Friday, July 31, 2015

Garden of the Gods

Today's adventure was truly amazing.
I took the day off work so we could go to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.  It was magnificent! 
Below is the rock formation called the kissing camels.
There were lots of rocks to climb along the trail. Below Sierra, Audrey and I climbed a rock as professional rock climbers scaled the walls all around us!
Sierra found the perfect spot to take a break.
Below are the three graces...
Below our Sierra Grace poses at the foot of the graces.
Audrey poses before the gateway rock.
Sierra loved all the opportunities to climb and hide!
Each rock formation was different from the next. All appeared to be reaching for the sky in shades of red and white!
Toward the end of our hike, Sierra found a cubby hole inside one of the rocks! 
It was a beautiful, sunny day with a cool breeze blowing throughout the afternoon.
Below is a full panoramic view of the entire garden.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Sunday Brunch & Visit at the Market

Sunday morning we met Dad, Susan, Miles and Jan for brunch at The Bistro in Stapleton. Afterwards, we walked to the Farmers Market on Roslyn, a couple of blocks away. We bought fresh peaches, and salad dressing, and discovered a school of music that teaches guitar lessons. It was a wonderfully hot day so we ended up at the town park playing in the fountains.
After we said our goodbyes the girls and I went to the puddle jumper pool to cool off.
Happy Sunday to all!

Friday, July 17, 2015

G-daddy and Su-Su Visit Denver

G-Daddy and Su-Su visited Denver for a golf tournament and we got to see him on Wednesday night. We drove to one of his best friends, Miles Cortez, and his wife Jan's house in Cherry Creek. We had a wonderful night visiting over Jan's delicious home made dinner and key lime pie! The girls were thrilled to see their grand-dad and catch up on the things they've been doing during the summer. As a bonus, he and Susan brought presents for the girls: a magnet set and a Princess Ariel Lego castle puzzle. 

Above is the finished castle made by Audrey! She found all the pieces and put them together. She's got tons of patience and loves puzzles!  We are hoping to see Dad and Susan again on Sunday after the golf tournament.

Car Crushing in Golden

Friday afternoon Victor and the girls went to Big Dog Off Road in Golden where the Hummer mechanics host off road events. Today they were having a barbecue and car crushing event at their shop.

The girls had a blast and we're rooting on the drivers as they drove over 2 cars.  I joined them after work and we watched multiple H1 trucks pummel the cars. Some got stuck high center and had to be pulled off. It was such an adventure!


Victor is happy meeting new friends. TGIF! 

Sierra Graduated From Math Camp!

Sierra has been in math camp all week. She's been learning to "see" the numbers instead of counting. The idea is to learn math through various stations with tasks set up at each one. 

There was a station for dice where the kids rolled to add, subtract, multiply or divide. This was Sierra's favorite station. 

Another station had eye-stop-motion where the kids made movies based on fast and slow motion with objects and photograph them to make short movies. Sierra made several movies including one with an ocean scene and two dolphins.

The third station had blocks that fit into trucks in various ways. The challenge was to make them fit just as the pictures showed. Sierra did great at this station too. 

For each activity where Sierra advanced to higher levels, she earned points for prizes. She saved up her points to earn birthstone rings and even earned one for her sister. Math rocks!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Daddy's Girl

It appears both of our daughters are "Daddy's Girls!" Below Victor hugs Audrey on the sofa.

Lunch Downtown

On Friday Last week the girls met me for lunch downtown. We went to The Kitchen Next Door for delicious Denver fare, then sat at the splash pad to relax before walking back to my office.

Audrey's Day with Daddy

After we dropped Sierra off at "Math Camp" Audrey and daddy had a day of fun. They started at Starbucks and went to Bass Pro Shop. I got the cutest "I love you," text message from Audrey this morning that made me smile!

Of course they had to say hello to the ducks!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

To the Park on Sunday...

Today we decided to venture out to Washington Park near downtown Denver. It was a beautiful day. 

We enjoyed a nice long walk, toured Smith lake by paddle boat, got our toes wet in the river and played on he playground. 
The girls took a break by laying in the grass during our walk...
Sierra was in charge of navigating on our paddle boat outing...
The playground was super fun for the girls. 
Both loved the rappelling line, climbing chains and swings!
We met lots of friendly people enjoying the sunny day.
It was the perfect day for bicycling too!
For a low key outing, we all had a lot of fun!

To the Pool on Saturday

Saturday afternoon we headed to the pool for sun, fun and relaxation.
Victor say on the sidelines to read s book while we splashed and splashed!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sierra loses tooth #4

Sierra said tonight was the night. She was tired of wiggling her front tooth and she wanted it out!
We sat her down and proceeded to wrap cinnamon dental floss around her left incisor...
After one yank, it was out! Audrey was thrilled for her big sis. Sierra wrote a wonderful note for the tooth fairy and insisted she would stay up and try to meet her.

Friday, July 10, 2015

A Day of Shopping...

On Thursday, Victor took the girls shopping. Not just any ordinary day shopping...but to bass pro shops for target practice using bows and shotguns!

Audrey was up for the task looking cute as could be in her safety glasses.
Sierra hit a bullseye on her first shot with her BB-gun!

Victor was so proud. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Poolside Lunch

While daddy is home resting and healing, the girls and I went to the puddle jumper pool. It was another beautiful sunny day. We brought our lunch to enjoy poolside which made everything taste better! 

Happy eve of Independence Day to all!

Sierra's black belt club karategi

For joining the black belt club, Sierra got her karategi in class today. In addition to practicing all her kicks and punches, she learned about self defense. 

If a stranger grabs her arm, she can do a small circle with her wrist and run away.
She was also the fastest kid running during the exercise portion. I was so proud! At the end of the class, she was presented with her gi.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Visiting Boulder

After work, we drove to Boulder for the night so that Victor could get to the surgical center by 6:30 am. After tearing his long bicep tendon, his MRI revealed in addition to the bicep tear, his labrum was ruptured, and there were 2 tears in his rotator cuff!  So, we made the trip for his surgery and to enjoy the hotel pool and the beautiful city of Boulder.

We arrived at 8pm and the girls headed straight for the pool. We swam and played in the pool and hot tub until nightfall. It ws so much fun! 

Splash Pad Fun

Today Victor took the girls to Central Park across the street to play at the splash pad.  It was a great way to beat the heat!