedtime Stories...

I love putting the girls to bed. Tonight, they wanted a sleep-over in Audrey's room. So, they got 2 stories, 3 songs snd tickles to put them to sleep. Such sweet girls! 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Pretty Peacock

On Saturday afternoon, after my spa getaway, I met Victor and the girls at the zoo. I arrived just as they were finishing their ice cream cones. Just as the were taking their last bites, a pretty peacock appeared in full glory with feathers spread completely open! The girls were so excited to see him!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Birthday Celebrations at School...

Today at school, the girls got to celebrate all the Winter birthdays of the kids in their class. 
Cookie making, dancing, snacking and fun was enjoyed by both Audrey in her early class, and Sierra in her afternoon class! 
Audrey's class had a special piƱata...
And, Sierra's class had a dance party!
Parents were invited to share in the fun. Since today was the first home game for the Colorado Rockies, out office cleared out by noon to make it to the 2:00 game start, so I went home early to celebrate with the girls! 
Sierra with Ella and Sophia above, and with McKenna (her sissy) below.
Annika and Audrey joined in the fun at Sierra's  party too!
Happy birthday to all!

A Surprise from Sierra

Yesterday morning, I found the most wonderful surprise in my purse.  A sweet note from Sierra...
Thank you sweet heart! You made my day.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Jarod's Fun House Party

Stapleton is a community of fun loving people with kids. Today we got an invite to our neighbor's, Jarrod's, 35th birthday party. 
Everyone at the party had at least one child...Most had two with one on the way. 
Audrey is becoming so independent and loves to play with other kids instead of hanging on my leg.
Sierra, as always, acted crazy and met lots of new friends.

We celebrated with friends, drank home made brew, had lots of fun conversation while the girls enjoyed activities like rollerblading, climbing and chasing.
The girls met two very friendly puppies and a cute gray kitty cat that lived in Jarod's house! And, the chocolate birthday cake was amazing!
Happy 35th Jarrod!

Sierra Earns Her Green Belt

Sierra worked very hard over the last month to learn her new forms, and was thrilled to discover she earned her green belt. 
She had and orange belt with 2 green stripes. And, after perfecting her Don-Gun (sounds like don-goon), and Step Sparring moves #1 - 8, she got her new belt!
Below, she demonstrates her forms...

Sierra is show below with her demo team - the group she practices with for event demonstrations.
After all the performances, Mike Giles made an extra show and presented Sierra her new rank of green belt personally!
Way to go, Sierra! We love you!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Science Center Fun

At the Museum of Nature and Science, we saw the gem exhibit with huge a display of granite and a petrified tree.
Both girls loved the crystals, amethyst and diamonds the best.
The crystals below was an exhibit found in the caverns of Mexico and moved to Denver.
We saw the bear and sea mammal exhibit with polar bears, grizzly bears, seals, and walrus.
The chocolate exhibit was delicious! We learned about the cocoa plant and the seeds from which chocolate is made.
Afterwards, we enjoyed a chocolate coffee and croissant as we walked to the planetarium to see a show about black holes.