Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pure Exhaustion!

The girls are learning how exhausting our daily excursions can be! 
Above Audrey naps on my lap as we wait for a table for a late lunch. 

Dinosaur Ridge

On Memorial day we hiked Dinosaur Ridge, an area along the foothills of the Rockies littered with dinosaur footprints and fossils. The girls were fascinated by the many types of rocks and plant life. We walked along the road and read about the types of dinosaurs that lived in the once marshy wetlands along the ridge. 

But, the real fun started when we reached the uppermost point and climbed up into the hills along narrow paths and scenic views. Audrey and Sierra were both up for the challenge as we navigated through the wilderness.

The girls search for sharks teeth amid the  shale debris along the ridge line...
The bumpy terrain above was once underwater with fossils of worm like creatures and plants.

When we reached the path that led up through the mountain, the terrain became lush with plants...
Sierra reached the peak and stuck a pose. Below Audrey was happy to show how brave she was to be so close to the ledge high on top of the mountain.
Then a friendly hiker offered to take our family photo.
It was a fantastic day. We're looking forward to our next adventure soon!
Happy Memorial Day to all!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Red Rocks Ampitheatre

Today we ventured out to the Red Rocks Ampitheatre in Golden, CO. It's a one-of-a-kind, acoustically perfect theatre formed at the base of the mountain range. The beautiful red rocks jut out of the ground in awesome shapes. 

After walking through the theatre where we listened to the concert warm up session, we took the Trading Post Trail for a 1.2 mile stretch over streams, rocks, cliffs, and trails. 

The girls did great! They were enamored with the natural beauty, plants and bugs we discovered along the way. 

sierras and daddy pose above, while Audrey and I pose in the center of the theatre...
Below is the stage...
We took a family selfie before we started walking on the trading post scenic trail...

We saw spectacular views and heard the sounds of the rushing river.

It felt good to be outdoors, feel the warm sun on our faces, and experience the rush of cool breezes whisk around us!
The girls were exhausted as we came close to the end of the trail. Below they posed together for a loving sister photo.

As we finished our outing and headed for the car, we were surprised by a family of deer grazing nearby.
It was the perfect end to our wonderful day!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Another day at the park...

On Sunday, I ran with the girls to Central Park. We had such a good time running and swinging, and climbing and spinning!

As we reached the top of the hill from our  house, this is the view we saw of the huge park.

Audrey loves the rope wall...
Sierra loved the spinning chair...
Both girls live to swing...
While Sierra climbs high up on the boulders...
Audrey sits in a cubby hole at the base.
After a couple of hours we were exhsusted and raced back home!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Carnival Craziness!

This morning we woke up early, unpacked a few boxes and then headed to the carnival. Victor saw the crews setting up earlier in the week and thought it might be fun for the girls. 

Boy was it fun! We got the girls wrist bands so they could ride all day, and that's what they did! 
The slide, carousel, water ride, merry-go-round, train, monster truck, jeeps, and wave runners, and fun house were all great! Audrey was very brave and rode most rides with her sister. 

When the wave runners were a bit to bumpy, Audrey got nervous, but her big sis noticed and gave her a big hug to keep her safe while they were riding. After that, all was fine. Way to go Sierra!

Suerra loved the wave simulator at the end of the fun house experience. She would run up backwards and fall on her back giggling the whole time.
The slide was awesome! We all took turns!
Sierra met a girl named Ella and they became fast friends enjoying all the rides together!
happy Saturday to all! 

Friday, May 15, 2015

A mini twister...

Today while at the park, Victor and the girls spotted a funnel cloud develop in the sky. It happened quickly and dissipated within a minute, but it was definitely a twister! The girls were fascinated to see it and knew hot and cold air systems were at work creating the mini tornado.

More Fun at the Park...

Wednesday was another sunny day in Colorado. The girls enjoyed the rock walls, caves and slides at the park.  
The girls are bonding more and more. Sierra is especially becoming more protective of her little sister. 
We love seeing them play and laugh together...
Sierra is starting to make friends with everyone, including two older little boys about 8 or 9 years old on this particular day...Victor was not happy about it! 
While Sierra is the outgoing social butterfly, Audrey is starting to open up more, but is still quite shy with other people she doesn't know. 

How wonderful it is to be sisters to share everyday moments!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fun at the Park...

Our new town home is a block away from the park, so every afternoon victor walks the girls over to meet the neighbors and run around and play. They love the park and it's been sunny and cool these past few days! 
The rope wall was no challenge for Sierra or Audrey! Both love to climb!
Even while going to the park, Audrey insists on wearing her best dresses complete with headband and accessories! 
Sierra just likes to be comfortable in her jeans and loves her pink running shoes. It's great to see how different they are!