Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Hunt Begins...

Below are a couple of cute videos showing Sierra hunting for eggs in our backyard! Enjoy!

Happy Easter everyone!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Back Yard Easter Egg Hunt!

Our Easter Egg Hunt was the highlight of Sierra's day. She was well versed in hunting for Easter eggs since last weekend we were invited to a house egg hunt where Easter eggs were strewn throughout a home. She found 25 eggs and won the grand Easter egg prize - a Mr. Spud Bunny (Mr. Potato Head dressed as a bunny)! So, when we told her we were having another Easter Egg Hunt, she was very excited!

Sierra hunted for Easter eggs all over the backyard...

And, Audrey watched calmly. Enjoying the bright and sunny day!

The previous day we prepared for the Easter Egg Hunt by painting dozens of eggs at a friends house and then swimming in their pool until close to bedtime. All Sierra could think about that night was the Easter Bunny and looking for eggs! The egg painted below with Sierra's name on it was the first one we made together.

The Easter bunny hid eggs all over the place including Sierra's rock climbing wall!

When we were done finding eggs, Sierra poured them out on the living room floor to find all the chocolate candy inside.

Below Sierra does the Easter Egg dance!!!

A family photo with Cerberus...he's grown to 70 pounds at only 22 weeks old!

Below Sierra found her wings and danced around like a butterfly!

Then we gave Sierra her Easter egg surprise... A brand new baby bunny. Ever since we lost one of her baby bunnies she's been asking us where he was. We felt heartbroken for her and gave her the #3 backup bunny. She loved it and now calls it her Super Soft Bunny.

Below Sierra introduces the new super soft bunny to the old baby bunny...

So cute!!!

Cupcakes for desert after dinner! And as Daddy was walking Cerberus for the night, he called us outside to see one last surprise! The real Easter bunny was sitting at the end of our street! Sierra and I rushed outside to see him and got about 10 feet from him before he hopped into his bunny tunnel to go home for the night!

Audrey and her Daddy playing just before bedtime...And, below she makes her debut as the cutest baby bunny ever! Thank you Bubbles for the pink bunny ears!

And, thank you Mimi for the yellow bunny ears! Audrey looks adorable in them!

Happy Easter everyone! We love and miss you all!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Sweet Sounds of Audrey

Last night we recorded Audrey making the cutest "cooing" and laughing sounds. Listen to her sweet voice...

By the way, today Audrey is 12 weeks (3 months) old! Yea for Audrey!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Fun Away from Home...

This past weekend we visited the local Grand Cypress hotel. Even though the resort was only 2 miles from our home it still felt like we were vacationing in a far away place! We love the many caves and waterfalls that surround the pool and Sierra especially loves the slide! Below are several photos of our weekend and a special video of Sierra riding down the slide with her daddy. Enjoy!

Nap time was easy at the resort. Since we were sitting next to the waterfall, the rushing water sounds put our babies to sleep each day around 2:30. It was the perfect respite for us to take a break and have lunch!

A beautiful close up of Sierra above.

Victor took a rest at the base of our cave, as I took a snapshot of the hotel in the backdrop.

Our cute little Audrey is growing so fast...she's developing such a sweet personality and loves to smile and "coo"!
Sierra and her Daddy playing in the hot tub! What a little ham!
Taking a walk on the wibbly-wobbly-shake-shake bridge!
Daddy and his best girl relaxing on a shaded hammock by the water.
Mommy and Audrey taking a swing!
Sierra and her Daddy by the water's edge playing in the sand.
Me and Audrey taking in a few rays for a minute. It was much too hot for us, so we took shade shortly after. Each day, we set-up just under the waterfall in one of the cool caverns.
After naptime, it was time to take another ride on the slide!

Sierra learning to swim with her Daddy in the warm pool! Audrey takes a dip in the pool too!

Sierra loves to dive into her daddy's arms from the pool's edge!
Splish-splash! Sierra LOOOOOVED the slide! Watch her and her Daddy below slide down together!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Audrey is Growing...

Audrey is growing so fast. She's already 11 lbs. 7 ounces and 24 inches long! That's an inch longer than Sierra was at her age!
It looks like Audrey is going to take after her father with many of her features...She's leaner, longer and has the most beautiful long fingers and toes!
Audrey is already outgrowing her bassinet and can't stretch out her arms and legs far enough! In a couple more weeks, we'll move her into her own room and crib!

Below you can see Audrey in Sierra's baby crib. She's got plenty of arm and leg room in there! And, she loves her "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" music box that plays to her while she's resting!

Sweet dreams everyone!

Audrey as Art!

Some of the photos we took of Audrey look great with an artistic filter applied to the them. The first image shows Audrey in a simple pencil drawing ... In the photo below, I highlighted her features with an diffused glow...so now she looks like the angel that she is to me!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Enjoying Springtime Outside!

The weather is perfect these days for outside fun...playing in the sandbox, running up and down the driveway, laying in the yard and chalking up the driveway. Take a peek at our Sunday afternoon fun....

Hope your enjoying the springtime too!