Monday, December 30, 2013

Nap-time Together...

When they beg and promise to be good, it's hard to say no.

Having Fun when it's 32 Degrees!

Feeling pent up, we decided to expend some energy at Wilson Park. We ran, swung, slid, got dizzy and rolled in the sand. It was lots of fun!
Audrey on her favorite swing seat...
The girls getting dizzy on the spinning tire...

Playing on the monkey bars and climbing the tower...

Sierra loves to goof around...

...and sometimes act camera shy.
Then the girls both gang up on me and topple me over in the sand!
Finally, Audrey and I take a rest on the swing before we head home for lunch and a nap!
Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Sierra's 2nd Ski Lesson

Today Sierra had her 2nd ski lesson at Yawgoo Valley. Her instructor, Ally, was an excellent teacher. She took Sierra up on the chair lift immediately. Sierra made three trips down the mountain and did really great learning to ski solo.
Sierra's favorite part was getting on and riding the chair lift and we loved watching her ski down the slope.
We are so very proud of our little girl.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day in Rhode Island...

Enjoying time with one of their favorite people in the world...Daddy!
Showing off their new dresses...
Loving the new Cinderella dresses and dolls from Santa!
The girls loved getting new holiday miss spider books and other new stories to read! 

Then in the afternoon it was time for miss Justine and Tina's party so we strolled next door for more family fun and exercise!

More presents to give and share with raja and her family.
It was a grand time once again. And special thanks to Marissa who became Audrey's new best friend for the party while mommy got to enjoy some fun too! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Thanks SuSu and G-Daddy!

Audrey loved her horses and barn so much she decided to join them in the corral for fun and play! 
Sierra thought her mermaid play set with sparkle mountain was the much that she carried one of the baby mermaids around with her to our afternoon Christmas party!
Guess how much Audrey loves her new horses? Tons and tons! Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness this Christmas! We love seeing our girls giddy with excitement...especially on such a special day!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Thanks Mimi!

Audrey especially loved her furry "halo" veil.
The crowns, necklaces and clip on earrings were a BIG hit with both girls!
The girls loved their new fashionable warm up outfits!

Bubble wrap is the BEST!
Sierra's Ariel  doll was a wonderful surprise, and Audrey was very happy with her Rapunzel princess doll.
The matching nightgowns were also super fun for Sierra to dress up her favorite doll. Having matching outdits was a great idea. Merry Christmas Mimi! 

Thanks GiGi!

Our new tradition to spread the love this holiday was a wonderful idea. We decided to let the girls open one set of presents from the grand-parents or friends early so they could savor the fun of each gift. 

Today was Gigi's day and it was so fun. Sierra and Audrey loved their outfits. Sierra wore her ballerina outfit and matching doll outfit all day long with a huge grin on her face! 

We also loved the book about the General in such beautiful water colors. The story was artistic and sweet teaching ideas of beauty and simplicity that we hope our girls take to heart. Thanks mom!

Thank You Auntie Donna & Uncle Jimmy!

The girls loved their new outfits. Sierra never knew being warm and fashionable could happen in the same outfit, and Audrey absolutely loved her Hello Kitty jackets. Plus, the super soft kitty purses have turned into the girls #2 favorite animals! Audrey sleeps with hers and Sierra just keeps hers by her side all the time! Thanks for the extra thoughtful gifts. They were all just perfect!
We opened your gifts early so the girls would appreciate and enjoy them more than if they were one of the many on Christmas day! 

Our new tradition turned out to be a lot of fun for us too! Thank you so very much!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sierra's 1st ski lesson...

After ballet class this morning, Sierra had her first ski lesson of the season. It's been snowing regularly, and the local resort, Yawgoo, is perfect for little kids! 

Below are a few photos of her on the kiddy slope, then making the big move to the chair lift to take her to the top of the mountain (hill).
She did a super job and was so brave going up the main chairlift without her daddy! We are so proud!

In a couple weeks Sierra starts her group ski lessons. We signed her up for 5 classes starting in January. At this rate, she'll be a pro in no time! Oh what fun!