Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Daddy's day out!

Today the girls ventured to Mystic to the aquarium with their wonderful daddy. 
Below are photos from their fun day out!



Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pool Party Fun

This weekend while Mimi was visiting, we cooled off in our neighbor's Justine and Tina's, pool!  It was good company and lots of splashing. 

We were also very proud of Sierra for rushing to Audrey's aid when she slipped off her float. Mommy rushed to save her, but Sierra's quick reflexes were faster as she pulled her up and out of the water! Hooray for sister power! 

Our girls are do protective and loving of each other. For that we are so very grateful! 

Our New Garden...

Victor and the girls planted our first garden this weekend. Filled with pumpkins and all sorts of herbs, the girls are looking forward to harvesting their own pumpkins for carving and baking pies in October! With 8 pumpkin plants in a 10ft x 4ft area, in 100 days we'll be up to our ears in pumpkins! We're so excited!


Mimi Visits Wickford

When Mimi arrived this past Wednesday she brought gifts for the girls. They were so appreciative and lived giving her kisses and hugs for her thoughtfulness! 


Beach day!

I took the day off to enjoy the summer sun with the girls. We ventured to a a state beach near Judith Point with our neighbor, Donna, and Brendan.

It was a fun day of body boarding, swimming, sand castle building and walking to find ice cream and cotton candy. What more could we have asked for in a day? Nothing. It was a perfect afternoon!


Happy Tuesday to all!

Saturday, July 19, 2014


The girls made a heart on the swing today!

A fun day at the history museum...

For the past 21 days Sierra has been on super strong antibiotics to cure her Lyme disease and step throat.  Since then, she's missed birthday parties, days at the beach, travels and adventures. So, Friday daddy treated the girls to a day at the children's history museum to read, play in the treehouse, build things, climb CBC explore. It was a grand that mommy wished and could hand been there for. Victor met Sierra's best friend, Kylee and Annabel's, mom there too for twice the fun!  Below are a few fun photos of he day! Enjoy!

The Prize

The prize at the end of a two block run after the ice cream truck...


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Giant Lily Pads are Back!

After the long winter, it took a couple months longer for the giant Japanese lotus flowers and lily pads to return to their full glory.

On the way back from the an errand to the local bike shop yesterday, Victor snapped these photos of the girls admiring the lily pads.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Our budding artists...

At the Wickford art festival we found a deal on a bag of jewels and beads for $2.50! The girls were so excited to find it, they agreed to share the find at home! 

Audrey immediately wanted to create a necklace with her share. And, after lunch, that's exactly what she did! She created a masterpiece necklace out of all her jewels. It took her about 30 minutes, but she strung every bead herself. I'm so proud of her patience and will.

Sierra decided to organize her jewels to create mini-scenes with hers. Above, she beams as she shows off her wintery snow scene around a Christmas tree!

Art Festival Face Painting!

Sierra is still battling Lyme and now strep throat, but couldn't resist taking a walk down Main Street to get her face painted at the annual art festival!
Rainbows, ladybugs and butterflies were the main theme this year for our girls! 
It was well worth the walk and right next door we bought a bag of beads and jewels for $2.50! Audrey and Sierra were so excited to make jewelry with them!
Happy Saturday to all!

Summer fun!

Before we discovered Sierra's Lyme disease we had a taste of summer fun in our backyard pool! Audrey and her sis were bouncing and splashing and playing  all afternoon!

Our 1st summer art project

Sierra had a jewelry box that a friend gave her last year. It was a basic brown wood, which wasn't very fancy. And, this year we decided to paint it! Below is what Sierra created once I put down the base coat! So cute!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer walks are grand!

The girls enjoyed a beautiful summer walk today with their daddy. 
Our girls are growing so quickly and looking like beautiful young ladies!
 Happy summer to all!