Monday, June 24, 2013

Butterfly Sisters!

Daddy surprised the girls with new matching butterfly wings! Its just what every girl needs...

Thanks daddy! The wings are perfect and so are you!

Sunday Beach Fun!

On Sunday we got to the beach earlier to enjoy a full day of fun. Sierra met a girl friend from school, Madeline, and we spent the day building sand castles with moats, finding hermit crabs, wading out in the water, having a picnic lunch, playing on the playground and digging for clams! 

Yes, it's true. Brendan told us you can dig for clams and as long as they are over 2" you can take them home to eat! So we did. Below are our photos from the day. Enjoy!

Brendan and Sierra dig for clams and find lots of them!

Audrey focuses on her sand castle and gets more water for the moat!
Audrey is so independent, always wanting to do things for herself! 

Sweet Audrey is Mommy's girl!
Victor gives a helping hand in digging up the clams!
It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon!

Adventure at the beach...

The girls and I took a late trip to the beach on Saturday evening, and we were happy to discover a wide world of adventure... As soon as we got to the shore and settled into the sand, we noticed there was something splashing in the water close to shore. It was a fish with orange wings! Then, we saw a horseshoe crab skirting the water, and she looked like she was trying to lay eggs into the sand. 

Finally, after playing for a while, we realized hermit crabs were out in droves. The whole beach was littered with them. Both girls were fascinated with the all crabs, but Audrey thought the fish and big horseshoe crab were going to get her! It was a wonderful evening and we'll definitely be making more late day trips to our Town Beach. 

After playing in the sand and water, we couldn't resist the playground...Audrey insisted on swinging, while Sierra climbed the monkey bars!

Hope you're having a wonder-filled weekend!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Sierra's 1st Garden Party!

With summer upon us, we were happy to find out Sierra had been invited to her first house party!  Sofia, one of her classmates at St. Paul's was having a summer gathering at her house.  Sierra was so very excited about it and so were we!  Well into the party, Sofia's mom, sent Victor this cute photo of Sierra with her face painted!

We love summer house parties! Sofia's theme was a "Garden Party" and she served PB &J sandwich squares, mini cupcakes, goldfish, juice boxes, and other party food. The best part for Sierra was the make-up, face paints, fingernail polish, balloons, and games!

Wearing blue lipgloss, Sierra shoes off the beautiful flower bouquet she made!
Happy summer everyone!

Sharks, Sharks, Sharks!

The girls went to Biomes yesterday and had a lot of fun playing with the sharks. Last week, they were gone, but now they're back!  Sierra and Audrey both touched them and felt their silky, slippery backs! 

Below are a few photos showing how fearless they are!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Our Girls Love Swinging!

Take a peek at the cute video Victor took of the girls at the Church park.  Thanks Honey!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Thanks to G-Daddy & Su-Su!

The girls received a box of goodies from G-daddy and Su-Su this past weekend!

When they opened it they found essentials for any young girl: pink, flowery Tu-Tu's, sticker activity books, and horses to paint! What fun! 

Thank you so much G-daddy and Su-Su for making a boring weekday FUN for the girls! Sending lots of big hugs and kisses your way! 

Sweet Audrey!

Over the weekend, we strolled through Wickford. It was a hot day, so Audrey borrowed Sierra's hat to keep the sun at bay. She was looking mighty cute!

Our Gorgeous Sunset Sky!

This beautiful orange sunset that filled our night sky looked like a photo out of Africa...Beautiful and majestic! 

Minutes before the sunset we saw this huge rainbow!

Such a beautiful Monday night!

Happy Father's Day to Victor!

The girls LOVE their Daddy, so much that they spent a lot of quality time with Mommy making beautiful home made cards for him. Take a peek at the glitter covered, sticker posted, drawing filled Father's Day cards the girls made....

As a present, the girls helped me make special candy cane cookies by mixing the ingredients and crushing the peppermint. Of course, most of the candy didn't make it into the recipe, but ended up in their bellies! Daddy took the free time to ride his motorcycle through town and came back feeling refreshed!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Just in Case...

Audrey and her Daddy went for a walk today and thought it might rain, so Audrey brought the umbrella...just in case!  

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Playing at the Park

It's so much fun going to school and it's more fun playing at the park when school's out!  Below Sierra and her BFF, Margo, play in the sand...
and a few of the other girls play along with them...
Audrey has her own fun swinging Grey on the swing!

Our girls are so sweet and wonderful in so many different ways! As Daddy would say, "You both are the most special girls in the whole multiverse!"

As the fun was winding down, the kids found a snake at the playground... It must have been so scared around all those giants!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Sierra poses with her BFF, Margo May, after another play date after school.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sierra's School Pageant

Today was a big day in our household. Sierra graduated from her Pre-K 4 class (the last 3 months), and they celebrated with a singing pageant with some old familiar songs like, "This Land is Your Land," "This Little Light of Mine," and "Doe a Deer!" 

We all had a great time singing and acting out the words. Sierra made it through half the songs before stepping down to sit with us... stage fright must have got the best of her...but she still received her diploma and enjoyed cookies and cup cakes afterwards! 

Below are photos to mark our very special day! Enjoy!

We love you Sierra Grace Robert! And, we're looking forward to many more graduation parties with you!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

To the Zoo!

What do we do on a sunny Sunday afternoon? We go to the zoo! Enjoy the photos from our day with the animals!