Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sierra's Art on Display!

Sierra is an artist. At school she and her class created beautiful drawings, paintings and collages, and her teacher, Mrs. Kenyon, distributed them to the local stores to put on display. Sierra's art made it into "The Book Garden" on Main Street. When we saw it we were so excited and so was Sierra. Today she asked me if she could be an artist. Of corse, I said, "YES!"

Happy Easter Sunday!

Our Easter started early this morning when the girls heard the Easter Bunny had stopped by our house last night. Running downstairs to find their baskets and gifts from the family it was a very energetic start. Mimi sent the girls matching Sunday dresses so we were excited to put them on and make our way next door to church wearing them.

After church the Easter bunny told Daddy he hid our Easter eggs next doors in
Miss Justine's yard since she had grass for better hiding spots than our mud pit.
Below are several photos of our day so far...enjoy!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Our Early Morning Coloring Easter Eggs!

This morning after breakfast we painted Easter eggs!  The girls had a great time and ended up with green and blue fingers from dipping the eggs with their hands. It was too irresistible not to touch the pretty colors! Sierra dipped her eggs in multiple colors hoping for a rainbow egg and she got a tie-dyed egg assortment! 
  They drew on a few eggs with the invisible pen and saw their art once the eggs were colored. So much fun, so few eggs. We should've bought a couple more dozen!
 Audrey loved the painting and ended up with the most brightly colored hands of all. The big question for mommy was how to get the ink off their hands!?! Daddy did a quick web search and found out Windex does the trick! After that, we took a nice long bath and started our day.
When Daddy pulled out the his phone to take photos, Audrey begged to play the Monkey game on his phone!  How could he refuse such an adorable face as Audrey's?  Happy Saturday everyone! We love and miss you all.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Hide and Seek!

Victor snapped this hilarious photo of Sierra climbing in a bush at Wilson Park!  Oh what fun it is to be 4 years old.
Audrey played as her usual cute self on the see-saw! It was such a pretty day, the girls and their Daddy spent 3 hours at the park on Friday afternoon! It was a beautiful day.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Easter Egg Hunt!

Below is a cute video showing Sierra's clever technique of running to a clearing to find her eggs!
Happy Easter to all!

Sierra's Easter Egg Hunt at School

Sierra's first week of school was filled with excitement including her first Easter egg hunt of the season! It started around 11am on Thursday and I snuck out of work to meet Victor and Audrey join Sierra for the fun! The children marched out of the building to find beautifully colored eggs scattered on the church lawn. The hunt began immediately...after all how can someone contain 20 children from the excitement of finding candy and toys!? 

It was fun and entertaining. Quite cleverly, Sierra ran to an open area to pick up as many eggs as she could find without other children around! She found so many eggs, we had to count out 12 and give the rest to other children who weren't as lucky or as fast as Sierra! What fun! Afterwards, Sierra shared her treasure with Audrey. I think both our girls were on a sugar hight for the rest of the afternoon! Happy Easter everyone!  

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sierra's 1st Day of School

We enrolled Sierra at St. Paul's school and today is her first day! She is so excited to meet new friends and learn new things. Part of today's lesson plan includes a birthday party and gym class. Below are a couple photos of us walking her to class and meeting the teacher. Good luck Sierra! We love you!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Biomes Aquatic Center...

Today we discovered a cool aquatic center just down the road from our house, Biomes. It's a huge facility with various tanks holding all sorts of sea life. The girls learned about horseshoe crabs, sea horses, sting rays, sharks, tortoises, pufferfish, lobsters, octopus, and various other fish in the sea. A lot of the exhibits were hands-on, so the girls could touch them too. We spend most of our morning there only breaking for lunch.

It was so much fun...the girls got wet, ran up and down the center exploring all the tanks, picked up star fish, tickled hermit crabs and mollusks, made funny faces to monkfish and made friends with a pair of sharks! There was do much to do and see. Sierra didn't want to leave, but Audrey's nap time was approaching fast so we decided to get lunch and head home.

The center peaked the girls attention for learning about ocean life...we can't wait to come back and see what else we discover! Happy Sunday everyone!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Audrey is our Hero!

One day we were playing and having fun with Dora in the bathtub and the next day she's gone!  We've had an all out search-and-rescue mission going on at our house for 3 days! Mommy, Daddy, Sierra and Audrey all looking in every corner of the house, but we can't seem to find her. It's a mystery and we're all perplexed! Then, Audrey opens up Sierra's toolbox and guess who's inside....Dora!  It's a day for celebration at the Robert household and Audrey is our hero! Thanks Audrey!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

In need of a push...

Today the girls were pretending to ride in their boat. Unfortunately, they got stuck on a rock and needed a push from their daddy. Of course, he was happy to help and pushed them down stream to the next big lake (in their room)! Thanks honey!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Kiss Before Bedtime...

We never miss the chance to share kisses, especially before having sweet dreams. Audrey and Sierra embrace before nap time in the photo below.