Friday, January 31, 2014

Alone at the Zoo!

Victor and the girls went to the zoo today and discovered they were the one and only guests! The animals were out, but no people. Looks like it may be too cold for Rhode Islanders, but not for Floridians!  Below are a few cute photos of the girls all bundled up!
The kaleidoscope in the tree house.
In the Big Back Yard.
With the red river hogs, Penelope and her mate.
And, watching the elephants inside their feeding and bathing house.

Thanks Victor for taking such good care if the girls while I'm away! 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

While Mommy's Away....

The girls get ice cream and Disney channel!

But first, let me qualify this scenario: Audrey gas been crying for 3 hours because she misses me, and Sierra is coming down with the flu and feeling sick. Daddy makes a judgement call and makes everyone happy! 

Victor, you are my hero. Think you got comforting the girls and easing their pain. I love you!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Sierra Butterfly

During the Children's sermon this past Sunday, Sierra was very excited when the subject of catapillars and butterflies came up.  Rev. Virginia asked if anyone knew what caterpillars transformed into. Sierra burst out with her answer, "butterflies" and proceeded to tell Virginia and the congregation about her butterfly farm, how they changed and when they were butterflies how they would land on her face and hands all the time! Sierra's dialog was very fast, enthusiastic and non-stop. 

When Sierra took a breath, Virginia praised her spirit and strongly said, "Amen!" It was beautiful and sweet, but also funny. 

Sierra was rewarded with a beautiful set of rainbow butterfly wings to wear as Virginia's demonstrator. She stood front and center wearing her wings with pride. 

After wearing them all day, and through Sunday school, Virginia let her have them! Sierra was so happy and rushed to make her a thank you note!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Our Story-a-thon!

After ballet class and grocery shopping, we stopped by Barnes and Noble to play and read.
We played with the dolls, Legos and stuffed animals, then ventured to the children's book section to start our book reading marathon. The girls each found several books and we started the marathon....
I think we red about 12 books total! It was such fun.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another Big Snow...

No school and no work after getting 7-8 inches of snow last night. It was a lot of snow for us, but the worst was the cold, dry air. The temperatures were around 11 degrees today but it felt so much colder, closer to -4 or 5. 

We read stories, made headbands, and dabbled in painting while we were cozy warm inside our house!  It was a great day.

Then later in the afternoon while Audrey was napping, Sierra and I got to have a girls shopping excursion to find her a pair of snow boots. And, we succeeded by finding a huge pre-spring sale!

Below are a few photos of the snow and Sierra's new boots! 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Another Sleepover Nap

Our girls are bonding and loving to play and spend time together. Today, after a fun filled afternoon of play, they didn't want to retire to their separate bedrooms to nap, so Daddy allowed them to sleep together. Below are the cutest snapshots of them sleeping together soundly and hugging.  So adorable! 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Chilly Day at the Park

Today was about 35 degrees, and we needed to run around and expend some energy. So we went to the church park across the street. We ran, swung, climbed and slid down the slide. It was cold but as long as we kelt moving we were fine!
Audereybwas all bundled up in her new snow coat and mittens.

Sierra lives to climb and felt like she was on top of the world when she reached the top of the slide!
We laughed the entire time (mostly because it was so cold and we were delirious!) and then raced back home to hug and kiss daddy!

Below is a cute video showing Audrey singing while she swings!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, Audrey!

Audrey's birthday started with Sierra running down the hall at 6:30 am saying, "Audrey, you're 3! You're 3! Yay! You're 3!" It was non-stop from then on.

We had Audrey's choice of waffles & eggs for breakfast, opened a few gifts from auntie Donna & uncle Jimmy and Mimi, then rushed off to Sierra's ballet lesson. By the time we got home, we made lunch and started the birthday celebration. 

Audrey is truly loved by so many people...friends and family. Thank you for all the thoughtful gifts and cards. Below are a few shots of Audrey's special day!

Thank you everyone for making this day so great!

Audrey's Birthday Cake Celebration...

It's so much fun to be 3 years old!  Below is our family video showing us singing to Audrey and blowing out the candles!  Precious!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The girls LOVE the library!

On Tuesday before school, the girls visited the town library for the first time. Sierra asked if she could buy a book she liked, and when daddy said, "At the library they let you borrow books," Sierra had a puzzled look on her face, so he explained how all the books are free, but once you are done, you have to promise to bring them back. Finally, Sierra smiled and said, "Awww...That's really nice!"

Having fun with a Leap Pad...

It's so great to watch the girls having fun, sharing, and learning too! After a play date at Kylee's house, the girls settle on the couch to play.

What's wrong with this picture?!

At Yawgoo today for Sierra's ski lesson, we saw something very unusual....
There was no snow! Ha!  Thank goodness this little valley makes their own snow on the slopes!

Birthday Girls!

Our dear Audrey shares her birthday week with Annabel, Kylee's sister and Sierra's friend from school.  Today was Annabel's 3rd birthday and Saturday will be Audrey's. We did the birthday exchange of gifts while at school. It was so much fun to see how excited the girls were to open birthday presents. As part of Audrey's gift, Annabel picked out 2 very special balloons: one for Audrey and another for Sierra. (How thoughtful!)

Of course while Sierra was running around with her balloon and only holding the very end of the ribbon tied to the balloon, she lost it!  This all occurred after being advised by her daddy to tie the balloon to her wrist, Sierra refusing and insisting it would be safe. It took all of 3 minutes for the balloon to slip out of her fingers and fly to the sky. Sierra held back her tears, but Audrey, whose balloon was safely tied to her wrist, was the one in tears over Sierrra's lost balloon. She kept repeating, "Is Daddy going to get it?" as it floated higher and higher spiralling out of sight!  Lesson of the day:  Sometimes little girls should listen to their daddy.

The picture above of the two birthday girls was taken right outside of school today when we picked Sierra up from school. We did the baby swap, while Sierra raced off to her ski lesson with Daddy.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fun Times at the Bop-n-Bowl!

With the gloomy weather today, we ventured out to the local bowling alley for "Bop-n-Bowl." I wasn't sure what it was but disco lights and a DJ sounded like fun for the girls. We invited Sierra's friend Kylee along with Annabel and their mom, Michele.

It was great. The girls loved the slippery bowling floor and did a happy dance or twirl after each roll if the ball! Sliding up to the lane was also a requirement for each of the girls' turns.

Below are a few candid shots if us at our first try at bowling...

We discovered Kyle was a natural bowler... and dancer!
Audrey had a great time too loved playing with the big girls!

The girls live trying new things. Today was a big success! Happy Sunday everyone.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ballet and Tap Fun...

Sierra loves her ballet & tap class. Today they practiced their recital routine... "It's fun to be a girl"

We love sand castles...

It warmed up to 52 today and all the snow has melted. We're playing in the sand box!
Audrey built her own special tower...
And, Sierra added water to the castle moat.
Happy Saturday to all!