Thursday, October 30, 2014

This Year's Pumpkin Art

This year the girls requested an Elsa and Anna pumpkin design. With Sierra's prize from winning her karate Halloween party costume contest, a pumpkin carving kit, we finally had the perfect tools to create a very detailed carving.

Sierra helped with cleaning out the pumpkin, but Audrey refused to touch the icky insides. After cleaning it, we roasted the seeds for a delicious salty sweet snack. The girls helped me pick out 2 images and we put them together to make our heart shaped drawing before making the final carving of the two sisters.

Happy Halloween everyone! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Biomes Halloween Party

Tonight was the Biomes Halloween Party. I left work early to make it home in time to help with the preparations. Victor had the girls dressed, as a kitty cat and princess Elsa again, but no makeup or hair braids, and Sierra couldn't find her cat ears!

When all were dressed and after we arrived, we had a great time. There was a treasure hunt of toys & no candy, thankfully.

We saw s blow fish blow up and spit out water at sierra and others on the front row. We were also excited to see Darwin the tortoise eat as many pumpkins as he could! While we were there he ate 2 baby pumpkins and looked really happy about it.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fun at the zoo ...

Before going to the zoo on Saturday, we stopped at the carousel, where the girls ride their favorite animal, then bounced in a bounce house!

At the zoo, they saw the zebras, and elephants, and hogs, and seals.
But their favorite part of the zoo was the big backyard and petting zoo!
It was in the 60's so the girls enjoyed the fountains and splash area before playing on the swings and climbing.

One last photo opportunity on the way out.
And of course there were lots of pumpkins decorating the entire park! This was a favorite cranky pumpkin.

The petting zoo was finally finished. The girls tried their hands at milking a cow, riding a tractor and feeding the goats and sheep. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

A Funky Halloween Hat

Our neighbor, Donna, found the craziest Halloween hat ever! The girls loved it!

The Horribles Parade

This parade Sierra dressed up as s kitty cat while Audrey went as Princess Elsa. We walked with Sierra's friends from ballet and school. 
Kiley was a snow princess and kept warm in her long gown and coat. 
Donna was there with her pup Tilly, dressed as a turtle!

A fun family selfie ...
After walking to the poet, this year they had a magician perform for the children. Sierra and audrey were most impressed when he pulled a rabbit out of his hat!

Afterwards, the twin had their traditional trick or treating to the local shops. Lots of candy and fun was had by all.
Happy Hslloween!

St. Paul's Sunday School

Today during the children's sermon, Reverend Virginia dressed up as a butterfly and taught the children about Hallows Eve. She explained it was the time to dress up and scare off evil spirits. However, she preferred to do it in a lovely way, which the girls agrees with whole heartedly!  
After church, Sunday school was just as much fun, learning about how God can do anything, then making crafts and doing puzzles. On this special Sunday, the girls were allowed to wear their costumes since at noon, the Horribles parade would begin their march through town.

Before the parade, the girls took part in decorating cookies ...
Eating them ...
Decorating mini.pumpkins ...
And, also going on a mini trick-or-treat to each Sunday school classroom. It was a blast.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Spooky Photo Opps ...

The girls have so much fun in our little town. Each day they walk down Main street, they find something exciting and new! 

Below they pose in the various spooky photo spots. It's so exciting to be 3 and 5 when everything is new!


Audrey's hideout...

When Sierra has school on Fridays and she doesn't, Audrey finds fun, creative and sometimes sneaky things to do in Sierra's bedroom.

This past Friday, Audrey dressed up in one of Sierra's sundresses, put on her favorite gold necklace, and made herself a comfy bed between her stuffed animals and between the legs of a window table. It was her secret hideaway & her private fort in just the right size.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fishing Cove Halloween Party

This year Sierra and Audrey had their school Halloween party. They decided to dress up as Anna from Frozen. 

In their coronation gowns, they made crafts, played on the playground, entered the raffle, danced and ran around with their friends. We arrived with Kiley and Annabelle, their friends from school. It was a lot of fun and we got home super late!

Pumpkin painting ...

Our town had the annual pumpkin painting event this weekend. Free pumpkins and face painting for all the children to welcome and celebrate the season. Kiley and Annabelle joined us in the fun. After our day of painting and fun, we had a glorious day in the sun. And welcomed our friends to stay for a backyard barbecue until nightfall.

Happy Halloween