Sunday, February 21, 2010

We Love the Park!

On weekends, the park is especially crowded...Lots of kids, lots of parents, and lots of fun. Since Victor and I don't know many other couples with young children, the park is a great place to socialize our darling daughter. Sierra is very polite and always gives a big smile and a friendly wave when she greets someone new. It's fun for us to see how she interacts with other people.We spent most of the day, climbing to the top of the biggest slides, sliding down, trying to walk back up the slide, and doing it all over and over again.

We discovered a mirror at the top of one activity and Sierra was amused by her reflection. She stood looking at herself and smiling, then backing away and sneaking up on the reflection again and again. Very cute!

Sierra found things like gears and knobs to turn and twist. It was thrilling for her to see just by turning one handle or knob, how all the other pieces moved and made noises. If only we had the same excitement when exploring the simple things in life.

There were many children playing on the monkey bars, swinging and laughing. Most of the children were much older than she and could climb and swing with ease, but Sierra's tiny little body couldn't reach the bars or climb the steps. She tried with all her might until she sat on the bar and was content to watch the other kids.

That is, until her Daddy saved her by picking her up to let her stretch her arms to reach the bars! Unfortunately, the monkey bars weren't quite as fun as she thought it would be and quickly became bored!

Back to the slides again...

Once again, it was a fun day at the park. Below is a video of Sierra having fun on the big red firetruck and finding a surprise for Mommy and Daddy!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Experiencing the Duck Pond...

Sometimes pictures do not give justice to an experience, so below is a short 2 minute video of our afternoon at the duck pond! Enjoy!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Enjoying a Sundae on Sunday!

After visiting with the ducks, we indulged Sierra in her very first icecream sundae! Vanilla frozen yogurt, chocolate fudge drizzle, banana, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry on top!

It was delicious and wonderful and yummy for her tummy!

Daddy fed her bite after bite of pure happiness.

And she enjoyed every last drop!

Until every last bite was gone!

Mommy and Daddy had a few nibbles too. Who could pass up such a treat?

We hope you enjoy your Sunday (sundae) as much as we did! Bye-bye!

Duck, Duck, Goose!

With Sierra learning so many new words with her reading program, Victor and I want to reinforce her learning with actual experience. About 10 minutes from our house is a local pond where birds, ducks and geese call home.

Hoping to see a variety of ducks and birds, we drove there this past weekend. Just as we expected, there were ducks galore! Sierra was delighted to see so many ducks and quickly announced, "Duck!" over and over again when she saw her feathery friends.

Mommy brought crackers to entice the ducks to visit, and as you can see below, Sierra must have been thinking, "If crackers are good enough for ducks, they must be good enough for me!"

Ducks were everywhere...white ducks, mallard ducks, grey and white ducks and molting ducks. There were also pesky seagulls and friendly geese!

Looking for food, the ducks came very close. So close, I thought they might take a finger or a toe if we didn't draw a cracker in time...

Sierra loved the ducks and remembers them from her reading video with the songs, "Old MacDonald" and "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."

We sang the familiar songs and made lots of quacking sounds as we fed the local birds.

As the day drifted on, looking at the ducks and feeding them seemed boring...she wanted to get in the water with the ducks and play.

Afterall, bathtime was so much fun and it looked like some of the ducks were bathing themselves, why not Sierra too!

As the beautiful, sunny day came to a close, we gazed over the busy pond.

One beautiful, grey goose befriended Victor by letting him pet and feed him. Sierra watched with envy and tried with all her might to introduce herself. Mommy kept her at a safe distance since the goose was as tall as she.

It was a fun day at the pond.

Now, every evening before bed, Sierra requests the book, "Goodnight, My Duckling." It has become her very favorite story of all time about a duckling who drifts too far behind her mother on their way home one evening and becomes lost. A friendly turtle offers help in finding his way back home.

Sierra loves the duckling, the Mama duck and the turtle, and makes sure to point them all out on every page.

Introducing...The Fun Room!

Daddy helps his little lady down into the fun room!
It's actually a dedicated theatre room with 2 rows of theatre seating...perfect for running around in circles.
With her Daddy getting ready for playing hide-and-seek & catch me if you can!

Her Daddy drops Sierra down from the top of the chair sliding into the seat. Oh boy, what fun!
Then he flips her upsidedown as she screams with excitement. I think if Sierra were an animal, she would definitely be a monkey because she loves hanging upsidedown and eating bananas!
Up and down she goes. Playing with Daddy is the BEST! He is so much fun and has as much energy as Sierra!
When Sierra is having more fun that she can express, she says, "Oooooooooh!"

Another day playing games in the Fun Room! This time with Mommy!... Flipping Sierra upsidedown on the chairs. It's tons-o-fun!

Mommy needs a break, so Sierra takes time for a photo-op!

One of the best things about Sierra is that she loves to laugh! She smiles and laughs with us all the time. She gets so excited about playing and having fun, we hope she always continues to enjoy her life to the fullest and have fun in whatever she does.

Exhausted at the end of the night... Oops! it's 7:30 pm and she should be in bed! We have to go now! Bye-bye!

A Chilly Day at the Park

Sunny Florida is not so warm these days. The sun is out but there's a chill in the air that continues to linger. But, that doesn't stop our darling little Sierra...

She's an outdoor girl and loves to run around the park having fun. We bundle her up in warm layered clothing and off she goes...

She's a very independent little girl and loves to do things on her own. Only holding a hand when she needs to, Sierra forges ahead to play on the bigger activity centers her way.

You can see the determination in her eyes as she takes another trip UP the slide!

Sitting at the bottom of the rock wall, Sierra takes a break to talk to a new 5 year old friend. Sierra was all smiles and liked to watch her climb poles and on top of all the play houses.
Daddy took Sierra for a swing ride on the big girl swing. The baby swing was too confining!

Pretending at the play house and climbing on top of the table kept her busy until she saw the fun tunnels and slides...

The tunnel looked daunting at first, but Sierra is no "frady-cat!"

She dives right in to tackle the tunnel. She's got tremendous focus as you can see on her cute little face below.

We love you Sierra Grace! Mommy & Daddy