Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday Morning at St. Pauls

Moving is stressful. We feel like we're in total dissarray at the house and are still using our boxes as closets and drawers for all our clothing. When we finally found our nice clothes, we thought we'd venture over to the old Narragansett Episcopal church for a Sunday sermon. Below are pictures we took after our 1st day...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Audrey's 1st Meal...

After finally settling into our new house, getting most of our boxes unpacked and finished with the drama of "the move," we decided to give Audrey her first solid food meal. It turned out fun. She was eager and loved all the special attention. Take a peek...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Home Sweet Home in Wickford!

With boxes everywhere, we started unpacking our things. Sierra's room was first on my list since she needed some familiar toys around to start feeling at home. When she found her big tiger and seal stuffed animals, she was all smiles!
Below Sierra and Audrey play on our bed. Sierra is really starting to like Audrey and makes sure she kisses her and talks to her every day.
Audrey is fascinated by Sierra and loves to watch her every move. I think they are going to be best of friends.
Daddy and Sierra take a moment to hug and show affection!

When Daddy's motorcycle arrived, Sierra wanted to go for a ride. She loved sitting on it for a while and asked Daddy if she could go for a spin! Don't worry Gigi, we both said "No!"
Our 2nd weekend in Rhode Island, the Annual Arts Festival arrived and tents were set up all down the center of town. Our house sits right off Main street, so we visited the festival each day. Sierra enjoyed the face painting and got a beautiful butterfly on her face, a red black-widow spider on her shoulder and a lady bug on her forearm! Plus the girls from St. Paul's church gave her a tootsie roll lollipop! Sierra loved it all. Even after the arts festival was over, Sierra wanted to go see the "tents" and have a lollipop!
We also enjoyed our first party at the Pratt's house a block away where Sierra met 2 kitty cats named Georgie and Freddy! It was a fun 2 days for us all!