Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Puzzle Girl

Audrey loves puzzles. So today while Sierra was at her ski class, we put together a few. Of course Audrey did most of the pieces. It was so much fun to watch her find the common patterns as colors and fit the pieces together!

Saturday skiing...

After 2 weeks of being sick, it was nice to finally get back to our normal routine of Saturday skiing! Sierra did great and rode the big chair lift to the top of the hill.



A cozy napping place...

Audrey found a cozy place to nap one afternoon...

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Our Snow Day

Today Winter Storm Juno left us with 2 feet of snow on our doorstep! Schools were closed, our office was closed and it was illegal to drive anywhere. So we stayed home and made a miniature snowman (the snow was too dry), snow angels, and played while daddy shoveled the driveway and front door.
Audrey loved being outside...
It was her idea to bring nuts and raisins and carrots to make the snowman's face and buttons!
Our front door was filled with snow..
The Beach Rose Cafe was closed...
The harbor was partially frozen ...
Sierra helped her daddy scope out the work to be done...

After our long day, we had a tea party and were amazed at the amount of snow that accumulated on the roof! Sierra's bedroom window shows her snowy view!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Thanks Miss Justine and Tina!

For Audrey's birthday, Miss Justine and Tina gave Audrey a crown making kit. What a wonderful gift! The girls spent their Sunday night adorning their crowns with jewels and centering them with the largest jewels we've ever seen! 
What a wonderful craft. Thanks ladies!!!

Davey Johnson Cookies!

The girls got a package in the mail from Susan and Dad, and to our great surprise it was cookies made in the likeness of granddad! The girls were so excited and bit right into them. Audrey teased she was going to bite his head off and giggled as she ate her yummy cookie! Thanks for thinking of us!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Our First Ladybug

This morning after calling in sick, I discovered I had to go in to work after all. I've been battling a virus the girls have had for the last 2 days and losing. Today was my day of rest to recover, but unfortunately duty called. Poor Audrey thought we were going to spend the day together. After hearing the news, she was in tears! 

As I was leaving the house, Victor and Audrey opened the bedroom window to wave goodbye. As they did they made a wonderful discovery... the first ladybug of the season! The discovery made all Audrey's sadness disappear and put smiles on her face instead. Now all is well!


A Beautiful Sunrise

Thursday morning we woke up early to this beautiful scene from Sierra's bedroom window!  After a light snow, the glow from the sunrise made everything look sparkly and pristine!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sierra's Saturday Ski Lessons...

Sierra started her ski lessons after the first of the year! Wearing her new ski suit and sun glasses, she gets ready to hit the snow!

Our Family Party on Sunday!

On Sunday, in the aftermath of the party, we opted to play at home with all Audrey's new toys. It was cold outside, so relaxing in the warm and cozy house sounded perfect!

We started our morning with a waffle breakfast flowed by opening Audrey's family gifts...
Gigi sent dresses and yoga wear for the girls...
As well as a Hello Kitty matching game!
Sierra poses in her yoga wear while showing off her high block karate moves!
A birthday hug between sisters!
Mommy gave Audrey a collection of Disney wedding dolls - one of her favorites! 
Pretty dresses and a bicycle hookup to our dirt bikes were more fun gifts for Audrey as we celebrate her special day! Happy birthday, Angel!

Happy 4th Birthday, Audrey!

Audrey's 4th birthday party was on Saturday. Since her best friend Annabel had her birthday the day before, we decided to have a group party for the two girls. It was filled with fun games, like princess book balancing, pin the crown on Aurora, reading stories, craft making, dancing and eating cake! Audrey wanted two Dolphins on her cake, so the bakery made the perfect design! The party was a smashing success and lasted late into the night!

Audrey in front of her cake...
Everyone who attended the party...
Hugging Maximus from her class...
Thanking Miss Justine snd Tina for their gift...
Book balancing ...
Story time...
Bonking down the stairs into a pile of people and stuffed animals!
Happy birthday Audrey! We love you!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Jayden's Magical 7th B-day!

Sierra was invited to her friends, Jayden from karate class, 7th birthday party. The party featured a real magician that pulled a rabbit out of his hat and made animal shaped balloons! He even invited Sierra to be his assistant in one of his acts. It was a blast! Below are a few photos from the fun filled night!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Football on a snowy day...

Yesterday afternoon we geared up to go outside for some exercise. While we were playing catch with the football, it started snowing! The girls were so excited. What fun!