Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sierra's Wedding Cake!

We all know Sierra is her Daddy's girl. But, you may not know that Sierra loves her Daddy so much, that she frequently asks him to marry her. When she asks what "getting married" means, her Daddy eloquently says, "It's when two people love each other so much that they want to spend the rest of their lives together." After which Sierra said, "Yes, I definitely want to marry you!"
The whole episode nearly brought Victor to tears...And, all he could do was hug his daughter tight and tell her he would love to marry her! 

This weekend, we planned on having a miniature ceremony, but with all the activity in the neighborhood, we only indulged in a "happy wedding song" with a delicious cake!  It was a wonderful experience! Sierra still wants to have a ceremony and says she'll wear her white dress with sparkles and the cute heart shaped ring we found at the Teddy Bearskins store down the street.

Sierra, we hope one day you will look back on this day and smile so big it makes your heart full with love and happiness!  We love you sweetheart!

Walking Through Wickford

On our walk today, Brendan joined us! And offered to pose in a cute photo with our princess on a miniature park bench!

Dearest Audrey...

Our dear little Audrey loves her babies and makes sure they are fed each day! 
 As her vocabulary grows, she's speaking out more about what she wants. She says thing such as, "my baby," "pick me up," "hold me", and the frequent "no, mine!"
Audrey is on the edge of language explosion as she becomes more and more vocal with each passing day!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

What Beautiful Pink Hair You Have!

My what beautiful, pink, luxurious hair you have Sierra!
 How spectacular! 
We love you little flower princess butterfly!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Don't let the Baby Drive the Bus!

Our girls play pretend all the time. And, Audrey usually follows Sierra in all that she does.  Below are photos showing the girls sitting in the driver's seat of the kitchen barstool bus!
 As Sierra pretends to drive the bus with her feet up in the air, she says, "Look daddy, no hands!"
Who's driving, we don't know! But they are having tons of fun!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Nothing describes the scene in the following video better than the word, "heaven!"
Sierra finds "heaven" in a box of peanuts!
Audrey finds her sister!
And both girls help with the clean-up!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Snacking by the Seashore!

On this sunny summer afternoon, Sierra enjoys a snack by the water's edge! 
 We wish you were here!

Summer Ducklings!

We've got ducklings! The Mommy Duck that sat on her eggs in our neighbor's yard had 6 cute, little ducklings! We spotted them swimming along the canal from the bridge!

Swinging at the Park...

Our girls love the park. Today, their Daddy took them to St. Paul's Church park and Sierra wanted to push Audrey on the swing. The first video shows Sierra pushing her gently which turns into a bumping  game. Laughter follows along with the giggles!  It's wonderful to hear their happiness!  
The next video is of Audrey swinging by herself...Enjoy!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Yay! for Barnes & Noble

Our girls love to read! So, when we ask the girls where they want to go, their first choice is usually, "Barnes & Noble!" Both Sierra and Audrey will find a good book, then choose a cozy spot to read it. Below, Sierra finds a seat behind Audrey, and later in the afternoon she finds an even better hiding place to read...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Splashing in the Seashore!

Today was the perfect day to walk along the seashore and splash in the water. At the end of our street is  a private beach perfect for finding shells and cooling off. Take a peek at the cute photos of our girls and a fun video showing them splash in the water... 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Aim High Gymnastics

We discovered a great private gymnasium that teaches gymnastics called Aim High. After ballet at the YMCA, and soccer at Wilson Park, I think we've finally found a sport that Sierra enjoys - Gymnastics!  Sierra has attended two classes so far and each lesson she has improved a lot!  We are so excited to see her succeed, and Sierra looks forward to each class.  Below are a few photos from today's class at 3:45pm. Below Sierra poses with Audrey before class... 
 After bouncing on the trampoline and diving into the foam pit, the girls proceed to the mat where they stretch and practice their olympic moves...
  Sierra did excellent, following the teacher's instructions as told.  The girls walked on the balance beam, slid down a slide, rolled in a tube, hung from the parallel bars and swung on the hoops!

With each lesson, Sierra is excited to tell us what she did in class. She's focusing on listening and participating with each class. 
 We are very hopeful gymnastics will be her sport! As parents, is fun to see our daughter enthusiastic about an activity and to put effort into trying new things.  We are so very proud of you Sierra Grace Robert! We love you & keep up the good work!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

It's a Wonderful World...

Every time we hear the Louis Armstrong song, "What a Wonderful World," the girls break out in dance! 
 Audrey does twirls and rocks from side to side, and Sierra twirls and spins like a ballet dancer!
 This evening, the girls chose each other as partners and danced the night away.... It was fun for all!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sweet Sisters...

Our girls are typical toddlers, loving each other one moment and fighting the next. We wanted to capture those fleeting moments in time when all is good and peace prevails in our home. Saturday morning was one of those times...Sierra was feeling loving toward Audrey and life was good. The two photos that follow show the girls playing lovingly as Daddy and Mommy look on in awe! Enjoy! 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thank You Mimi & Grand Pop!

While struggling with Carl's heart surgery recovery, Mimi managed to send a beautiful care package to the girls. It was filled with toys and clothes for Sierra & Audrey. Everything was beautifully wrapped with colorful paper and the best surprise of all was the package itself! One question comes to my mind: When did you have time to pull this together!?!  Anyway, below is a short video of Sierra when she realized a package arrived for her and Audrey. We hope it makes you smile!

Below Sierra shows her appreciation by hugging the package from Mimi while Audrey looks on with curiosity!

Audrey being cute as usual...
Filled with red balls, a couple outfits each for the girls, 2 silly laughing dolls, a purse and a piglet furry toy. The best part was the surprise itself. Sierra spent at least an hour pushing the box around the house and laughing up a storm. She was so excited to get a present addressed to her!

Thank you Mimi for thinking of the girls! We love you!
 Audrey and Sierra dive into the package looking for surprises. Audrey's favorite was the Barbie purse which she took to wear on her arm at once!
 Sierra loved her kitty shirt and matching skirt and tore off her clothes so she could wear it immediately!
Thank you so much Mimi and Grand pop! We hope your recovery is super fast. We can't wait to see you again soon!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sierra Makes Cookies

Tonight we decided to make cookies. Sierra was in charge.  According to Sierra, making cookies is easy. Just follow her instructions below...

STEP 1: Mix the ingredients...
...and share your excitement about the cookies with your family! 
 STEP 2: Taste the cookie dough to make sure it's going to make delicious cookies. (Sierra says this step is important and should be repeated throughout the process to ensure each cookie is scrumptious!) Don't worry, this batch is egg free!
 STEP 3: Roll the cookie dough.
 STEP 4: Choose your cookie cutter, press and pull up the cookie.
 STEP 5: Repeat until all the cookie dough is gone.
 STEP 6: Once all the cookies are cut, sprinkle each one with a generous amount of sugar!

 STEP 7: Take pride in your cookie shapes and anticipate delicious baked cookies after dinner.
 STEP 8: Eat and enjoy!
 STEP 9: Marvel at each wonderful cookie and how wonderful they taste!
 STEP 10: Share your cookie with your family!
After the entire process, of which Sierra did most of the work, we ate dinner, and enjoyed one delicious cookie each. Of all the shapes, the crown, castle and princess slipper, can you guess which was Sierra's favorite?  Yes, the princess slipper! Happy Tuesday everyone!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Face Painting & Ice Cream, Oh My!

Once again, face painting was an essential part of the art festival this year. The Baptist Church was the only place in town to get one and Sierra was first in line on Sunday morning.
 Scouting the designs the night before, Sierra decided she wanted a ladybug on her hand and a butterfly on her face! And, that's exactly what she got!
 Instead of a small cheek sized butterfly, Sierra insisted on having her whole face transformed into a beautiful blue, and purple colored butterfly!
 Afterwards, we enjoyed lunch at St Paul's Episcopal church and shared a cherry pie with ICE CREAM!
 It was a fun day in Wickford for all of us!
Happy Art Festival Days! We love and miss you all!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Pratt's Party & Georgie!

Last year at the Pratt's party, Sierra met Georgie for the the first time and loved him, except for when he scratched her once...
 This year, Audrey had the chance to meet Georgie and she LOVED him too!
 Georgie was furry, fun and loved to be scratched. Purring the whole time, Georgie got lots of love from our girls! Below Sierra gives him a hug...
 ...and Audrey gives him a kiss...
Looking at the happy faces on our girls makes me think there will be a kitty cat in our family in the  very near future!
Happy Saturday everyone!