Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cabana Bay Beach Resort at Universal

After visiting dad, we checked into Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort. We immediately went to the pool where Sierra practiced her swimming skills. She did awesome swimming without a floatie. We are so proud of her!


Visiting Winter + Hope at the Clearwater Aquarium

Our trip to Clearwater proved to be an exhilarating excursion. We loved seeing Winter and Hope and learning all about the rescue and rehabilitation center at the Clearwater Aquarium.

Sierra and Audrey both performed surgery to remove a hook from a sea turtles mouth...
Then we met Winter and Hope.
We touched Winter's prosthetic sock.
And played in a turtle extractor.

And posed with the dolphin,!Hope.

Then we took a boat to an island in the inlet close to the aquarium where we learned about fish, saw wild dolphins, and picked a variety of sea shells from the shore. 

Sierra found a lucky gold coin just as she wished.

And on our way back, we saved a baby bid nest with a single egg in it that fell into the channel. 
Sierra and Audrey were so proud and hopeful that it would live.

The Wild Boat Ride

While at Dad's house for Thanksgiving, we took a boat ride on the Winter Park chain of lakes. It was a beautiful ride at sunset. Seeing all the beautiful lakefront  houses on the glorious sunny day, we longed to return to our home in Windermere. 

After visiting 3 of the 5 lakes, with the fuel gauge showing 1/4 tank we ran out of gas and had to use the trolling motor to get us home. It was a slow ride but Sierra said it best, "it's better to get home slow, than to never get home at all!" We took her advice, made the best of the trip and enjoyed seeing the sun set as we rode home! It was a great day and a wild ride! 


Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Thanksgiving started with a brisk walk to the park by the lake and back with Elly's kids Analise and Kai. It was fun and we found a skinny orange tree and a bunch of plants and rocks.

The bounce house arrived and the kids loved expending lots of energy bouncing around. 

We roasted marshmallows and bounced around, then drew beautiful artwork on the outdoor patio floor!

We had fun visiting with family and friends.  Happy thanksgiving to all! 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Dinner with Gigi

On Tuesday night we had dinner with Gigi. We met her at Bonefish restaurant and she surprised the girls with beautiful, sparkly dresses and jewel necklaces! It was a wonderful night and a perfect welcome back home. We love you Gigi!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A fun rainy day in Florida...

After a late start due to a rain delay, we took advantage of the pool and slide all by ourselves. It was a blast!
Audrey even gave the slide a try. A few times it started to rain but we were protected by the caves around the pool and we're ready to dive back in once it stopped!

Madison's Birthday Party

During Sierra's belt test, Audrey and I went to her friend Sarah's sisters 9th birthday party. It was at the Exeter fire department and we got a special tour to see the fire trucks. Audrey loved it and had a great time running around with Annabell, Sarah and Kiley.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Visiting Disney Village

This afternoon we visited Disney Village and had a grand time. Wearing short dresses with no leggings was a wonderful way to spend the day compared to freezing weather in Rhode Island! We saw the princess boutique, Legos, and rode the carousel. So much fun on a sunny day.