Friday, May 30, 2014

Daddy Day at the Zoo!

With no school on Fridays, Victor gets to have a fun day with the girls.  He surprises them by taking them to the zoo!  On such a hot day, Victor lets them run through the water park and dry off in the air tube!  They are also surprised by the new butterfly wings in the "Big Backyard! Oh what fun!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bay Night at Fishing Cove School

This evening was Bay Night at Sierra's school. For the last month, all the grades have been studying the bay and all the wildlife that lives in it and near it. Since their school backs up to a salt pond, they took a tour of it to explore the environment! We were so excited to finally see the result of her field trip and all  they learned. Below are her class photos. Sierra is the top left.

Some art Sierra made below did played in her class room...
And our favorite shark art.

Our Volcano Experiment

Sierra is so curious about the planet and nature. Her daddy found a volcano experiment that we molded, painted and prepped to erupt over the last week. And tonight was our debut of the first eruption...
It was a huge success! Sierra let her sister partake in the fun by activating her own lava eruption! Like we always say, sharing is caring!


More Memorial Day Fun...

After the parade this morning we played outside in our neighbor's yard picking flowers, swimming, playing on the buoy swing and enjoying the sonny afternoon!

Wickford's Memorial Day Parade

Monday morning the annual Wickford Memorial Day parade strolls through our little village. The girls love the dogs, Thomas the train and the candy.  We just love gathering with friends to laugh and catch up on life.


It was a fun activity for the morning! The girls loved the candy favors tossed to them from the matching band, veterans and floats!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fun Day Sunday!

Today was hot so we pulled out the pool for a quick dip! The girls had south fun!



First I want to hold okay you put them on your feet and Malvolio

Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Day at Mystic

Last week we traveled to Mystic and the aquarium had closed early. So this weekend we decided to get there early. We were most excited to see the bird exhibit where feed them in an enclosure. The girls LOVE having the birds sit on their sticks or hands or even their heads! It was a fun day!





Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Family Photo Time!

In March, we had our first family portraits done at a local photo studio.  They came out so cute, we just had to share them with you.  We use the "Sisters - LOVE" image as our screensaver at home. Enjoy!

Sierra's Spring School Photo

Our little girl is growing up so fast. Below Sierra poses for her Spring Pre-K 4 school photo.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Our family day!

Today I took the day off to celebrate Victor and my 13th wedding anniversary. We went to Mystic, CT and spent the day walking the village and playing. It was the perfect day together!  We had a petal fight (throwing fallen pink flower petals from a tree at each other), saw beautiful art in a museum, enjoyed lunch at an outdoor cafe, played on the beach, and laughed all day long!