Friday, August 31, 2012

Our Grand Cypress Escape!

After Victor's surgery, we feared the girls would ruin Victor's recovery by jumping up and down on him, begging him to be picked up, and basically being oblivious to his injury. So, he and I checked into the Grand Cypress hotel for a short respite while he healed for the first 48 hours after his surgery. We thank Gigi immensely for making this possible for us and watching the girls.

 Of course, my days were lonely, so I picked up Sierra on the first day to see how she fared enjoying a day close to Daddy, but mainly having fun with Mommy at the pool, on the sandy beach, and slipping down the slip and slides! Below Victor is shown relaxing in our choice spot in one of the "caves" at the pool free from the sun's rays!
 Sierra LOVED the slip and slide and had the chance to ride it non-stop for as long as she wished!
 Each slide was more fun than the last as she experimented with various routines down the slide!
 Forward and sitting....
 Out of control....
 ...and the most fun of all....laying down!
 It was a wonderful escape for Sierra! And, a great bonding time for the two of us! (Thanks Mom! for taking care of Audrey while we played!)
 Below is a video of Sierra riding the slide at the hotel... ENJOY!
Tomorrow, we plan on bringing Audrey with us to have double the fun while Daddy rests!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dr. Phillips Splash Pad Fun!

One of the big things we miss about living in Florida are the splash pads!  There is a great water pad in Dr, Phillips that we used to go to regularly. During our recent trip back home, we took the first opportunity we had to visit the awesome park...Below are a few photos showing the fun we had...
 Audrey's encounter at the splashpad was without incident and she quickly joined in the fun of racing through the water spouts wth excitement and glee!
 Sierra was a natural and remembered how fun it was to run around through the cool water and play with all the guns and water falls...

 Below, Audrey takes a short break while the fountains dwindle down in size...

Below is a cute video showing the girls at the park having the time of their lives!

And finally, below is one of my favorite photos of Sierra playing in the fountains!
We love vacations in Florida!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Let's Make Cupcakes with Gigi!

One day during our Florida vacation, Gigi came by the house with everything we needed for making cupcakes!  When the girls found out about it, they were super excited.  Gigi set up a wonderful cooking station in the living room and pure fun ensued! Below Gigi passes out the cupcake holders while Audrey looks on in anticipation of tasting the yummy, sprinkled filled batter!
 Here we go...the girls are ready to fill the cups!
After watching the cupcakes rise in the oven, we cooled them quickly in the freezer then swirled on the icing so we could gobble them up after dinner!

Below, Audrey enjoys a delicious cupcake of her own...and devours it in 3 bites.
 Sierra takes her time to savor her cupcake!
Thank you Gigi for making our evening extra special and wonderfully delicious!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thank You Auntie Janet & Uncle Rolland!

During our recent trip to Florida during the last week of August, Gigi was kind enough to bring us goodies for the house including presents from Janet and Rolland Bek's visit in July. Obviously, the girls LOVE presents, so finding 2 cute gift bags with presents was a wonderful surprise!
 Sierra took the lead and offered to open her wrapped gift as well as Audrey's. Our darling, easy going Audrey didn't mind one bit. She was just happy to see what the presents were and start using them!
 Since Sierra opened all the presents we're still not sure who's gifts were who's, but Sierra enjoyed the cute crown hair combs and the play dough, while Audrey enjoyed the markers and drawing pad.
Sierra makes snakes, lady bugs and marbles with the various colors of play dough, Audrey starts drawing in the pad and all over the table, floors and herself!  Thank goodness the pens are washable inks!  Thank you Janet and Rolland for being so thoughtful!  We love and miss you!

Friday, August 24, 2012

A Princess Painting Project!

This past weekend, I finally dusted off my art box to find a colorful array of acrylic paints and all my paintbrushes!  Just as I left them years ago the paints were sealed tightly and still in good condition. While Sierra was off playing, my idea was to transform her toy box into a Princess toy box!  After drawing the template, painting the image, pouring the gloss acrylic coating, and waiting for it to dry, the project was complete!

This was my first major art project in over a decade. The idea originated from wanting to surprise Sierra with a princess themed toy box, and also from the desire to start creating again. Over the weekend, I realized, my painting skills were rusty, but I sure had a good time doing it. I think this project awakened my creative look for more painting projects soon from all of us!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


A Teddy Bearskins heart-shaped ring for Sierra = $2
A Nightrider ring for Victor for his birthday = $530
Sierra learning the meaning of marriage and proposing to her Daddy = Priceless

In Memoriam: Rev. Carl Dean Munyon

Victor's father passed away on Monday, August 13th. I can hardly believe I'm writing these words...he was recovering from the open heart surgery he had 2 months ago, each day healing a little bit more than the day before. Yes, there were complications along the way, and he may not have been healing as fast as everyone hoped, but he was healing.

Then one day, he got a fever and died. His sudden death was a tragic surprise and an overwhelming loss. In spite of the many unanswered questions, the fact remains he has passed from this life into Heaven, of this we are all certain.

He was a wonderful, compassionate man with a spirit that truly wanted to help others with all of his might. I recall him talking me through my sister's death, offering advise on how to cope, how to speak in her honor, and how to prepare for the funeral. His words were kind and very wise. He took the time to explain his wisdom while respecting my grieving perspective as a sister who loved and lost.

Now, my husband and his family are suffering through the loss of this great man. A man who was eternally optimistic and hopeful about everything, especially his own recovery. At 81 years, we recall him telling his doctor prior to his surgery, he would live another 5 or 10 years, with a glimmer in his eye and a grin on his face!

Carl had such a happy personality and open heart. He was always looking on the bright side of  life offering a positive perspective to those who couldn't see. His love for God and scripture wasn't overbearing, instead he allowed the love he felt drift into your heart with simple truths about life and his experience. He shared so much with all those who knew him and it was beautiful! He was one of the few men Victor knew, respected and loved.  Without a goodbye, we only hope he knew how very much he was loved by Victor and all of us.

Not only was Carl loved for his good nature & personality, he was also an accomplished man who  retired from three careers, first as a Security Police officer in the United States Air Force (20 years), next a Deputy United States Marshall (20 years), and finally and most recently as a Methodist Minister (23 years) over several parishes in Louisiana - a calling he's always had preaching, ministering, and bringing people together.

He left behind his wife of 32 years, Linda, and three sons, David, Larry and Victor, along with three grand-children, Samantha, Sierra Grace and Audrey Faith.

The photos that follow show the funeral that took place in Louisiana this past week. Our daughter, Sierra Grace, offered a bright distraction to the sadness of his passing.
Sierra passes out candy at the wake...offering a smile and cheerfulness to all...
Mike Pawlik, Victor's friend from LA, with Sierra as she takes a break from her candy duties...
Carl's casket and flowers sent from family and friends...
Sierra enamored with all the beautiful flowers on each gravesite offering a hug to one special bouquet...
Victor's cousin, Jeremy and his wife, Ida.
Joann, Linda's dear friend, and her husband Ronnie.
Victor with his "Uncle Ronnie", his second cousin.
Victor with his cousin, Michele.

Dad, we miss you dearly, but you will always live in our hearts forever!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Spending the Day at Sci-Port...

With all the adult activity over the past few days, Sierra deserved a fun day on her own with her Daddy enjoying kid stuff. Victor found the perfect place to spend all day Saturday, the Shreveport Sci-Port, a cool science activity center with hands-on games and experiments.  Below a huge domino board...
 A tide pool with boats to navigate through the waters....
 A tree house lunch spot...
 A pulley system where Sierra could elevate herself with the pull of a rope...
 ...she pulled herself all the way to the top and back down! Very cool!
 An excavation site with fossils to find...
Outdoor sculpture...
 A splash pad!  Victor spied the perfect spot to cool off after a full day at Sci-Port. Sierra was so surprised and was the perfect way to end the day!
Thanks Honey for treating our little princess to fun, education and lots of quality time with YOU!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sierra and Abigail

Sierra loved having a girl friend with similar interests and who loved acting silly, dressing up and playing word games. Below the girls are pictured, relaxing at Linda's house and being all around cute!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our Picnic by the Water...

After an early morning walk, Audrey and I decided it was time to eat. So, we strolled to the beach and had a wonderful picnic!  Below Audrey is almost finished wiht her applesauce...
...of which, she has eaten all by herself!  She's getting really good at using utensils.
After our snack, we bounced in the shallow water, pulled her over the water like a motorboat and played piggy back rides while splashing and laughing out loud! Audrey is so fun to be with. Her easy going nature is cute and adventurous.
Any trip to Town Beach isn't complete without playing on the swing! So, we cleaned up and hopped in the swing...the view was spectacular!
Happy Wednesday everyone!