Thursday, June 17, 2010

Put Me in the Zoo

One of Sierra's favorite books is called, "Put Me in the Zoo," by Robert Lopshire (a Dr. Seuss book).
Sierra loves the book and we often let her read the words that she knows, like "zoo", "blue", "spots" and "you." It's really cute to see her interact and get excited about words.
One of the passages says, "We do not want you in the zoo. Out you go! Out! Out with you." and Sierra just giggles and points outside!We love the zoo, too... especiallythe waterpark. After a long hot day in the sun, we put on our bathing suits and spend an hour or so cooling off. Take a peek at a cute video showing Sierra playing in the water.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sierra's Personal Playground!

With Sierra climbing all over everything in the house from his weightlifting machines, to the sofas and barstools, Victor decided it was time to put together Sierra's outside playground. We had thought it would be a good birthday present for Sierra when she turned 2, but our cute banana eating little girl surprised us with her monkey-like climbing skills.

Victor worked for about 10 hours putting together her playground during the day and night. He even worked around Sierra's naptime to get it completed by the weekend.

Each piece, Victor put together by hand...

Working day and night...Victor put the final touches on the playground...

And it was done! I'm so proud of my husband for creating such a wonderful playground for our daughter. The final test will be having Sierra try it out in the morning when it's cool outside.

When Sierra saw it for the first time, she got a big wide grin on her face and pointed to the swing. So Daddy strapped her in and gave her a big push.

Sierra was ALL SMILES.

(Check out the video below to see her excitement)

She also loved the periscope which looks out into the preserve and through her favorite trees - the banana trees, of course!

Sierra tried the slide and made her "Ba" go first by tossing him down ahead of her.But most of all, Sierra loved the swing. After climbing all around the playground, she wanted, "More!"and "More!" of the swing.

Below is the cute video of Sierra riding on the swing for the first time.

Here's another cute video showing Sierra scaling the rock climbing wall on her first day playing. We were so impressed! We hope you are too.

Cool Shades

When Sierra graduated from her swim classes, we discovered a prize at the bottom of one of her swim pants boxes - cool shades in pink and blue.

When we tried them on for size, Sierra and Mommy looked so cool, we had to share these photos with all of you. Enjoy!