Friday, November 30, 2012

Santa Arrives by Boat with his Elves on Kayak!

Our little Village is big on Christmas!  Starting with the Festival of Lights and tree lighting ceremony yesterday, the town comes alive with holiday activities. Tonight Santa arrives by boat in the Wickford Harbor and his elves follow by kayak!  It's a highly anticipated event and people come from all over town to see the landing just steps from our house. Tonight, in addition to meeting Santa again, the town offered hay rides with Santa pulled by two Clydesdale horses! Below are a few photos of our fun this evening... Enjoy!

 Sierra wanted to see the horses up close and was cold tonight!
 We met Santa on a park bench for a photo opportunity (above) and Sierra tells him what she really wants for Christmas is a kitten!
 Below is the photo of our town tree which sits right off Main on Brown Street.
Merry Christmas everyone! Tomorrow we're having a pancake breakfast with Santa at the Baptist Church across the street from our house where the girls will get to eat, decorate Christmas cookies and meet Santa once again to remind him about the kitten!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wickford Festival of Lights & Santa Visits!

This evening was the Festival of Lights in Wickford when the town lights their Christmas tree, a boys and girls choir sings Christmas songs and Santa Clause visits to hear all the children's Christmas wishes!  

Sierra was very excited and since it was very cold out, we all hoped Santa would arrive soon.  After the lights were lit we heard fire engine sirens, and to our amazement Santa was on the truck! With such a grand entry and lots of applause, Sierra was even more excited than ever to tell Santa exactly what she wanted for Christmas..."Princess Tiana and Aurora and Cinderella dresses...and a new Belle dress and Snow White too." Oh, and I almost forgot, Sierra added, "I want a kitty cat!" After her wishes, Sierra and Santa had a photo opportunity and during take 1, she goofs off...
 Take 2 is perfect!  Merry Christmas everyone!
And, if you're wondering where Audrey is, she was terrified of Santa and refused to sit on his knee. We knew it would be hit or miss with her, but it was worth a shot. However, with Mommy by her side, Audrey did manage to get close enough to Santa to share her favorite Christmas wish..."Meow!" 
Uh oh!  Looks like we have 2 votes for a kitten this Christmas!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thank you Auntie Donna & Uncle Jimmy!

It's been about a month and the girls miss you both so much! The afternoon visits to the thoughtful gifts, the girls can't wait for you to "come back home!" Sierra and Audrey wait with anticipation while Daddy tells them he has a surprise for them...
 The girls open the bag of goodies and find their favorite things including, strawberry lipgloss...

 rubber duckies...
 and fun Christmas crafts!  Thank you so much for making the girls smile!  Come home soon!

Monday, November 26, 2012

We Are Thankful...

There are so many things to be thankful for in this life of ours...our beautiful girls, the love we share, our family and our friends. This Thanksgiving is even more special because we have Mimi celebrating with us. Below we are enjoying our feast Victor created especially for us. Thank you Honey and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Spirit at Our House!

Stuffed in the attic were our colored lights, the wreath and the blow-up Santa and Penguin decorations...and today we decided to pull them out and trim the house! It was a wonderful event. Victor did most of the work and then helped our neighbors set up their Christmas displays! 

Considering the town of Wickford has the "unspoken rule" of only displaying white lights and single candles in each window, we decided to disregard the "rule" and please our darling girls with color, humor and happiness! Once finished, Audrey told Daddy he did a "good job" and gave him the biggest hug and kiss to seal the compliment.  After all this is the first year Audrey is aware of what's happening and she's very excited about it!  Good choice Honey! 

Below are photos revealing Victor's hard work and his girls enjoying the beautiful display the front of our house!

The Christmas season is here! Enjoy!

Painting is Fun!

As the weather gets cooler outside, our sunroom heats up whenever the sun is out. With the sun shining, our sunroom got really warm, so we stayed indoors and had a painting party. 

As Mimi watches, the girls create a beautiful flower painting and then start to paint each other! Sierra shows off her belly painting and nose art in the photos that follow...

Our Dining Room Racetrack!

When it's cold outside, what do the girls do to have fun? They ride the trike inside of course! Below is a video showing our dining room transformed into a racetrack as Sierra pushes Audrey around and around!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Pre-Birthday Sierra & Audrey!

As a tribute to Mimi, we decided to celebrate Sierra's and Audrey's birthday early! Since Sierra would be 4 years old on 12/6 and Audrey would be 2 years on 1/18, why not celebrate both happy days early? I'm sure the girls wouldn't mind, nor Mimi!  Since she lives so far away, traveling from Shreveport, Louisiana all the way to Wickford, Rhode Island, we thought she deserved not only a Thanksgiving celebration, but a two-in-one birthday celebration as well!

Mimi baked the perfect Lemon cake and topped it with super yummy white icing and Victor completed the setting with 4 birthday candles and 2 sparklers for the girls to grow on! We sang the happy birthday song, then disaster struck!  Sierra was so mesmerized by the sparklers, she grabbed one with her finger as it fizzled out and it burnt her thumb and index finger. She was brave for about 15 minutes and then just couldn't take the pain any longer. She burst out into tears! It was tragic and hapless.

The perfect evening ruined by inexperience and sorrow! When you're 4 years old, how would you know NOT to touch the beautiful bright sticks of glowing happiness once they've burnt out?! Poor Sierra kept her cool for so long then just couldn't hold it inside any longer. The tears flowed for about an hour. We all tried to comfort her and Audrey was especially worried saying Sierra was "sad" and offering kisses whenever Sierra would accept them (which was every time!)

Below is our one fleeting moment of happiness before the tragedy unfolded...

We love you Sierra and hope you heal fast! As a parting memory... Victor offered wonderful insight when he shared an after bedtime story of Sierra saying it was amazing that her finger felt like it was
"completely healed" after using the magical pixie dust-filled lidocaine spray Victor rushed to the store to buy to soothe his angel's aching pain! Thank you Daddy! Once again, you healed the incurable pain and became Sierra's hero for the millionth time!

Visiting the Zoo with Mimi!

What fun can we have on a Saturday when the weather's a bit chilly, but not cold? The Roger Williams Zoo! And, what fun we had...upon arriving at the zoo, there were fun photo opportunities set up for the girls to show off their smiles...

 The elephants were out enjoying the sun and hay, but the giraffes were inside where the heaters were pumping full speed. While Audrey loved seeing the giraffes, Sierra was most impressed by the giraffe video showing a Mama giraffe giving birth to a baby. She was amazed how the baby tried to stand up and walk after being born!
 Victor took an amazing family photo in front of the buffalo grounds...
 Sierra and Audrey enjoyed a snowman race car photo opp...
 While Mimi enjoyed a hot cup of coffee to warm up to the New England weather!
 Outside the elephant exhibit, the girls laughted and played!
 Sierra especially enjoyed the seeing the big fluffy rabbits at the petting zoo...
 Audrey raced Sierra to the dog statue and hugged him so hard...I think she thought he was real! (We really should get a dog or a cat for our girls!)
 Sierra saw leaves and ran to them in a flurry...kicking the piles of leaves is so much fun! It's like splashing in a puddle without getting wet!
 Our favorite part of the zoo is the treehouse and water park. Instead of having the water park, holiday decorations were strewn throughout the play area. Below Sierra hugs a snowman as if he were her best friend...

 Audrey found a polar bear that she wanted to be her best friend. For about 20 minutes they were inseparable...that is until Mimi pulled out her secret stash of M&M's and won Audrey's heart forever!
 Sierra discovered a butterfly puppet she wanted to take home...
 ...and Audrey still holding on to her new polar bear friend...
 Finally, Mimi with Audrey bonding as we left the park! We hope your Saturday was as grand as ours!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Thanksgiving was much better this year than last since Mimi came to visit! We had a great time playing at the park and enjoying the beautiful 60 degree sunshine filled day while Victor slaved in the kitchen cooking up a wonderful Thanksgiving feast!  Below are a few photos showing the girls at St. Paul's park with Mimi! Enjoy!
There's no place like Grandma's arms! Sierra loves Mimi a lot!
Below the girls hang on the monkey bars. Audrey loves hanging and loves to spin around the bars showing off her flips!

Here Audrey goes again...flip number 3 and she's all smiles!
Audrey is our little adventure girl. She loves the big kid slide and zooms down with our without Mommy! This afternoon, Mommy helped her up and zoom, down she went and bonked right on her butt at the bottom of the slide. She got up and laughed so big ready to do it again!
After a while, we put Sierra in charge of the camera and she took the best self portrait...ever!

Then, Audrey slid down the slide and hit her hoo! time for mommy hugs!
A fun photo with Mimi!

And, another fun family portrait! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Audrey Likes Her Trike!

After church today, it was such a cool afternoon, we pulled out the trike to see if Audrey had grown enough to push the pedals...No, not yet, but we still had fun pushing her up and down the street. And, Audrey loves being pushed around on it!  Below are a couple of cute videos showing Audrey having fun on her trike!  And, one little mishap on the sidewalk. Oops!
The next video shows me pushing her up and down the street. We took about 10 laps, at least! She was loving it and every time I took a break, she cry out...."Please mommy, please mommy, please!"
How could I resist such cuteness!

Our Ladybugs...

The girls LOVE ladybugs. A while back we shipped Sierra a kit with ladybug larvae in it and she had the chance to watch them grow, turn to pupae and rebirth as ladybugs. Sierra loved them before the kit, but this time Audrey became very interested in them as well. So, we decide to paint a batch of stones we collected from the beach into tiny ladybugs in hues of red, purple and yellow. Last month we took it a step further and collected larger rocks from our yard and painted them orange, red, blue and green with cute smiling faces. 

The girls love their "bugs" and used to fight over them, but now we've got such an abundance in the house at all times and in most rooms, there is never really a reason to argue over this bug or that one. Of course, each girl has favorites and we all know whose are whose...take a peek at our newest ladybug additions!  

One again, we realize...the best things in life are free!  Happy Sunday everyone!