Friday, September 30, 2011

Sierra Plays with a Turtle...

Our darling Sierra Grace is such a funny little girl. She's always looking for new things. Below Sierra stops at a local Wickford storefront where a mechanical turtle sculpture was displayed for sale. The turtle was made from various old scrap metal parts, nuts and bolts and an old glass bowl molded as it's back. When Sierra touched it's head, the long spiral neck bounced back and made her giggle!
In the photo, it looks like they are both having a good laugh! We love you baby girl!

Sierra Swings while Audrey "Hangs 10" on the Playground

We were recently at St. Paul's Church playground having a quick romp before dinner.

Sierra was having so much fun swinging, running and sliding while Audrey was on the sidelines wimpering as if she wanted to join in on the fun.
She was bouncing up and down in the baby carrier so energetically we thought it would be a good idea for her to experience the sand between her toes and the feel of the monkey bars...

Below is a short video showing Audrey "hanging 10" on one of the smaller hanging bars at the playground, and another showing the girls play together on the slide where Sierra discovers something in the sky. Enjoy!



Thursday, September 29, 2011

Visiting Roger Williams Zoo

On my day off this past Tuesday, we drove to Providence to visit the Roger Williams Zoo. It was a wonderful zoo with lots of animals, birds and reptiles.
There were many birds to see in special rainforest type settings...
Sierra loved the pink flamingos and asked why they were standing on one leg instead of two. No one knows for sure what the answer is, but it may have something to do with camoflage (one leg looks more like a tree trunk than two), their brain chemistry (one leg and one side of the brain rests at a time), or simply it's easier for a flamingo to keep balance when one knee locks into place while it rests.

Whatever the reason, Sierra thought they were cute!

Our little water bug loves fountains, and waterfalls. Sierra played in the water until her dress was soaked. Good thing Mommy brought a change of clothes!

We saw zebras, giraffes, elephants, wildebeasts, gazelle, monkeys, a snow leopard and a moon bear!

The Autumn decorations were beautiful and the park was preparing for the annual Great Pumpkin Festival where thousands of pumpkins are set up with amazing carvings! We'll be back in October to see it!
Sierra and her Daddy take a moment by the bald eagles...
While Mommy and the girls pose with the camels!
We had a wonderful day and saw many animals & wildlife. We're park members now, so we'll be returning soon.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Enjoying the Cool Autumn Nights...

With the weather cooling off in the evenings in the 50's, the neighborhood lit up the firepits to enjoy the cooler evenings. Below Sierra and her daddy roast marshmellows with the longest stick they could find...

And, Sierra poses with Brendan. We wish you could be here...we love and miss you all.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

GiGi Visits Rhode Island...

Gigi arrived Monday afternoon for 4 days of fun in our new home. Sierra and Audrey were very excited to see her and showered her with kisses. Sierra gave Gigi the tour of her room and playroom, where they would be spending a lot of time!
Sierra and Gigi take a special moment on the sofa...

Audrey shows Gigi her standing-up skills & shows off her 2 teeth!

During Gigi's stay, we celebrated Andrea's Birthday on September 13th. We bought locally grown corn, picked up 5 lobster tails fresh off the boat in the harbor and had a Rhode Island feast. In honor of Andrea, we bought a cake and presents for Sierra.
We found the perfect card to give to Gigi about Andrea. It compared her to a twinkling star that we keep in our hearts forever! The chocolate cake....
Sierra did the honors of blowing out the candles...but it took Gigi and me to help to get them all blown out...
We celebrated on our patio and the weather was perfectly cool and inviting!
We took lots of photos of Gigi with the girls...
Sierra shows off her tongue curling talents...
Below we're all imitating Sierra with her funny faces every time we take a picture...
Here we're all curling our tongues since we think it's a great talent in our family...
Finally, all our goofing off produced a perfect smile from each of our girls. Our fun tricks worked!
Below Victor sits with his best girl in one of the adorable outfits Gigi brought for Sierra and Audrey! Thank you Gigi we love the outfits and especially loved having you visit.
Next time Gigi promises to stay much longer. Her time with us flew by and we already miss her so much!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Visiting Watch Hill on Labor Day

This past Labor Day, we explored a town called Watch Hill. It's a cute harbor community (as are most the towns in Rhode Island), with an old merry-go-round dating back a few hundred years! We enjoyed the town, the icecream, the people, and the merry-go-round! Enjoy the photos of us goofing around!

A Yard with a View...

We love to spend time outside in our back yard. Below is the spectacular view we have of the "wibbly-wobbly-shake-shake bridge", the harbor, waterway and docks...
We moved a few statues from our Windermere home to Wickford and Sierra just loves to have pony rides.

Below, Audrey relaxes on a blanket while we play around her...

At home in our sun room where we spend most of our time when we're indoors!

We're looking forward to Gigi's visit next week!

Audrey's First Attempt at Crawling!

As Audrey sees things she wants, our darling little girl is starting to reach out and try to get them on her own. We've been tempting her with car keys, blinking lights, spoons, and the most beloved items of all - Sierra's toy trains that sing and move! Take a peek at the video below and see her in action!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Introducing Sierra's Friend Brendan...

Next door is a wonderful family with a 6 year old boy named Brendan. He loves to play with Sierra and enjoys helping Audrey get around.
Sierra and Brendan play a lot. Just recently, Sierra started holding Brendan's hand! It's really cute. Brendan likes her too!

Below is a photo of the two kids with St. Paul's church in the background. Our house is just to the right of the church on the other side of the street from the neighbor's yard.

Having a picnic is fun... Hanging out in the tree is fun...

Our other neighbors, the Jensen's have a cute little dog named, "Tilly!" Audrey loves Tilly and Tilly loves Audrey!

Audrey with her Daddy after our long day next door!

We love and miss you all and cannot wait to have Mary Nan come visit to meet everyone!