Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Rainy Day at Mystic Aquarium

What do we do on a rainy, gloomy Subday? We visit Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut!  We saw beluga whales, fed stingrays, laughted at a sea lion show, watched a 4-d sponge bob movie, and learned about alligators and sea life. Below are some photos from our adventure...




Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our Springtime Art Project...

With Gigi visiting, we decided to start a few art projects to occupy our time.
Instead of the standard bedroom door art, bedazzling diary making, or even creative headband making (all of which we indulged in this week) we decided to go for the grand Kentucky Derby Hat making project! 
We shopped for our favorite flowers and went home to adorn our spring hats with our findings! It was so much fun and turned out to be a huge success! 

Gigi created the grandest hat spiraling with black orchids toward the ceiling, while mine and the girl's hats were adorned with lush red blooms with sunflowers and leafy accents! Bring on the derby...we're ready for the races!

The Snow Queen Visits Biomes!

Sierra snd Audrey just saw Frozen for the first time. And, coincidentally Biomes had a special event this last Wednesday featuring the snow queen herself, Elsa! 

Of course, come rain or snow, we had to go. Below are a few photos of the night...

Sierra loved meeting Elsa. She and Audrey both made magical ice wands, heard stories, played games and even danced to the songs of frozen!  

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Our Day at Yawgoo valley

With my mom visiting from Florida, Victor and I spent the day at Yawgoo Valley snowboarding! It was great exercise and lots of fun. Thanks for watching the girls while we spent the day together!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cupid and Psyche Return Home!

Almost 3 years ago when we moved to a Rhode Island, we discovered United Van Lines shattered the arm of our Cupid and Psyche marble statue during the move!

We were devastated by the loss and initiated a claim with the moving company which took 2 years to resolve. After another year of repairs, it was finally ready to come home, so Victor traveled to Boston this morning to pick it up! The girls are so excited to see the beautiful statue and we're glad to have it back. 

Below are a few photos showing the transition of the statute into our house...

Gigi reports that the girls were a BIG help to their daddy in moving it to our dining room. I'm sure they are getting an art history lesson in the process too!

Spring is Coming...

With one more late season freeze on our horizon, we can't wait for the warmth of spring!  On Wednesday were expecting 3-6 inches, but we're hoping it melts right away!

The girls really got excited when they saw these white blossoms spring up in our yard. Let's hope they stay safe from the freeze tomorrow night!

Sierra is learning about nature at school and is excited to start her own garden at home. Her daddy bought soil and seeds for her first crop, so hopefully we'll have melons, sweet peppers, other veggies and an array of flowers to enjoy later in the season.

Gigi visits the carousel...

While I'm in New York for the day, Gigi takes the girls to the carousel. Oh what fun!!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

The girls love making crafts....

Anything that glitters is fun for the girls. This past week, we made magical wands with gems and purple glitter! And of course, no sister craft party is complete with out a cherry lollipop! Enjoy your afternoon!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Gigi Visits Wickford!

Gigi arrived today and surprised Sierra at her ballet class, then we made headbands (which we're wearing), enjoyed lunch at home and then watched the movie "Frozen" together! It was great, as Sierra would say! Our evening ended with dinner and drawing butterflies and flowers all night! 
We are so happy to have Gigi visit for the week! We'll keep the updates coming so check back soon to see what we've been doing!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Cookie = Happiness!

When Daddy is feeling sweet... he treats the girls to sugar cookies!
 Today is going to be a GREAT day!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sierra's art for daddy...

Sierra made this photo on my cellphone especially for her daddy. When he received it, Sierra got lots of hugs and kisses!

Go Fly a Kite...

Today was a blustery day...perfect for flying Sierra's kite. 

Happy Saturday to all!


The joy on Sierra's face riding the carousel, was worth the trip to the mall! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ready for School!

Sierra loves school, but she loves picking out what to wear to school even more!  Below our darling poses in her first choice for an outfit today.  Even though it's still cool outside, Sierra is anxious for spring to arrive as you can see in her choice of dress!

Biomes' Seahorse Babies!!!

Today after school, the girls wanted to go to Biomes to see the new baby seahorses! 200 tiny seahorses were born over the weekend!  The begging wouldn't stop, so Victor agreed it was a good idea!  Below, Audrey poses as the cutest seahorse I've ever seen!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tap Girl...

Sierra has been practicing her tap and ballet moves for a recital coming up in June. Wish her luck!!!

It's Story Time!

At bedtime our girls love to read together. And now that Audrey had a big girl room, she is happy to host most bedtime stories!

Zoo Time with Daddy

With mommy away in California for work, daddy finds lots of fun ways to entertain the girls... Like going to the zoo!

I miss you so much and I'll be home soon!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Audrey & Her Babies...

While I'm traveling in Los Angeles, Victor snapped this adorable photo of Audrey for me. Thanks honey! 

I'm really missing you all but feel connected when I see sweet images like this!

Our Flower Girls!

With our winter extended by another snow, the girls are having flower withdrawals. Daddy planned an excursion to Home Depot to see the orchids. Thanks Victor!