Sunday, December 30, 2012

It Snowed in Wickford!

After a fun mini vacation, Victor and I drove back with the snow. Home was covered in about 6" of snow and by morning another 4" had fallen. After church, our Sunday morning was spent sledding in the snow and having snowball fights! It was wonderful fun!

Below are a few photos showing Wickford covered in snow. Below is the Beach Rose Cafe...

The photo below shows our backyard...
...and the view from our yard to the water.
We took a quick photo of Gigi and Sierra on our way to church this morning.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Snowboarding Getaway!

Victor and I loved having my mom sit with the girls while we traveled 1-1/2 hours north to snowboard! We found a cute village inn and snowboarded all day and night! Below are a few photos of our trip.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Having Fun at the Providence Science Center

So what do you do after Christmas? We go to the Providence Children's Science Center! We had a fun afternoon with Gigi and learned about nature, physics, biology, construction, history and more. Below are several photos of our afternoon...
The girls loved the nature area where they raced around, slid down treehouse slides,  rocked in a rowboat, crawled through a cave, climbed ropes and tossed a few balls through tubes!

Audrey took a brief siesta on the floor with her new bunny rabbit friend.
The tubes were cool...Audrey loved seeing the balls pop out at the other end and chase after them.
Audrey drove a tracktor...

Both girls loved the big blocks...
and the wooden blocks...

And reading about Cinderella from 3 different countries including Cambodia and Ireland.
Sierra loved the cave!
And we all loved the big, comfortable chair!

Audrey played on a pirate ship...
And went back in time to a store in the 1950's...they added numbers on the register and weighed different produce!

The airtubes were super fun as the girls released fabric swatches and watched them wrap around the tubing and come out on top of their heads!

Out of all the fun, Sierra's favorite part of the science center was the aquatic area playing with fountains and pumps watching the water flow in dirferent ways.
Audrey also LOVED the aquarium and spotted a striped fish and pink fish she wanted to take home!

It was a fun day learning about science and being with Gigi!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Our Christmas Day started out at 6:00 a.m. when Audrey woke up and wanted me to hold her. Sierra woke up around 7:30 a.m. and forgot what day it was! When I asked her if she remembered who came to our house last night, she got bright eyed and super-excited! "Come on!" she exclaimed! "We've got to go downstairs! Santa was here and I heard the reindeer on the roof last night!" It was if it all came back to her in that single, glorious moment!

From that minute on the excitement never dwindled. We opened gifts, enjoyed Victor treating us to mimosas and eggs benedict for breakfast, opening our stockings and playing with all the new toys! After nap time, we stepped next door to visit with Justine's family, whom we all met last year! Their house was filled with children of all ages, lots of great conversation and good food!

The girls sustained themselves on cupcakes alone, along with the occasional candy cane! Since Audrey didn't get the kitten she wanted from Santa, she was more than happy to play with the cats next door, of which there were six to choose from! Audrey also enjoyed the company of a wonderful young girl named Melissa, who offered attention and fun for Audrey away from my hip! It was a so much fun to see her playing and laughing with other kids and only returning to me for the infrequent kiss or knee grab!

Below are photos from our Christmas morning! We hope everyone enjoyed quality time with their family and loved ones! Merry Christmas to all!

Thank you all for sending the girls gifts and cards. They loved each and every one! We love and miss you all! Merry Christmas!