Thursday, March 31, 2011

Visiting Kara at Kris' Ranch...

Every year my dear friend Kara came to visit Florida again from South Carolina. We all met at Betty's house for lunch then ventured over to her sister Kris' house to see her new foal, minature horses and horses... Sierra loves horses and was very excited to see them. We talked about them all week in anticipation of this very day!
But, for a toddler, it seems the visit was a bit overwhelming. The horses were big and the stalls were small. Even though Daddy and Mommy were there for comforting, it was too much excitement for one day. However, Sierra did like a horse named Blondie. And the other horse named Smooch, gave her a lick on the arm! That was fun!
Cameron, Kara's son, loved the ponies and fed an apple slice to the horse named Road Warrior.
Above is a photo of Sierra in the stall with the foal. She was a big fur ball! And, so very sweet.

Thank you Kris for letting us visit your home and see all your animals. Sierra talked endlessly about the cat, the guinea pig and the ponies the next day!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Splashing at the Splash Pad!

Springtime is finally here! So we ventured off to the Splash Pad for the first time. Our beautiful Sunday morning was perfect for enjoying the day outside and splashing around! Sierra thought the idea was brilliant! Check out her cute little cheeks below!
Sierra was full of energy, runnung from fountain to fountain and dashing them in between!

Sierra loves her mommy's bling. Today she was especially fond of my sunglasses!
A fun family self portrait!

After a long day of fun, it was time to go home.

Audrey was close by, and opted for a shadier, drier day of fun and naptime.

Below is a short video of Sierra running around having fun....enjoy!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another Fun Day at Universal Studios!

Sierra wanted us to take her to Universal again. This time she specifically requested to see the "Cat in the Hat!" What a cutie...we just couldn't resist.
Seeing the smile on her face was such a beautiful thing!
Sierra is a little bit shy when it comes to new things. We walked through the Jurrasic Park area and she enjoyed watching the ride from a distance. Lots of people were getting splashed from the flume ride, but Sierra kept her distance.
The first thing we usually do at the park is to tour through Seuss Landing...We did that again but spent more time at Toonville, which is an area dedlicated to various cartoon characters. Below Sierra is enjoying a small fountain just outside of the Betty-Boop store.

We always bring an extra set of clothing for Sierra in case she wants to really get into the fountain fun! This time she did! Below she's contemplating her next move at the fountain!

Just past the kiddie fountain, Sierra and a little boy ran around chasing the water spurts!

Mommy was sitting on the sidelines with Audrey as Sierra ran around getting wet...really wet!

By the end of the day, and having so much fun she skipped her naptime, Sierra was exhausted and slept the whole ride home!
Below is a video of Sierra playing in the little fountain and getting a few surprise splashes in the face....Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Gigi!

Today is my mother's birthday! She came to our home to visit with Sierra and Audrey and after dinner we celebrated with a champagne toast, chocolate cake and icecream!

Sierra was very excited about the birthday cake and planned on helping Gigi blow out the candles, but at the last minute decided not to. Instead she took the first bite of cake right off the top of the icing!

We all sang the Happy Birthday song to Gigi and wished her happiness all year!

Audrey was always close can see her at the top of the photo above. And, below she cuddles with Gigi. Audrey's going to have her cake and icecream later tonight & hopefully Mommy's glass of champagne will let her sleep soundly through the night!

Happy Birthday Mom! We love you and hope your year is filled with happiness and love. We loved spending the day with you on your special day, and look forward to many more family days in the future!

Our Grown-up Little Girl...

Sierra's Mimi bought her the cutest little pink dress with ruffles. Sierra loves to wear it and feels so pretty. Of course, no dress is complete without her Coach purse! She is growing into such a fashion princess!

Most days, Sierra decides what she wants to wear from head to toe. If socks are required, she likes to mix and match - it's the new trend if you didn't know!

Our darling daughter is growing up right before our eyes. It's amazing how much she can do on her own - like, put on her socks and shoes, pull up her pants, put on a dress or shirt (in the right direction), and remember to wear her glasses! She insists on doing it herself too...becuase she's a BIG GIRL!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bluberry Birthday Pancakes!

Today is Sunday, the 6th of March, and it's not Sierra's birthday. But, we couldn't resist singing the birthday song, making a few wishes and blowing out the candles on our Sunday morning blueberry pancakes (with honey, of course)!

By the way, it is Sierra's official 2-1/4 year (27 months) birthday!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cerberus is Growing!!!

Our cute little puppy, Cerberus. who was just 15 pounds at 8 weeks old, is now 15 weeks old and 35 pounds. Unbelievably, our vet told us to buy special dogfood so he doesn't grow too fast, which could cause deformities! How crazy is that?! His sire was 135 pounds full grown, so he has big shoes to fill!
He digs, he nips, he jumps and he's full of energy! He's also taking longer than we'd like to be house-broken, but he's cute as a button and very calm after a nice long walk. We're most disappointed that he's lost his puppy breath, but he's still cute to cuddle with!

Most mornings we take a long walk with the family down to a neighborhood fountain. Victor trains the dog along the way and he gets to play once we get there.

Above, Victor enjoys cradling his baby... He won't be this little forever, so we're enjoying it while we can.

I don't think anyone will mess with me and the girls once Cerberus is a little bigger!