Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cliff Walking in Newport

While gigi was visiting, we had the chance to getaway on a date. So we decided to go to newport to try the 2-1/2 mile cliff walk along the shore of newport to see not only the spectacular ocean views but also the sprawling mansions. 
It was a great day of exercise and solace.
Most of the walk was just rocks and cliffs, but we also went through tunnels, caves and beaches!
We even stopped to stack stones on the beach...

And when we were done we walked to a local pub called "pour judgement" for a beer or two.
Happy new year everyone!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Gigi's New Hobby

Gigi's was fascinated by Victor's Christmas present, a predator cross bow.     So much so that I think she may have a new hobby! Let's all stay on Gigi's good side from now on.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

First Ice Skating Day, Ever!

After Christmas we decided to go ice skating in Providence! It was tons of fun. We met Justine, Tina and Raja on the ice and had a fun filled day! Below are some photos of our fun! 
Sierra had a ball ice skating. Once she put on her skates, it was easy for her. In no time she was skating circles around all of us! She's a natural!
Audrey did great too. She stuck close to me but kept wanting to take another trip around the rink! I was so happy for her excitement of enjoying something new.
A "girls only" photo on the ice...
Sierra shows off below...

A fun family photo when we were done for the day! 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas was wonderful this year. Having my mom and victor's mom with us was great fun. They got to spoil the girls with us, watch their excitement and surprise, eat good food, and share fun stories. We shared in gifts, moments of love and awesome stocking stuffers!  Below are a few photos of our day. We hope yours was just as special. Merry Christmas to all!



Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Thanks Janet, Roland & Joe!

Thank you Janet and Roland for the super thoughtful gifts. Sierra and Audrey both loved the human body skeleton kit and the amazing science experiments. As soon as we opened each kit we decided it would be the project for the day! Gigi and the girls put together the human body in no time at all. Then they started the crystal rock project which takes 2 weeks to develope. It's so hard to wait to see the results!

And, thank you uncle Joe for the generous contributions to the girls college funds. We're going to deposit the cash this week! 

Merry Christmas to all!

Feeding the reindeer on Christmas Eve!

On Christmas Eve we had to sprinkle our special reindeer food in our yard so Rudolf would see our house and be sure to stop. The girls made a mixture of oats, Cheerios and glitter at school for us to use. It was exciting even though it was raining! 

Thank you Jodi!!!

We have the friendliest and most wonderful baker at Walmart named Jodi. She always treats the girls with cookies and kind words. This holiday she went overboard and got the girls special treats like pink teddy bears and story books! 
Thanks so much Jodi!!!

Auntie Donna & Uncle Jimmy's gifts...

Thank you auntie Donna and uncle Jimmy for the great Christmas present! The girls love their kitty cat dolls and puppies and have been playing with them constantly! You are the best! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Biomes Fun on the eve of Christmas Eve!

With time to spare and energy to burn, the girls and I raced to Biomes to see what was happening. The center was open and hardly any one was there on the eve of Christmas Eve, so we checked out all the animals like the sea urchins...
Hermit crabs...
Sting Rays...
And Legi games! 
We had tons of fun when Linda napped at the house.

Merry-Go-Round Fun with Mimi...

Adter meeting Santa at the mall, we decided to go to lunch, then ride the merry-go-round. It is slways a favorite activity and earns mommy and daddy lots of kisses!

Our Photo with Santa...

Our Christmas photo with Santa happened by surprise. We were shopping at the mall when we discovered he was here. Since we missed seeing him float in by boat to the Wickford pier, or arrive by fire engine for the Festival of Lights, we were so excited! 
Audrey didn't want a photo alone so the whole family joined in for this years photo!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Painting with Mimi...

When Mimi arrived from Louisiana, we decided to have a painting party. The girls made beautiful paintings of fairies to show off their artistic skills!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Sierra plants our pumpkin!

Now that thanksgiving has passed, the squirrels are getting desperate. With food in scarce supply, they started nibbling on our doorstep pumpkins. So, before they fell apart, Sierra helped bury them in the yard so we could have hope for more pumpkins next fall! 
Sierra did a great job burying them.
Way to go big girl!

Sierra & Snowflake

Our elf, named Snowflake, showed up one morning sitting in our Christmas tree. Sierra found him first and daddy snapped this cute photo. It's always a race to see who can find him each morning. He makes sure the girls are being good and reports back to Santa Claus each night. .