Friday, May 31, 2013

Art, Art and More Art!

The girls love making crafts, drawing and painting. Take a peek at their latest creations...


The last two projects were from today's outing at biomes. The girls made sister rainbow fish and posed with their art making funny faces! Thanks girls! We love you!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to Beat the Heat this Summer...

It's getting hotter outside. Last night a storm rolled in, which brought lots of rain and thunder...and lots of humidity!  Sierra found a great way to cool off. Check out the fun video below to see how she did it!
Thanks for being so cute Sierra Grace Robert!  We love you and feel younger just watching you have so much fun!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Playing by the Sea!

While walking one afternoon, we strolled out to the beach at the end of the street. The girls couldn't resist kicking off their shoes and feeling the water and sand between their toes. While they played, they sang a pretty song to express their feelings! Enjoy the short, but extremely cute video below.

What a Treasure!

Last night after visiting our neighbor's house for a Memorial Day gathering, a rainbow appeared over our house. To us, it symbolizes the richness of our family love!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Perfect day for a walk...

The girls love this cute miniature bench along the way on our walk. We couldn't resist how cute the girls looked sitting on the bench together!

Happy Memorial Day!

We've had a great start to our Memorial 10am the Wickford Parade strolled down Main and Brown streets. It was fabulous, as always, and Sierra and Audrey caught handfuls of candy.  Below are photos of our morn fun.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lollipops for the girls!

Audrey fell and hit her head on a sidewalk step today. It was devastating and made a huge swollen mass on her forehead and between her eyes. She was so lucky it didn't hit her eye, or worse, broke her nose. 

As a consolation for her pain, daddy gave her a lollipop which brought out the smiles. She's such a brave little girl. I raced home to give her a big and kiss and by then she was doing much better...all bandaged up a sealed with a princess bandaid, of course!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Artistic Sierra

Sierra loves creating crafts. At school, she's been busy making lots of wonderful art for us to display around the house. some of her creations include a fun lady bug clock - to help her learn about time, a kangaroo - to show she's learning about marsupials, and a fabulous "May Day" card we've had on the refrigerator since the beginning of the month! Thank you Sierra for creating such beautiful art! 

Our Anniversary Fun!

With two energetic girls we decided to spend this anniversary with them. They are so creative and fun. After breakfast today, we started water color painting on the porch...and it turned into face painting! 

I painted a butterfly on Sierra's cheek, then Sierra painted s flower on my cheek. Audrey took charge and painted her entire face herself, then she turned to me and decided it was my turn! She created a beautiful colorful piece of art on my face! See the fun video below. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Cute Collage of Our Girls...

Over the last couple of weeks, the girls have had so many fun, happy, proud, excited, energized, hilarious and sweet times, we decided to capture a few moments in the collage below.

Can you guess where we were and what we were doing in all the photos?  Have fun & enjoy!

Alpacas Visit Wickford

The girls heard about the alpacas behind Miss Carrie's dress shop, so we raced over to see them.

They were super soft and sweet. The brown one was 1 year old and his baby brother was only 8 months. The woman who brought them was part of the springtime town festivities and wanted to spread news about her farm. 

The baby alpacas missed their mommy and often cried with a soft whine hoping to find her. Audrey understood how they felt and said, "poor babies!"
It was a fun experience for the girls to see this furry farm animal and to learn how useful their thick coats can be to people by spinning yarn out if it.

Miss Justine's Paddy-o Party

Our neighbor Justine invited us over for a patio party this evening. Of course, we were happy to join the party. And the girls discovered something new...she had a new hammock! The girls loved It so much. Upon climbing in, they swung up and down, twisted sideways and even fell out a couple of times. It was incredibly fun for them playing in it for most of the evening.  Both girls would  hide in the middle, sit in it sideways and swing, and lay there together getting tickled through the canvas by me and their daddy!

This evening before bed, Sierra asked me if Justine's hammock would still be here tomorrow. She was so excited when I told her, "yes!"

Just before the party, Victor caught this cute photo of Audrey sitting in the center of Justine's brand new fire pit. She thought it was a great hiding spot!
Below are more fun pictures of the girls having fun in the hammock!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Watching the ducks!

Audrey follows the ducks in Miss Justine's yard next door as Sierra looks on. 

The days are warming reached a high in the 70's. Just BEAUTIFUL!!

Is anyone home?

Audrey visits next door to see if anyone is home. In the summertime, auntie Donna and uncle Jimmy return from Nevada and stay through early November. Audrey overheard her daddy talking about them and went to check just in case they snuck back home early. 

Audrey says, "Come home soon!"

Audrey's Fountain

Next door in the church garden, Audrey's favorite thinking spot is the church fountain. There is a ball in the center that is supposed to spin with water, but it's been turned off for winter. It makes the perfect seat for our sweet little tiger lily!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

More Mother's Day Fun

Sierra made me these wonderful presents at school. A beautiful drawing of her and I, along with a painted flower pot and giant sunflower sprouts, hand made card and coupons for free kisses, hugs, quiet time, sharing and chores. 

On the back of her drawing were a series of questions and answers. She wrote I was 28 years old with pretty brown hair and she likes it when I slip and tell her jokes to make her laugh!

Our Mother's Day

Today we went to Biomes to see how all the fish and sea life were doing. Audrey was fascinated by the octopus below.
And both girls had fun picking up starfish, hermit crabs, fidler crabs & sea urchins.

The skate tank was fun too. The skates would skim the top of the water asking to be touched. Sierra couldn't refuse!
While Audrey was a bit more shy.
We saw a big alligator turtle with a huge snapper for a mouth.
The puffer fish were cute and very active swimming all around the tank.
Reggie the python was there in the corner as the girls looked on through the tree roots.
Darwin the tortoise was there too basking under his sun lamp.
The girls took turns on the rocking fish. Audrey didn't want to get off...ever! A few times I thought she was going to roll right over, but thankfully she didn't!
It was a fun afternoon. A couple days ago, the girls were there and made me a Mother's Day surprise...beautifully decorated boxes made with shells and seaside stickers!

Thanks honey for making the day great!