Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat!

We started out Halloween trick or treating around 6. Our first house to visit was Auntie Donna and Uncle Jimmy. Even Tilly (puppy) came out to greet the trick-or-treaters!

Sierra loved being a kitty cat...
Audrey dressed as a beautiful princess! It was a cool night, perfect for walking about.  Happy Halloween to all!

Halloween at Sierra's School...

Today Sierra's school let the children dress up for Halloween. Instead of being the pink princess Aurora, Sierra wanted to be a kitty cat! So before work, we pulled her outfit together. And, while mommy was at work, daddy made all the finishing touches, like shining her shoes, fixing her cat ear headband, and painting her whiskers and nose on just right.  As you can see below, Sierra is so excited to be a kitty cat! 

Just before school, Audrey poses with her big sister. She thinks her Sierra's costume is purr-fect! 

At school, Sierra poses with the boys in her class...
And again with her friend Kylie ( as Rapunzel) and Sarah (as Sofia the first).
It's so much fun to be 4!  Happy Halloween everyone!  The classes will trick or treat today and tonight we'llstroll through Wickford door to door! 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wickford's Horribles Parade!

Today was our town's traditional Horribles Parade...where all the children dress up in their costumes and march down Main and Brown Streets to show off their cuteness and flair! 

This year we invited Sierra's friend Kylie from school along with her sister Anabelle. The parade started at St. Paul's and strolled through town to Wickford harbor where music and dancing ensued. After the hoopla, they got their Halloween bags and went door to door along the local businesses trick or treating! It was great fun for the girls and as we expected, more candy was eaten along the way than was tossed in their baskets. By 3 o'clock the girls were completely wired and napping was almost out of the question... But Audrey was ready for at least an hour of quiet time - by request, so we had a short power nap!

Below are snap shots of our afternoon fun...

Saturday, October 26, 2013

All Lit Up...

Just before bed, we took a peek outside to see our new jack-o-lantern all lit up. We think it looks grand!

Sierra Ties Her Laces!

Sierra has been practicing tying her shoe laces, and now she has it perfected! We are so very proud of her ! Way to go Sierra! Now we can start practicing the double-knot!  Take a peek at the short video that follows showing her success!

Painting and Carving...

This Saturday morning we started our day painting water color images of rainbows, princesses and flowers! We also finished carving our huge pumpkin into a kitty cat silhouette, moon and stars!
Later tonight well light it up and see how it looks.

Sierra's Spooky School Halloween Party!

Friday night was Sierra's school party. I took the day off work so I could enjoy all the fun in preparing the girls and getting ready for the party. We started the day with painting, then we prepped our pumpkin for carving and roasted the pumpkin seeds in a salty sweet recipe we found online - which was so delicious!

For the party, we made Oreo spider cookies with red hot eyes. The girls loved eating the broken ones and licking the spoons when we were done. Around 4 we started getting dressed in their princess costumes. Below are the photos of the girls and our sweet treats!


The party was fun!  We played on the playground and enjoyed all the spooky fun and games. We even entered a raffle contest and won the Girly Girly gift basket complete with nail polish, lip gloss, a mermaid doll, headbands, masks, hello kitty hat, rings, jewelry, water bottle and more...all the things little girls love!

The party lasted to bed time around 7:30, and it was so worth it staying up late burning off all the sugary foods they ate!  Happy Halloween to all!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Audrey Found Gray Kitty!

6 days after Gray Kitty went missing, Audrey reunited with Gray at a cafe called Updike's coffee! 

Daddy was driving home from Sierra's school and wanted a cup of coffee, so he stopped into the local cafe. When he did, the owner remembered Audrey and gave her Gray. The joy, excitement and sheer emotional bliss that followed their reunion was so wonderful, we just had to share it with you all.
As you may know, Victor introduced a replacement kitty to Audrey to ease the pain of her loss... So now she has 2 favorite kitty's!

Ironically, the owner's daughter had the same kitty and tried to claim it as her own last week. But, the owner knew some little girl was missing her! 

Thank you Mr. Updike for taking such good care of her!

Afterwards, the girls went to Wilson park where Audrey took extra special care of Gray!

More fun in Wickford...

Ring pops, sidewalk displays and kite flying. Daddy knows how to show his girls a good time. Below are a few photos from their fun weekend!

Sierra and Audrey loved flying their Barbie kite on such a breezy day!



Happy Sunday everyone! 

Roger Williams Park & Carousel

While I was traveling, daddy made sure the girls had plenty to occupy their time. He took them to the Roger Williams park and indoor carousel! They loved the rides and fun new park toys to play on!




Having Fun at the Park...

Parks are everywhere in this town...Thank goodness because we love them!  

Below is a cute swinging video showing the girls in sofa seats!  

...and further below on a roller slide!  

So much fun and so little time since the winter months are approaching fast!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Special Moments...

Victor set up the perfect fire in our fire pit this evening to keep the girls warm as the cool fall air settles in for the evening! It was a special bonding moment for daddy while mommy was away!

Pumpkin Painting

The girls painted pumpkins today in Wickford. It was wonderful fun. In the midst of the painting excitement Audrey's kitty, flower gray, ended up covered in non-waterproof paint! 

When daddy discovered it was not washable, he rushed home before it dried to clean Gray's fur! Thank goodness he did because Flower Gray was 2 days old, and we couldn't afford not to have her soft and clean. Once again, daddy saves the day!

In addition to painting pumpkins, the girls enjoyed eating cookies and getting sparkling painted tattoos! 

Below are the photos of the girls and their afternoon fun with their daddy!