Monday, August 30, 2010

It's Mommy's "Happy Day!"

For Mommy's birthday this past Monday, August 30th, Victor prepared a wonderful home-made dinner and baked a beautiful vanilla & strawberry birthday cake for me. He put up our traditional "birthday tree" complete with sparkling Christmas lights & hung a birthday banner across the bar. It was a beautiful sight, and Sierra loved it most!

He even helped Sierra practice saying, "Happy Birthday Mommy," until she had the phrase memorized! So, on Monday morning, I woke to the sweet sound of Sierra saying, "Happy Day Mommy!" She repeated the phrase all day. And, if you ask her what a birthday is, she responds with a big smile and the word, "Cake!"
As I get older, my birthday wants are getting more practical. This year, I wanted a sewing machine, and that's what I got complete with lessons and accessories! Now, I can make all those darling costumes, stuffed animals and clothes that I've been dreaming of over the last couple years for Sierra. It was a wonderful day and I thank my dear husband and daughter for making it so special!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

We're Having Another Baby GIRL!

Yes, it's true. On May 14th, I did a home pregnancy test and it came up "positive!" So, we rushed to the doctor to find out I was 4 to 5 weeks pregnant, but it was too early to tell if it would make it full term. The first image is the 1st sonogram from our doctor's office showing a small spec in my uterus which is the fetal sac and beginning of life. The next sonogram was taken on June 1st and showed our baby to be about 8 weeks old and almost 2cm long. Still too young for us to start celebrating, but we were excited that it was still growing strong. On June 29th, the next sonogram shows the baby at 12 weeks old and about 5.5 cm. Prior to taking this image, the baby was zipping across the fetal sac like a torpedo, so not only did we get to see the image, we saw a lot of movement, which is a good sign for a strong fetus. Since I'm 41, our doctor explained there are many additional tests that need to be taken to understand the risks associated with my being pregnant again. He explained about the higher risk of Down's syndrome (DS) and other chromosomal abnormalities as well as major congenital heart problems. The nuchal translucency screening test consists of 2 specific genetic ultrasounds and a battery of bloodwork to determine a number that evaluates my risk of any disorder. Then Victor and I decide if we want an amniocentesis which tells us if our baby is actually affected. The last 2 images that follow were taken from the first genetic ultrasound at the hospital (part 1 of the nuchal translucency test). Our baby's foot is below. We are nervous and tentative and decided to hold out on telling anyone about the pregnancy until we had our final results. But when Victor's Mom came to visit on July 23rd, the first thing Linda said to me was..."Are you expecting? Not able to deny her, we eventually told her it was true, we were expecting a baby on January 13, 2011! Below is our baby's profile showing the head, nose & mouth to the left, then the belly and his/her feet at the right. With the news exposed to Linda, we had to tell my Mother which started the windfall of news to the family. We are still cautious with the news, but everyone seems to think all will be fine. As time passes we feel the same and can't wait to tell you all personally.

During my last few appointments throughout the month of August, we finished all the other nuchal translucency screening tests and due to an Echogenic bowell discovery were forced to complete an amniocentesis.

Two long weeks after the test, August 31st, we discovered our little angel is perfect and has no chromosomal abnormalities. All results were negative after reviewing # 13, 18, 21 and the sex chromosomes. What a relief! Now we can rest easy and start thinking of baby girl names for Sierra's sister.

By the way, she's 7.8" in length and weighs about 8 oz. Above shows a 3D sonogram taken at the hospital on August 17th. She's a shy one with her hand up by the right side of her face.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Joining My Gym...

As Sierra approaches her 2nd birthday, we decided we needed to socialize her more. So, we joined a local kid's fitness center called, My Gym. There was an open house welcoming new members recently, so we took Sierra so she could meet everyone, explore, and see if she liked it. Take a peek at our Friday night...

It was tons-o-fun! And, Sierra's looking forward to her classes 3 or 4 times a week.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sierra Discovers Mommy's Closet...

One day I was walking through the house and discovered Sierra had found her way into my closet. Of all the colorful clothing and accessories inside, Sierra spotted this.... Mommy's fur vest!
If you haven't already discovered, Sierra loves the finer things in life. Bling and fur are two of her favorites!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Little Escape Artist...

August 15, 2010 marks a very important day in our lives. This is the day Sierra's life changed as well as ours, forever. On this day, our 20-month old crib-sleeping baby girl, transformed into a toddler-bed sleeper!

We saw signs that this day was near, such as Sierra's infamous kicking of the leg on top of the front bedrail when we would walk into her room in the mornings. And, how she was getting more and more confident with her climbing and leaping off the furniture. Victor and I both knew this day would come, but we were hoping to have a few more months of peace.

On Sunday afternoon around 1:30pm we were putting our baby girl down for her nap as usual. After her storytime and bedtime song, I left the room with sounds of crying behind me. After about 2 minutes of her tearful outburst the room went quiet...too quiet. Victor went to check on her and the video below reveals our little escape artist at work.

She eventually tired out around 3:45pm and slept for an hour. Sierra is an active sleeper, meaning she moves around a lot. A random peek showed the image below of Sierra getting used to her new bed!
Oh, the precious moments of parenting!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Like Mommy, Like Daughter...

When I was a little girl (above), I loved all of my stuffed animal friends. I loved them so much, that on occassion, I would spread them out in a circle on my bed and sit right in the middle of them all...feeling surrounded by love!This past Friday afternoon, I discovered Sierra in her room and she had taken out all of her stuffed animals out of her toy chest and put them on the floor as she played with them in disarray. Upon my discovery, I organized all the animals in a circle and Sierra gladly stepped into the center. The sight of my little baby girl so happy and content made my heart swirl with happiness.
After we were done playing, we put the animals back in her toy chest. When the last animal was placed inside, Sierra decided it was the perfect spot for her too!

Sierra Grace is definitely surrounded by love!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's Daddy's Birthday!

It's Victor's birthday (Sunday, August 8th), so we celebrated at home in style! With the traditional birthday cards, presents and cake & icecream.
Our darling daughter posed with the birthday boy and helped him opening his present from Mommy...
Sierra loves presents...
It's a new Kindle 3 ereader! Their latest version. Daddy loves to read, so we thought it was the perfect gift!
But, the best part of birthdays is the cake and icecream. After Daddy made his wish, we let Sierra make a wish on her slice of cake. She was mesmerized by the can almost seee in her eyes, how much she likes it!
This seemed like the pefect way to get a first bite! Enjoy the video capturing the moment...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sierra Conquers the Sandbox!

We discovered over the July 4th holiday, our darling daughter does not like sand! Of all things to dislike, sand seemed like an odd choice. Besides, for Victor and I, this could also be very limiting with our vacation choices in the future. So, Mommy and Daddy set out to figure out a way to desensitize Sierra from her fear. Our solution: Her own personal sandbox.
As soon as we introduced Sierra to her new sandbox, she was hesitant. Similar to the way she reacted at the Grand Cypress shoreline, Sierra did not like sand on her fingers or any part of her body. If it touched her, she backed up and had to wipe it off on either Mommy or Daddy.
To remedy that, we kept encouraging her to play in the sand and showed her how much fun we were having doing it. Each time she got sand on her hand or leg, we would laugh and pour it on ourselves too. She would laugh along with us, thinking it was a game.
Pretty soon, our little angel didn't mind the sand at all. Yea for Sierra! We are so proud of her for overcoming her fear!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Big Pool

Introducing...the big pool! Sierra has graduated from her little infant pool. Now, she loves to swim in her big pool. Below are a few photos and videos of how much fun we're having. Enjoy!

Below are a couple of short videos showing off Sierra's cuteness and swimming abilites!