Thursday, May 31, 2012

Introducing Sierra's New Eyeglasses...

Sierra outgrew her toddler eyeglasses, so we bought her a new pair of Lily Pulitzer glasses. After her eye exam last week, Sierra chose this lovely pair all on her own. And, she picked them up today!  She liked the multi-colored flowers on the side and the raspberry colored frames. We think she picked the perfect pair! Plus, they came with a cute eyeglass case that looks like a purse with a pink bow on it. How perfect is that?! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Soccer Practice

Soccer is getting more fun for Sierra each and every week. 
This week, she had fun kicking goals and playing with the team. 
Take a peek at her progress...
By the way, in case you can't tell, that's Sierra kicking two (2) goals! 
Way to go Sierra! We love you.

Who Loves Watermelon?

The girls LOVE watermelon! Now that it's almost summertime, we're looking for ways to cool off...Enjoy the photos Daddy took of the girls today at lunch!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our Day at Scarborough Beach...

It feels like summertime as the days start to heat up...This Memorial Day holiday, we decided to visit a local beach called Scarborough Beach. We packed our gear and took a short drive to the southern tip of the Island near Point Judith lighthouse.
 It was a glorious day of building sandcastles...

 Laughing out loud and getting sand all over us....

 Giving and getting hugs and kisses....

Playing with our new beach toys...

sharing ice-cream and smiles...

And, especially enjoying quality time together as a family. Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Perfect Day to Visit the Zoo!

With annual zoo passes, we try to visit the zoo as often as we can. Audrey is starting to understand animal sounds and sound out words, so we want to expose her to lots of new things... 
 It was a beautiful sunny day...
 The giraffes hung out indoors instead of bearing the heat of the day....
 The penguins were enjoying a day of swimming and sunning themselves...
 The petting zoo was fun. Audrey met the sheep and especially loved the chickens...
 The water wall is always a happy place for Sierra. On this day, she found a 6 year old friend and the two girls giggled and played in the water until they were soaked from head to toe!
 Below the girls play together in the water. Earlier the little girl introduced Sierra to bugs under a shade tree. She taught Sierra how to catch them and hold them. Sierra looked on with fascination, but refused to touch them!
It was a fun, fun Sunday! We'll be back in June when the new treehouse activity center is finished!

Sierra's Date with Daddy!

Saturday, we had planned on going into Providence as a family, but we got a late start and Audrey needed her nap. So, Sierra and Victor went together! They had a grand time visiting the mall for the first time. Sierra was mesmerized by all the shops. And, for lunch, Daddy treated Sierra to the Cheesecake Factory! They split a key lime cheesecake and Sierra was so happy with her date, that she twirled and danced in the restaurant. Take a peek at some photos from their lunch date!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Tractor Rides Next Door...

One sunny day after work, we walked next door to visit Brendan. He was offering tractor rides for the girls. It was fun for a while until the trailer fell over and the girls fell out!
Once the rides were over, Audrey took a try at driving...
She had a great time and was all smiles!
Have a wonderful Memorial Day Holiday this week!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blowing Kisses...

Our dear Audrey loves to swing under our shade tree. Earlier this week, she was having such a wonderful time swinging, she started blowing kisses at us all. Below is a series of photos showing a kiss sent for Daddy!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Princess Audrey

Audrey is embracing her princess within. Early this morning, Sierra generously offered Audrey her new Rapunzel crown to wear. On a typical day, she would've shrugged it off immediately. But, this morning, she liked it and gave us a sweet, glowing smile.
Our darling Audrey is growing up and experimenting with new things. We are so excited for her and hope all her new discoveries make her smile and radiate the happiness she feels inside!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Visiting Blue Beach...

On Mother's Day, we drove to Blue Beach, which is a short ride from our house and also next to my office.  The girls loved splashing in the water, feeling the sand between their toes and running in the cool air!  We had a wonderful day and discovered Victor and the girls could come back around lunchtime during the week to visit mommy for a picnic on the beach for lunch!  Below is a short video of the girls playing... Enjoy!

Peter Rabbit is Audrey's Baby...

In our home, Sierra has many babies...Tickle-Bunny, Bunny-Bunny, Big Baa, Baby Baa, Peanut, Who Baby, Nobel, Barnes & Noble, Wedding Baby, and Angeline, not to mention the new Fuzzy Bunny that she discovered last night in her toy box. And, she is fiercely protective of all of them, so she sleeps with everyone. Audrey, on the other hand, has one baby...Her "Bunny!" (aka Peter Rabbit) This afternoon, the girls were playing with Audrey's Bunny and Sierra wanted it...a play fight was fun and giggles for all, I think!?

Happy Tuesday!

For Mother's Day Victor bought a cake, and the girls are enjoying their share today. So, Happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Dress Up Time

Our girls have vivid imaginations. Sierra loves to play Princess dress up, and Audrey is learning that wearing pretty dresses and costumes is fun too!
Above Sierra wears her new Snow White dress while being protected by her friendly gorilla...And, Audrey rides around on her inch worm in a sweet flower fairy costume!
Oh, how wonderful it is to be a little girl!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thank You Mimi & Grand-Pop!

Sierra's grandparents from Louisiana, Mimi & Grand-pop sent our girls the cutest care package just in time for mother's day!  The girls loved getting presents and when they opened the box, they were delighted to find matching red velour dresses!  Don't they look cute. 

Of course, there were 3 other outfits for the girls, a tinker bell board game and a college fund donation, but the girls LOVED the red dresses most!  Thank you Mimi & Grand-pop!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sierra Helps Audrey with Her First Bike Ride...

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The perfect day for a bike ride. Sierra had outgrown her trike, so she let Audrey give it a try. Sierra was even happy to help push her along.
 Audrey loved the help...she instinctively pulled her feet up off the pedals like she had done this before!
Below is a cute video of Sierra pushing Audrey on her trike when something catches Sierra's eye and off she runs!
In case you didn't see what caught Sierra's eye, the animals are cotton-tail bunny rabbits!

Climbing to the Heavens!

Sierra is the climber of the family, taking after her father. In the photos that follow, she's climbing to the heavens from our tree in the back yard.
It's a beautiful day outside, sunny and cool...
Audrey and her Daddy look on in day soon, Audrey will be climbing up after her big sister! 

Audrey's Beautiful Smile...

Audrey is growing into such a beautiful little girl with a sweet personality. You can see the happiness in her eyes as she sits in her favorite spot under a shade tree with Sierra's soccer ball. She's perfect in every way!