Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sierra's Driving! (23 mos Going on 16 yrs)

When Mimi and Grand-Pop-Pop headed back home to Louisiana, Sierra decided she wanted to go with them! So she jumped in the car and insisted on driving...

As she blew us a kiss, she said, "Bye-Bye Mommy & Daddy!"

Then she was on her way!
The video below shows how excited Sierra is to be in the driver's seat. Mimi let her drive in her lap down the street and back. Sierra was in heaven! Now, everytime we go somewhere, Sierra wants to sit in the driver's seat instead of her carseat. Enjoy!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Lunch on Main Street with the Family!

While Carl and Linda visited for Thanksgiving, we took a drive to Main Street in downtown Winter Garden to enjoy the sun and fresh air.

We all had lunch at Bistro 24 and Sierra entertained us all with her curiosity of everything around her. Thank goodness when her food arrived! She sat peacefully in her chair until we were all finished like the angel she is.
We strolled the avenue and played around the fountain - one of Sierra's favorites! Dangling her toes in the water and splashing around gave her the giggles. It was fun to watch.
Sierra is still a Daddy's girl from head to toe. She loves laughing with him, playing chase, talking to him and having him hold her more than anyone else in the world.

I love seeing them together so happy and content!

Thanks for visiting for the holiday! We miss you already!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mimi & Grand-Pop-Pop Visit for Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving we are happy to host a family Thanksgiving celebration with Sierra's Louisiana Grandparents - Mimi and Grand-Pop-Pop!
Excited to see their grand-daughter, they brought wonderful gifts for Sierra to enjoy, including a pink crocheted cap and flower hair pin...

A sweater to keep her warm this Winter season...

A cute little baby doll...

And, the most fantastic gift of all...a Cinderella Tea Set! Sierra loves playing tea party. After carefully unwrapping the gift, she displayed all her new cups and saucers on the table to enjoy her first tea party with her new set.

Thank you so much for the presents and your thoughtfulness! We're looking forward to a wonderful Thanksgiving together with lots of happy memories, photos and video to share!
More to come later...

Sierra Enjoys Her 1st Icecream Cone!

This past Saturday, we drove to downtown Winter Garden to enjoy the music and arts festival. We strolled down Main Street looking at the art, while Sierra admired all the puppy dogs! It was a beautiful, cool afternoon so we stopped for lunch and afterwards had icecream!
Sierra enjoyed her own personal cone with a swirl of delicious vanilla soft serve. If you can't tell from the photos...she loved it!
She laughed, kicked up her feet and did a wonderful happy dance for us. Watch and enjoy!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sierra's 1st Halloween Party

Sierra has been meeting lots of new friends at My Gym. One little girl named Anna, invited her to her first Halloween party. Sierra dressed up as an adorable little flower princess, her daddy went as a fireman and mommy wore her masquerade mask. We all had fun.

Peter and Deanna, the hosts of the party, had a water fountain in the middle of their home. Sierra and the other children loved playing and splashing in it. Anna is the angel to Sierra's left.

Close to the end of the party, Sierra and her girlfriends found a pot of gold - Doritos. And enjoyed the cheesy delights until they were all over the floor!

Sierra sharing her chips...
Daddy posing with his favorite little girl...
The ladies in costume...
and the men!
Below is a short clip of Sierra at the party. Enjoy!

Happy Halloween to all!

Daddy's Little Helper...

Getting ready for the new baby is a lot of hard work (for Victor). We cleared out our office space and decided to make Sierra a new "Big Girl Bedroom" instead of creating a new nursury for the baby. Sierra loves the new room. Take a peek of Sierra with her Daddy helping him make her room just right...

The room is almost complete... We'll post new photos when it's ready.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sierra's 1st Chocolate Bar

October marks the beginning of the holiday season. Starting with Halloween, the candy starts to flow. My husband was at the check out counter of Fresh Market with Sierra one day and the cashier gave Sierra a Halloween chocolate pumpkin on a stick! We figured, she's almost 2 years's time. So we gave her her first chocolate bar....

After eating half of it, she ran around on a sugar high for 2 hours! Thanks Fresh Market Guy!