Monday, June 29, 2015

Audrey's New Bike

Audrey outgrew her trike so her daddy bought her a new Frozen bike with training wheels and a helmet. Sierra had been riding her bike since we arrived in Colorado, and Audrey waited so patiently without having any tantrums for the last month.
When Victor brought it home and assembled it Audrey was so excited to ride it, but had to wait for him to repair Sierra's wheel - Last week Sierra came to a skidding stop and popped her tire! 
When victor finished the repair, the girls went outside and rode in the alley behind our house. Ethan and Cora visited from next door and they all rode around together. Whee!
Yay for Audrey! We loved you honey.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Audrey's 1st Salon Haircut

Today after Victor got his hair cut, Audrey wanted to do the same. Up until today, Audrey never wanted her hair cut, so we let it grow from the day she was born. 

When it was her turn she got her hair shampooed and conditioned all by herself, then sat in the salon chair like a big girl. We were so proud of her!
As her styling, she decided a pony tail braid was perfect, just like her sister.

Good Morning

This morning, Audrey woke up at her usual 6am while Sierra slept until 8am. When they greeted each other, it was all love and hugs!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Driveway Art...

With lots of sunshine lately, we spend as much time as we can outside. Sierra made the most beautiful heart message that said, "I love daddy, mommy and Audrey" so we made a flower out of it. Then the girls wanted Elsa's castle and Arandelle, so I helped.
The girls colored in everything and added a beautiful Christmas tree, presents and Olaf.

What a great way to have fun before dinner time!

Visiting Golden & Windy Saddle Park

Saturday we ventured to Golden to see the Mines University Geological Museum. Sierra and Audrey both were excited to see all the rocks, minerals and gemstones. Upon our arrival, they saw the largest amethyst and knew the trip was going to be worth the hour drive to the city. The girls saw all sorts of stones, a few meteorites, rocks that had minerals that flowed in the dark, precious metals like gold, and tons of crystals and gems. 
Audrey was most impressed with the Miss Colorado crown made with all sorts of gems in various shapes snd colors that made gorgeous flowers wrapped around the crown! 

Sierra was most impressed with the fossils, bones and meteorites from outer space!

After the museum we toured the city of Golden, had lunch at a place called "Pile High Burgers," then drove up the mountain to watch a group of parasailers.
It was a fun afternoon filled with spontaneity. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Sprinklers are Great!

Since the days have been so hot lately, any opportunity to get wet is well received. As Victor and the girls drove by the park today they noticed the sprinklers were on, so they raced across the street to enjoy the cool water mist. 
Above, after getting drenched from the sprinklers, Audrey shows off a ladybug she found in the park!

Hot Denver Days...

To beat the heat, Victor took the girls to the Puddle Jumper pool again. 
It was the perfect afternoon with their daddy!
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A New Fountain...

The girls discovered a new fountain in Stapleton... They had driven by it the day before and saw people swimming in it, do today they got their suits and begged their daddy to play on the fountain. 
Audrey felt like a princess on her throne! Such fun to be four years old.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pool Fun

Late on Sunday we decided to cool off at the pool and give Victor some quiet time for Father's Day. It was in the high nineties and too hot for just running around at the park!
When we arrived at the puddle jumper there were tons of families that had been there all day. We swam, used our squirt guns, played with our floats, and made new friends.
Audrey is really starting to show her independence as she swims around the pool by herself mingling with other kids.
Sierra waits patiently for the kids to return to the pool. After 2 hours of fun, we returned home to tell Victor all about it over dinner! Happy Father's Day to all! 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

After our long hike yesterday, we layed low today. For Father's Day we let Victor sleep in until 8am and surprised him with a southern style breakfast, complete with biscuits and gravy, eggs and bacon. The girls presented him with their wonderful artwork and homemade cards!

Happy Father's Day to all!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hiking Maxwell Falls

Today we found a hiking spot in Evergreen with rushing rivers and waterfalls. It was called Maxwell Falls and it was gorgeous. We hiked from the lower lot to the top of the falls which was the full 4 mile hike. 

We were so proud of the girls for making it the entire way! We followed the river all the way up the mountain and enjoyed listening to the soothing sounds of the rushing water all day. 

When we reached the summit, we could see the tree line for the entire mountain range - it was breathtaking. Then we hiked back down the other side of the mountain to find the river again and the waterfall! 
After our 4 hour hike, we found a local pizza shop called Beaujou's in Evergreen for dinner and made it home by sunset. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Minions in the Park...

Tonight was the long awaited movie night in the park across from our home. We were excited to find out what movie they would play and it turned out to be, "Dispicable Me." 

We had seen despicable me 2 in Florida at the Cabana Bay Hotel in Orlando, so the girls were very excited to see the first movie! Starting at 8:30 pm we were hoping the girls would be able to stay up for it. Luckily, the neighboring moms brought ice cream snacks for extra energy!
Armed with our sleeping bags, beach chairs, blankets and snacks, we set up in the park prepared to watch the movie or fall asleep! 
Wish the girls luck & TGIF!

Another Sunny Pool Day

Audrey was looking as cute as ever as she took a break by the side of the pool eating her blueberry ice pop!
Life just doesn't get any better than this!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Tooth Fairy is Visiting Sierra Tonight!

This morning Sierra woke up, and when she smiled at me her front right central incisor was twisted at an angle. I thought, "today's the day!" And it was! Sierra was so excited she ran down the stairs to tell her daddy!

Since it wasn't falling out on its own, and I had to go to work at 8am, Victor helped her by tying a piece of floss to it to yank it out. In an instant it was out! We were all so proud of her bravery. 
She washed it, and put it in her little blue pouch perfect for placing under her pillow!
This afternoon she wrote the tooth fairy a couple of notes and put them in the pouch too. She and Audrey were so excited they didn't want to fall asleep. As Audrey looked at her big sister in admiration, she said "you are the luckiest girl ever!"

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sierra's New Dojo

Sierra started her new karate lessons at a local studio called Mike Giles Family Karate. She is learning lots of complex moves twice a week that are much more difficult than her previous class. For example, instead of learning isolated kicks or punches, she's learning reverse spinning kicks and 5-step punches!

She loves her class and she's met other girls in her class. Because she had previous skills, she advanced to the intermediate level as a white belt with yellow tips.
She loves the strength and discipline, and always tries to impress her sensai. This week her task is to define the 8 keywords including: courage, indomitable spirit, and integrity. She must also memorize the class creed, te da kuendo creed (the free flowing fist way), which focuses on respecting all life and inspiring others to do good in the world. 
We are so proud of her effort and hope she enjoys being a part of the "black belt" club!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday at the Pool

Instead of arriving early in the day, the girls and I ran errands, then went to the pool around 3. The sun was still shining, but not as hot, and the pool was not as crowded. We brought our new goggles, masks and squirt guns. So much fun!

Sierra finally learned how to do a flip under water and was so excited!
Audrey loved "swimming" in the shallow pool as she practiced kicking and taking strokes.
One of the great things about the puddle jumper pool is every hour they have a 15 minute adult swim and all the kids have to get out and rest. Below the girls snack on blueberries and watermelon as they wait for their turn in the water.
Audrey looked so chic in her sun hat...
Happy Sunday to all.

Audrey's Day With Mommy

Audrey and I decided to have a daughter & mommy day at the pool. So on Saturday afternoon just past noon we drive to the puddle jumper. It was totally packed, but we had s great time. 

We even ran into our neighbors Dia and Nate with their two kids Cira and Ethan. As soon as they arrived Audrey spotted them so we rushed to say hello!

It was a perfect day. Daddy and Sierra arrived later in the afternoon to join in our fun!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Visiting Lookout Mountain & More...

When we finally arrived at the lookout mountain nature preserve it was sunny and beautiful. We hiked a 1-1/2 mile loop through grassy plains, hills and shade trees. There were spectacular views!

Sierra found the first tree to climb and Audrey did the same. 
There were lots of photo opportunities. Below daddy poses with his girls!
We loved seeing the girls enjoy the walk through nature...
When we reached Buffalo Bill's museum and grave there were so many great lookout points. We posed at the cliff's edge below.
Then the girls posed as Annie Oakley...
And, Buffalo Bill...
Then later in the day we found Buffalo Bill's grave site at the top of the hill.

Another spectacular view for a family photo opportunity.
We love the mountains!