Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sierra Earned 2 Green Stripes!

At Sierra's karate graduation this morning, she earned 2 new green stripes on her orange belt. 

To earn it she had to perform hand and kicking kebo, chun-gi, don-goon, and her sparring combinations 1 through 6. 
She did great! Congratulations Sierra!

Happy Birthday G-daddy!

This morning before karate graduation we called grand-dad to wish him a happy birthday. When we couldn't get hold of him, the girls left him the happy birthday song on his voicemail.
Then they wanted to blow him some they did, and we sent him the picture!
After Sierra went to karate, Audrey decided to make him a home made birthday card. She wrote the entire message all be herself in the front of the card...
Inside, she drew the most beautiful picture of grand dad, Audrey and me under a rainbow. So sweet! Happy birthday dad! We love you and miss you a lot!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Audrey's Day

In school, Audrey is being challenged to help others. Ms. Schmidt, her teacher, sent us this wonderful email showing us how her day went...

"Just wanted to give you a quick update about Audrey’s day today! We enrolled a new student and I talked to Audrey briefly at the beginning of the day to ask if she would play with her. She didn’t right away, but by the time we went outside they were running around together, playing in the sandbox, and playing duck-duck-goose (with just the two of them, which is the cutest thing ever). I was so glad that our new friend had a great first day, thanks to Audrey making her feel so included!" - Ms. Schmidt 

We are so proud of our daughter for doing things that may be outside of her comfort zone, and finding joy in the process. Way to go Audrey!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

PBL Showcase Event

Tonight at Sierra's school, the computer department had a "project based learning" (PBL) event where the students used technology, social studies, and art to explore the theme of family traditions.

Sierra created a family drawing and made a video showing a digital image with computer enhanced words and pictures over it while she narrated a story about her family. 
We were invited to view her project by scanning a QR code which took us to a landing page to see her art and story. 
It was so much fun to dress up in her family theme and play with all her friends!
Below Sierra is pictured with her friend Cassady...
Cassidy's sister, Annika, is Audrey's best friend, shown below.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Football and Dancing...

As we watch the playoffs, Carolina Panthers v Arizona Cardinals, the girls dance around us pretending to be Elsa and Anna. Simply beautiful!

Lions & Tigers & Polar Bears!

It was a warm day in the high 40's so we went to the zoo! We saw the lions...
...and cheetahs!
The girls had a great time climbing the brass hippos. The metal absorbed the sun's heat and felt so warm!
After climbing up the front of the statues, to get off they both slid off the hippo's butt!
We saw beautiful and powerful Siberian tigers.
We all enjoyed the tropical discovery pavilion. It was so warm the girls felt like they were in Florida!
We circled back to see the cheetahs again.
The elephant pavilion had artifacts from Africa. The girls had fun playing in an old taxi!
We also saw a polar bears licking a frozen block of fish!!

The girls looked really cute with elephant ears!
We saw some cranes with the most exquisite bright orange and yellow bills!
In the aquarium pavilion the girls loved seeing seahorses, exotic fish, snakes, turtles, crocodiles and more!

Audrey's favorite was the Komodo dragon! This one was named after her best friend, Annika!
Sierra loved the slow leopards!
It was a great day at the zoo! And, to make it an even better day for Victor, the Denver Broncos were leading the playoff game with the Patriots by 8 points! 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

More Birthday Fun...

Audrey's birthday is lasting for days! We opened a few presents before breakfast, and after going to the pool, we continued her celebration with lunch at zen sushi, then opening more presents at home. 
Gigi sent her water colors, origami butterflies and smencils (pencils that smell like Christmas) all of which were huge hits! Audrey was very expressive about her happiness...and Sierra shared in her fun!
Daddy gave her a kinetic sand float kit where she could mold sea animals then float them in a pool of water. The girls enjoyed that gift on Wednesday night making dolphins and sea turtles and penguins and gorillas all floating on rafts. It was a lot of family fun.  
gave Audrey a wedding Barbie collection which has been her favorite doll set to play with all week. We've all had our share of imaginary play with Audrey, including daddy, which makes Audrey very happy!
Mimi sent the girls clothes & college money, and Donna and Jimmy sent a princess sewing machine which Audrey adores! 

Since Audrey gave up having a chocolate cake for her party (her best friend doesn't like chocolate) we surprised her with a super chocolate cake on Monday night!
Thank you everyone for all your generosity. We're still celebrating Audrey turning 5 until the last cards and gifts are received.  

Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy Birthday Audrey!

It's cold outside and there is now on the ground. So where do we go in the middle of winter for Audrey's birthday? To the pool of course! 
Instead of bundling up to go snow skiing, Audrey wanted to go to the pool, so we did!
We had a fabulous time splashing and splashing in the warm water. 
We slid down slides...

We floated down the not so lazy river...
The girls favorite part was jumping up and down in the deep end!

Happy 5th birthday sweetheart! We love you!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Donating to the Food Bank of the Rockies!

In addition to celebrating Audrey's 5th birthday, her party was a special mission to have her guests donate food to the food bank. All they had to do was bring some extra food and we would drive over to make the donation in Audrey's name!
We drove her donations to the bank one afternoon after school.

Audrey joined the "Kung Food Fighters" club to make a difference in the community. We are so proud of our girl who appears to be growing up very fast! 

Audrey's Birthday Party

Audrey had been counting the days to her birthday party. And now, it was here! 
Beyond what Victor and I did last night, we had a lot of prepping to do for the party including making our rice crispy sushi, crabby sandwiches, not to mention picking up the cake and balloons & displaying all the goodies for Audrey's guests.
The sushi was the biggest hit. Not only was it a novel treat, but they were really yummy- both trays were devoured!
As soon as they arrived, guests snacked then started making the snow globes. Then we made glittery pearl and seashell necklaces, and beaded coin necklaces and colored dolphin scenes. 
After crafting, we played pin the tale on "Hope" the Dolphin, followed by storytime reading about the dolphin, Hope, that was saved at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. 

Cake time followed and then a disco dance party took place in the basement complete with flashing disco lights and loud music by Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. By 4pm everyone was exhausted!  

What a great day!  Happy birthday sweet Audrey!