Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

This year we were worried there wouldn't be a Halloween in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Many of our neighbors were still without power. But, fortunately for the girls Halloween was on! 

Our mission: Get Audrey in her Butterfly costume! And, after negotiating with her she finally agreed to wear it! I admit we told her a small white lie, that went something like this... "If you want candy, you have to put your butterfly costume on." Sierra was dressed and ready to go, Audrey sat contemplating her answer wearing her kitty cat shirt and purple pants. And guess what!? It worked! Yippee for Audrey!
Not only did Audrey agree to wear her butterfly costume, she wore it with pride and enthusiasm. Marching down the street with her butterfy wand and basket she was determined to get her fill of treats...and eat a few skittles along the way!
Our first stop was Carrie and Justine's house where a handful of goodies were generously tossed in their baskets! And, our sweet neighbors took several great photos of our entourage! Sierra the snow princess, Audrey the butterfly and Brendan, the scary skeleton faced monster that Audrey was not so sure she trusted!
Auntie Donna's house was the best decorated as she sat at the entry wearing a pumpkin outfit with her sweet dog, Tilly, also dressed as a pumpkin!
Audrey was having so much fun! When we asked her if she was happy she wore her butterfly costume she said, "YES!"
And when we asked her if she liked skittles, she said, "YES!"
The girls walked to each house excited about what candy was in store...Audrey was always polite, and shouted, THANK YOU! multiple times after receiving candy at each door. Sierra as always was as sweet as a princess with much gratitude in a softer voice.
The following images show the girls visiting all the houses down Main Street with lighted doorsteps! It was wonderful fun for them both!

Always enjoying sweet bites or lollipops along the way, we stayed out until bedtime before reaching our house again. Sugar and bedtime do not mix, but luckily after bath time, a warm cup of milk, and a few songs, both girls were in bed by 8:30pm. Happy Halloween everyone!

Splashing in the Water Front...

Many of our harbor-side neighbors experienced the Hurricane surges as close as their back yards. A once 100 ft. backyard with a seawall became extreme waterfront property, at least from 1pm to 10pm on Monday night. During the day, we gathered at our neighbor's house to check to see if they were okay...Sierra and Audrey came prepared in their goulashes! Sierra insisted on wearing her snow white dress after making crafts all morning.  Below is a cute video showing the fun our girls had in the wake of Hurricane Sandy! 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Effects of Hurricane Sandy in Wickford!

Even though we were far from the hurricane center, we felt the tremendous effects of Hurricane Sandy. Below is a photo of a local beach at the end of our street before high tide around 3pm. Usually, there is a jetty that runs from the seawall, down the beach and into the water. It's completely underwater at low tide.
 Around the same time, the image below shows our local Rite Aid parking lot which sits about 8-10 feet up from the docks and boats in the port. We can see this lot from our house over the bay.  Before high tide, the water rose over the wall and two feet deep in the parking lot. By 7pm it rose another 4 feet. One car didn't make it out before the water rose and flooded up to it's roof.
To show the seriousness of the flooding, below is a video of the bridge at Brown Street by the Beach Rose Cafe, a restaurant we frequent.  Typically, during high tide, the water flows about 6 feet under the bridge.

Our summary of the storm: hurricane surges + high tide + full moon = massive flooding! Our power went out last night due to a neighbor's electrical fire. His sump pump caught fire and shut down our entire neighborhood as a precaution. It's 10am this morning and all is well. Our offices are open and the flooding has subsided. Thanks for all your concern. Our hearts go out to those who faired much worse than we did further south in New Jersey and New York.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Horribles Parade!

We love the Horribles Parade! Each year, our little village puts on a wonderful parade for the kids to dress up in their costumes, parade down Main and Brown Streets, to trick-or-treat with all the local businesses! It's terrific fun and very entertaining. 
 This year was the first year Audrey could participate on her own and trick-or-treat herself. It took all of one stop at a local store asking for treats and she caught on like a pro! You don't have to tell Audrey twice how to get candy from the locals!
Sierra loved the parade and was so excited after Sunday school to race home and change into her snow princess costume! Several children dressed up for church and sunday school which made the anticipation even greater!
One little boy dressed in a warrior costume took fancy to Sierra during the Children's sermon and Sierra was not so sure he was a good warrior. He had a hat made of tusks and a fierce black and silver shield. He looked quite intimidating, but became quick friends after the sermon.
The parade started at noon, which gave us plenty of time to get dressed and walk next door. Audrey refused to wear her butterfly costume, but we managed to get her to wear purple pants and a matching black kitty t-shirt to look like a black cat!  Our only hope now is that she saw so many cute costumes and butterflies during the parade that she caught on to the fun dress -up part of Hallow's Eve!
We marched down the streets and ended in the parking lot by the pier to sing and dance and laugh like crazy to songs like, "Monster Mash," and rhythmic songs about skeletons, ghosts, gobblins and more!

 Audrey loved the trick-or-treating after the parade!
 Both girls were very polite and sweetly thanked each patron for the candy...that is, as they were gobbling it down seconds after receiving it!
It was wonderful fun!
Daddy poses with his favorite 3-year old princess!
Below you can see Audrey already has favorite candies that she hand picks for herself. Chocolate and Sweeties are the best!

Happy Halloween everyone!  And, in case you didn't know what Halloween was all about, Sierra will tell you in a heartbeat. It's where all the horribles parade around town, making room for the angels and joy to follow!
In closing, I just wanted to mention how great the little Village of Wickford is. For the sermon, our pastor, Virginia, dressed up as Snow White to teach the little ones about Hallow's Eve. Sierra was very impressed!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Fun at St. Paul's Park!

While Daddy was getting a haircut, the girls and I had a craft party and then headed to the park. I love spending time with my girls! Below they swing in the big girl swings and had a ball...

 begging to swing...
 and more laughing!
 Then Sierra wants to slide with her little sister, so they run to the side and have tons of fun!

Friday, October 26, 2012

We Love Aim High!

Today, for 2 hours, starting at 9:30am, the girls enjoyed another Open Gym day at Aim High. Below are cute photos showing the girls having fun, meeting new friends, exercising, and learning new tricks.  Below Audrey takes a break from the trampoline...
Sierra meets a new friend named Elizabeth...
Sierra stretches before running and diving into the foam pit...
Sierra observes the older girls on the trampoline to see if she can learn any tips...
Below is a fun video showing the girls on the slide, helping and sharing...
Below Sierra bounces on the trampoline and Audrey decides to jump in on the fun...
Audrey learns to balance on the crayon beam and has great success...
Audrey has her turn on the slide below...
And finally, a cute video showing Audrey playing with the hula-hoops!
Happy Friday everyone!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Wickford Scarecrows Are Back!

October marks the annual Wickford Scarecrow Contest in our little village. This year, Sierra buzzed around town in a cute little "honey bee" costume! She looked so cute, "buzzing" as she fluttered from store to store looking at all the fabulous scarecrows. Occasionally, she would poke one of us pretending it was a little bee sting!
Our neighbor, Auntie Donna, helped her friend Melissa by decorating a "bee" themed scarecrow, which Sierra was very proud to stand beside, considering Auntie Donna gave her the bee costume not too long ago.
Sierra loved the Mermaid...
 ...and the Star studded scarecrow...
 along with the swashbuckling pirate scarecrow...
 One of the more popular scarecrows were the Obama and Romney pair!
 The gypsy was funny, but Sierra loved her black cat the most!
 The Wizard of Oz theme was big this year. Below is the Tin Man,

...along with the winged monkey (below), and others not pictured like the traditional scarecrow, and Dorothy and Toto!
A local hair salon put out a cute hair dressed scarecrow...
 And one of the 1st place prizes went to Frankenstein and his bride!
Happy Halloween everyone! Now if we could only get Audrey to wear her Butterfly costume, this Halloween's festivities would be complete! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Our Sweet Girls...

One of the most wonderful thing about raising girls is the amount of love they can have for one another. As Sierra grows and matures, she's learning to help her sister in everyday tasks. She's finding out that helping is much more fun than hurting, which is a good thing for everyone! 
 Sierra teaches Audrey about going to the bathroom in the potty, she helps her take her clothes off for bath time and she helps her learn words and play games. They are so cute and loving. Below are a couple pictures we took randomly showing the love and cuteness we see everyday!