Sunday, September 30, 2012

Painting Pumpkins for Habitat for Humanity!

This Sunday morning after the children's sermon, the kids were dismissed from the service to learn about Habitat for Humanity and for the annual pumpkin painting extravaganza!  Sierra was very excited because yesterday she discovered a multitude of pumpkins in our garage! A local store had donated 100 pumpkins for the purpose of having the children of St. Paul's church paint and donate them to a church function as center pieces for a holiday celebration! 
 Above Sierra painted her miniature pumpkin and added 2 beady eyes as her final touch! Below Sierra is pictured with the rest of her preschool class, along with Ms. Bonnie, the teacher.
 Below the children are shown after painting their pumpkins and enjoying a cupcake and juice box.
 All the children of the congregation joined in the holiday painting. It's a 9 year tradition at St. Paul's Episcopal church and the kids love getting involved to help for the cause.
Below a table full of painted pumpkins are displayed. The 5th graders had the choice opportunity to paint the large pumpkins while all the other kids painted the small sweet pumpkins. It was a colorful display of love for all!
This event marks the beginning of Fall for us as the weather drops to the mid-50's. Enjoy the season of festivities!

Pink Peanuts!

I did not know they made pink peanuts! When Sierra and Audrey saw daddy's box filled with the wonderful filling, they jumped right inside!
  Once again, peanuts were all over the house, but boy did our girls have fun romping around in the box and playing hid and seek!
What a wonderful creation!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

We've got Ladybugs!

After a week of the larva eating and drinking as much as possible, Sierra's bugs started to hang on the dome of ladybug land to start their transformation. After a week of watering the terrarium, the ladybugs have awakened!  
 Sierra found the first one and was so happy! It's pink back with black spots was easy for her to see and she shouted with joy once she saw it move. 
 Audrey was even excited to see the ladybugs crawling around...
Now, we've got about 10 ladybugs scavenging around looking for aphids and raisins.  Take a peek to see our wonderful discovery this morning...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Visiting the Red River Hog at the Zoo!

This past weekend was filled with activity for us and the girls. We were home together and we just found out the zoo welcomed the newest addition to their family... the Red River Hog! After discussing the hogs, where they came from, what they look like and how Victor grew up in Louisiana, which is also a home to a similar type of Red River Hog, Sierra felt like she knew them. So, we ventured off to the zoo to meet them in person!  Along the way, we had a few laughs with Audrey in the zoo store...
 We climbed a tree or two...
 The girls played in the Treehouse and spash pad area...
 ...they got totally soaked in the fountains...
 Played with the statues...
 And, painted many letters and pictures on the outdoor easel stands!
Out of all the fun things to do and see at the zoo, Sierra loved meeting the penguins and seals.
But, her favorite thing was meeting the Red River Hogs. There was a 9 year old boy hog who kept looking for grubs and food in the dirt, and a 1 year old female who was a bit more shy! 

We love and miss you all! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Only Way to Swing...

Recently, we took the girls to the church park. As always, they ran to the swings! Since there were no baby swing sets, Audrey wanted me to swing with her. With Audrey on my lap, we swung faster and faster. As we got higher and higher, Audrey started to laugh and giggle. She and I were horizontal to the ground and occasionally dipped upside down, which brought more laughs. It was hilarious and fun.  In fact, it was so much fun, Sierra couldn't take watching on the sidelines and insisted on having a ride of her own with mommy!  In the photo above, after several rounds of swinging, Audrey looked so relaxed, I wondered if she was still awake!

Monday, September 17, 2012

LadyBug Land!

Did you know that ladybugs start out as larvae, enter a pupae stage, and are reborn as lady bugs? 

Since Sierra loves ladybugs, we thought we'd teach her about the cute little bugs with a kit called, "Ladybug Land." Upon receiving the kit in the mail, we discovered that lady bugs don't look a thing like ladybugs at first. They are black spotted bugs with a long bodies. They feverishly eat and crawl around until they change into pupae and morph into ladybugs after about a week! 

It's amazing the things that a child's curiosity will teach the parents!  We were thrilled she took such an interest in the bugs and thankful that we learned so much!  In a few weeks, we'll report back to let you know how our cute pink spotted ladybugs are doing!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Thank You Su-Su & Grand Dad!

After a crazy month of traveling for Victor's surgery & my work, we finally settled in this past weekend to open our mail. A wonderful package was delivered from Susan and Dad. After waking up from their  afternoon naps, Sierra and Audrey came running into our bedroom for a surprise!
 Sierra opened the first box and was surprised to find a cute little doll with clothes and accessories, along with butterfly and fairy stickers!  Sierra loves stickers and hugged them...
 Audrey received the cutest rain jacket and loved the hoodie...
Sierra loved her supersoft sweater with colorful stripes! Best of all, it had a logo of a bunny rabbit on the collar - perfect for our little bunny-bunny!  Thank you so much. The adorable hand made bows will look adorable on the girls during our next family outing!  And, finally, Mommy loved the denim jacket with faux fur very trendy and cute!  Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Yummy Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Audrey enjoyed her first ice cream sandwich the other day. Our neighbor, Auntie Donna, cooked a fabulous dinner then hand delivered 2 mini ice cream sandwiches for dessert. Audrey was confused at first and held it in her warm little hand. Occasionally, she would take a lick here and there. By the time Sierra had devoured hers, and started looking at Audrey's sandwich with wanting eyes, Audrey realized there must be something more to her delightful sandwich than she originally thought. When she finally bit into it, she LOVED it and gave us a smile that made her whole face happy!  
 Sierra, below, tries to sweet talk Audrey out of a bite of her ice cream sandwich. Audrey doesn't buy it for a minute! She's a smart little girl!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Water Fun...

Today the girls discovered the water hose and all the amazing fun they could have with it! Audrey liked holding the hose and spraying her sister. And, Sierra liked getting sprayed by Audrey!  Below are a couple cute photos of the girls in our neighbors yard... 

...and a cute video below showing Audrey spray her sister, and herself by accident. Always wearing a smile on her face, Audrey loves being in charge.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

More Pool Fun with Water Wings & Floats!

In order to watch the girls safely at the pool, I found a wonderful Princess float, which both girls adored, and water wings for Sierra! This was Sierra's first experience with swimming on her own and she LOVED it!  She was so excited to swim without my help, she screamed with exhilaration and happiness! It was truly a joy to see the excitement and sense accomplishment in her eyes!
 Every so often, Sierra would tire of her wings and try to get into the Princess float with Audrey, which was not a good idea!
 Slowly she learned it was more fun to have freedom in the water and float on her back, or just suspend herself and rest. Having Mommy at a distance was a glorious independence for her.
Below is a video showing a glimpse of our fun in the pool at the hotel... 

By the way, I'm not sure if you noticed but Audrey kept her composure and thoroughly enjoyed the coolness of floating in her raft!  For a first experience, she did GREAT!

More Fun at the Hotel...

There was so much to do at the Grand Cypress Hotel, we couldn't partake in all the fun in just one day. So, so we stayed longer for Victor to heal, and for the girls to have more Florida style fun...
 Sierra plays with her new Princess sand toys on the sugar sandy beach!

Below is the cutest video showing Sierra make a "sand-angel" on the sugar sand beach at the hotel...
The girls play politely, sharing the Princess play set...
Sierra builds a sandcastle and becomes an expert at drizzling a castle fit for Rapunzel!
 Sierra added a moat around her tower castle along with a special window and drawbridge for Rapunzel to leave if she wanted to...

Below is a fun video showing Sierra build the Rapunzel tower...

 We took advantage of various photo opportunities from the cave where Daddy was relaxing...
 And with the statues at the hotel...Below Sierra recognizes a "Red River Hog" which she learned about from the Providence Zoo. As Sierra quotes, "Red River hogs will tear you up!" But this one seemed very nice and sweet as she gave it a gentle hug!
 Other pretty statues decorated the hotel along with pretty flowers and river rocks, which Sierra loves!
 She also met the hotel McCall named, "Merlot" which she greeted pleasantly each day and night of her  stay!