Thursday, January 31, 2013

More Disney Fun!

The girls had so much fun at Downtown Disney, it was hard to express in words. So below is a video showing us on the miniature train and...

...another video showing Sierra racing through the water fountains at the end of our day! Enjoy!

Downtown DIsney with the Girls!

With Victor working hard on fixing up our home for the new renters, the girls and I went to Downtown Disney to enjoy princess fun, slushies, music, water fountains, merry-go-rounds and more!

Our first stop today was the Disney train. Sierra met a cute little girl her age and rode up front in the engine car....
Audrey and I took the next car right behind her!

Of course, a day at Disney is never complete without visiting the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique and shopping in the princess store!
 Then, we rode the merry-go-round in a special princess carriage! This was Audrey's first ride and she preferred to sit next to me!
 Sierra didn't mind since she loved having her own seat.
 Posing on the horses was fun too!
 Audrey enjoyed that too, but not as much as her Princess lollipop!
 Sierra found lots of princess things she wanted. She insisted I take a photo of her Cinderella Christmas ornament so I wouldn't forget what it looked like or where to get it for her.
 It was a cool day, but that didn't deter the girls from enjoying the water spouts!
 Sierra tried to catch them with her feet before they spouted out water...she missed a few times (intentionally, I think!) Audrey ran straight across once or twice but preferred not to get wet today!
 There were lots of photo opportunities to enjoy...outside the Shirt Store!
Outside the Christmas Store...
With Winnie the Pooh and friends!
At the Rainforest Cafe! Audrey especially loved the animated animals inside that came to life all around her! And, the fish tanks were a huge highlight for both girls.
 ...the Sock Store!
And the fountains!
 By the end of the day, Sierra splurged and got totally soaked by the magical fountains.
 As she was laughing and running through the water spouts, I heard several parents tell their kids NOT to dare run out there and get wet!  Lucky for us, we had extra clothes!
It was another fabulous day in Florida!  
All week I've been asking myself...why did we move to Rhode Island!?! 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fun at Dr.Phillips Park

With all the sunshine around...we decided to go to the Dr. Phillips splash pad and park!  Back in Rhode Island the weather was 16 degrees when we left, so enjoying the 80 degree afternoon was our pleasure.  
 Sierra climbed everything she could see and Audrey tried to keep up with her!
 Sierra met a girl and boy her age and enjoyed the bouncing seesaw and slides with them.
 Audrey's favorite was the swing! Most days in Florida we decided to skip naptime, so Audrey was a real trooper to keep up with Sierra's energy without crying or falling asleep.
Below is a cute video of Audrey and Sierra enjoying the day...

 Bonking on the slide was super-fun for the girls..

We had a perfect day of fun at the park even though the splash pad side was out of service! 
Afterwards, we stopped on Main Street in Windermere near our home for "C is for Cookie" ice cream. It was Blue colored cookie dough ice cream and both girls couldn't resist it's tempting color over all the other flavors!  I wish I had taken a photo of their faces when they were done! Their lips, noses, tongues and teeth were blue as blue can be! Ha! What fun!

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Grand Cypress Slide!

On Monday, instead of heading straight to our house in Windermere after our weekend at the beach, we ventured to our favorite hotel, the Grand Cypress! They had a huge water slide set up on property which Sierra enjoyed all to herself. Audrey was perfectly content watching her slip and slide in my arms on the side lines!
Last year Sierra slid down the big slide so fast it frightened her, but this year, she was much more adventurous and brave. There was no hesitation to take it on and ride it down!
Pure happiness!

 Sierra slid up and down the big slide about 50 times, laughing and racing back up the ladder time after time!  I loved catching her landings on film and taking quick video snippets of her fun. Below is one of her first rides down the steep slope!

After sliding, we relaxed on the beach in a cozy hammock!
 We spent a lot of time at the pool too, but with Mommy watching two toddlers in the water it was hard to take photographs too. Below is a photo of Sierra after a full day of swimming with water wings in the pool.  Audrey had a princess float with canopy and loved floating all around the pool as Sierra and I swam by her side.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Meeting Cousins...

The great thing about traveling to Florida this trip was the chance to see Susan's daughter, Elly, and her kids, Anna Lisa and Kai.  They are 4 year old twins and loved meeting our girls as well. 
Below is a cute photo that shows how much they became attached to one another after meeting. Sierra cried when she discovered they were leaving on Sunday and said she was so sad that she was "losing" her new friend and showed such heartache and sadness in her eyes. Attempting to calm here, we explained that we were all family and would reunite again soon!  

Audrey was very happy to be part of the big girl fun too!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!

Our trip to Florida was great! We arrived Friday afternoon to the beach house in New Smyrna Beach and immediately ran to the beach to play in the surf! At 6 o'clock at night the weather was still warm and the water was cool...perfect for chasing the waves!
Saturday morning the girls were all about the surf and sand, so we ventured out again after breakfast. It was wonderful fun building sand castles and playing in the water.
 Both girls built many castles and crashed them all down!
 Audrey loved the water and giggled as she would run away from the water or chase after it!

We enjoyed conversation on the beach with everyone!
Sierra poses with Daddy as he explains why the tides come and go.
That evening, the view was beautiful with a full moon over the peaceful ocean...
 Sunday, the girls found the perfect spot for burrying themselves in the sand. It was so cute to see.

Thank you Susan and Dad for inviting us to your beach birthday celebration. It was wonderful to see you and share time with you and the girls. We love you! Happy Birthday!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

More Birthday Fun!

Audrey continued to have fun on her birthday even after nap time...
Below are photos we took throughout the day. Enjoy!
 Audrey got lots of new story books, a talking dinosaur...
 ...more books
 ...and a baby that crawls, laughs, stumbles and cries!
 It was a huge hit with both our girls. 
 Audrey has been taking good care of her all day!
 Audrey loves building blocks and got an extra large set from Brendan, our neighbor!
 She would build them up as tall as she could and tumble them down with a swift push! We built several skyscrapers today and crashed them all!
  Happy Birthday dear Audrey! Don't grow up too fast...we love to revel in every second of your life!