Thursday, February 26, 2015

Biomes to the Rescue

With so much snow and chilling temperatures, Victor took the girls to an outing at Biomes yesterday. They had a great time playing games, crafts and seeing the sea life. Below Audrey poses for daddy at a game table. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Providence Flower Show

Sunday after church, we drove to Providence to see the flower show. It was a fun time! But, it wasn't much of a flower show since only 3 booths actually had flowers!  The fairy house, teepee and sandbox were the best parts! 

On our way out we discovered a rock climbing wall where Sierra climbed to the very top. She's a natural and the trainers running the event wanted to recruit sierra into the youth program! She had such a good time, we are going to check it out over the weekend.

Below Audrey and I pose outside a fairy house...

Sierra gets creative with a fern ...
Audrey admires the magical fog fountain...
And sits inside the teepee...
Sierra gears up for her climb...

After each climbing, the sand box was also a big hit and gad the most amazing silken, shimmering, golden sand in it!
Happy Sunday to all!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Girls Ski Day at Yawgoo!

Sierra and I decided to have a ski day together this afternoon. It had been snowing for days with single digit temperatures when it warmed up to the 30's. It was the perfect day to have some fun in the valley! 

Sierra had taken lessons from the resort instructors for the past 2 years. But, she hadn't been skiing for fun yet.

We had so much fun together! We started on the rope tow, and after warming up we rode the Conan chair lift to the top of the hill. Sierra was a pro and knew just how to maneuver, turn and ski down each path. 

Her favorite was called yellow jacket. But, we rode down all the paths. No matter where we went, Sierra rode with no fear. I loved being with her and getting special hugs and kisses on the chair lift.

Thanks Sierra for a great girls day skiing!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Our Icicle garden

Victor started this awesome icicle garden when he as clearing off the ice cycles from our house. It's been so cold this past month.  And, the icicles look best when they glisten in the evening sunlight!

Carousel Fun!

Every time we go to the mall, we have to make a stop at the carousel. This time Audrey wanted to sit with me! What fun!
Sierra picked the bunny rabbit and cuddled with her new orange kitten that she named Minka!

Our Ice Skating Adventure!

Today was cold but we were tired of being couped up in the house from the heavy snow, so we went ice skating!
Sierra had such a good time. As usual she skated circles around Audrey and I.
We had a few moments of collision... 
It was s great day! I got lots of love from the girls and we shared lots of laughs! Victor took these great photos and afterwards we warmed up with hot cocoa!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wedding Girl

Our sweet Audrey loves wedding dresses and veils, and having a party. She's such a loving girl. Today she wanted to marry me and have us dress up. Below she wore my wedding veil and posed for her daddy!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

We're Frozen!

With all the snow and single digit temperatures, we're officially in a deep freeze. Below the harbor froze solid...
The view from the bay looking back at Miss Justine and Tina's house, our house and the church steeple. 
My car is buried in snow behind Victor's H1 with our house in the distance.
The view from our bedroom window... Snow, snow and more snow!
Victor had to shovel the snow off the roof since it rose above the window sills. We were worried the roof would cave in!
Our back yard and furniture covered in snow! We won't be having any outdoor barbecues and time soon!!

Monday Morning Art

This morning we woke feeling inspired to paint! The girls were eager to create something new and colorful. Audrey made the most beautiful framed art with what I think is a dove and a dolphin.
Sierra created this stunning early morning burst of sunshine over the bay with the town bridge...
Then Sierra made a very colorful starfish or sea creature! I'm so proud of my budding artists!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Little Dragon Orange Belt

Sierra did fantastic on her belt test in karate today. She advanced from gold to orange belt today by showing Sensai bobby she knew her skills. She performed her high kicks, and the "key hon ichi don" I was so proud to see her do so well and act with confidence. Go Sierra, Go!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Our Valentine's Day started early with cards and presents rom Gigi and Auntie Donna & Uncle Jimmy. Then sierra went off to her ski lesson while Audrey and I shopped for food, flowers and valentine trinkets. After ski class we shared an extra gift for the girls and got plenty of kisses in return!

Sierra has her karate belt test today at 3, so wish her luck! Happy day to all!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Audrey's Valentine Exchange

This year Audrey had her first Valentine's Day gift exchange at school. She was so excited to give and receive cute valentine cards, stickers, tattoos and candy! Below is a photo of what she brought home! Oh wat fun!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Noah's Ark

In Sunday school today the girls learned about Noah's ark. Sierra helped in a demonstration of what "trust" meant by falling backwards into Ms. Bonnie's arms without looking. 

Then, during storytime, Ms. Bonnie read a pop-up book about Noah and the great flood. Like Sierra's demonstration, Noah trusted God's plan. They class also colored pictures of the ark and the animals, shown by the girls below.


They learned Genesis 6-8 states, a rainbow is God's promise that he will never destroy the earth by flood again. We knew we loved rainbows!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Girl's Beauty Day

After Sierra's ski lesson, we decided to go to the beauty salon to get haircuts. While we were there we picked out a beautiful waterfall braid to try. It was a great choice. The hairdresser even curled the girl's hair as a final touch. So much fun!


Friday, February 6, 2015

Board Breaking at Karate

This Thursday at Sierra's karate class Sensai Bobby had the class try board breaking. Sierra was so excited to try it. 

She did fabulous breaking all 4 boards!

Congratulations Sierra! Wish her luck next week for her belt test!

More snowy fun!

Today Victor took the girls to the elementary school hill to have some afternoon fun. They had such a good time sledding down the hill. Audrey was exhausted after their fun.

The girls took turns on the hill and saved time to play with each other too! 

Sledding fun...

Last weekend we invited friends over for an impromptu visit. We ended up walking next door to the elementary school to go sledding down their snowy hill. Audrey is shown sitting in their tube with Annabel. What fun!