Thursday, December 31, 2009

Spending the Day at Disney Village

The day after Christmas, we decided to spend the day at Disney Village. It was a beautiful, cool afternoon and the park was filled with people.Sierra absolutely loved the Merry-go-round. After watching others circle around, Sierra jumped from my lap, ran to the edge of the ride and started to dance. The music playing was Jingle Bells, one of Sierra's favorites, so we jumped on board.

With endless energy, we turned to find something new to do. Flipping upside-down was a fun transition as we walked toward Leggo-Land!
Everywhere we looked there was something fun to see, like the Lockness Monster, a Dinosaur, a Transformer, and other Disney character's like, Daisy and Daffy we stopped for a photo opportunity.
Daddy found a Tinkerbell toy that glowed and sparkled & stopped to play for a while...
Then we traveled to the train ride and stepped aboard for another ride. Sierra strapped in like a big girl sitting next to her daddy & off they went.
The ride was lots of fun & we ended our day on a high note as we left to return home in time for our afternoon nap.
The perfect afternoon relaxing and having fun with the family...perhaps we should make this the new Robert family tradition!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Christmas Day with Sierra!

Our Christmas Day began around 8:00 am when Sierra woke from her good night sleep. She marveled at the Christmas tree lights with "Ooos" and "Ahhhs" as if she saw it for the first time.
Evidently, Santa had stopped by the house and added a few other presents under the tree. And, Morpheus' stocking had been stuffed by the friendly reindeer.
Still a bit sleepy, Sierra set her head down on the most comfortable thing she could find...Morpheus! He's such a good dog and is so very gentle and calm with Sierra. Sometimes we refer to him as "Sierra's favorite stuffed animal." He's one of a kind!
Just before breakfast, Daddy took a photo of his two favorite girls who love him more than he could ever imagine and Sierra offered the best Christmas present any little girl could ever give to her father...All at once, as if she had been dreaming about it all night, she called out to her Daddy with the words, "Da-Da!" And, Sierra didn't just happen stance upon the word, she kept repeating it and pointing at her Daddy!
Calling out to her daddy on Christmas Day & knowing that it was her daddy made Victor happy beyond measure. And, by 9:00am, we already knew this would be the best Christmas day of all time!
Victor's mother and father called to wish us a Merry Christmas & we spent a short while visiting on the phone. Afterwards, we decided since Sierra loves boxes, wrapping paper & ribbon so much, we would let her open ALL the Christmas gifts...
Gigi sent Sierra many things, of which one of her favorites was a book & Jazz CD called, "Miles the Crocodile." Sierra loved it so much, she insisted on reading it right away!
Then we proceeded to open a gift for Daddy and Sierra volunteered to assist with the unwrapping as we hoped she would.
Climbing on top of the present gave her a much better angle to finish the job...
What excitement to tear open the paper to see what is inside...
Sierra was so happy to help with all the gifts. Her favorite gift of all ended up being the box that Daddy's new slippers arrived in.
Morpheus' stocking was filled with dog treats and a big juicy bone to gnaw on, which should take him about 20 minutes to devour.
Sierra's stocking was filled with toys, a ball, dolls, books and a purple fuzzy purse to keep all her new zoo animal toys inside.
Sierra's last present to open was a huge tiger stuffed animal from Santa Clause that had been hidden under the tree. She tested it for snuggles & it passed with flying colors!
Gigi also sent Daddy delicious animal cookies, that somehow ended up on the floor with Sierra grabbing as many as she could stuff into her mouth. She had never had cookies before and decided that Daddy's present now belonged to her!

Last but not least, we took a video showing how enthusiastic and fun Sierra was as she opened the gifts. In the video above, Auntie Janet and Uncle Rolland sent Sierra some beautiful things that Sierra finds under the tree.

Thank you all for sending Sierra such wonderful gifts and for making our Christmas so special. Sierra, Victor and I send our love to you all. And, special thanks goes to Sierra for making her "Da-Da" the happiest man on earth!

Christmas Eve with Mom & Davey

On Christmas Eve, we were invited to my Mother's house for a lite Christmas dinner and to go to the Christmas Eve service at St. Richards Church. Since this was the first of many traditions Sierra would be a part of, we were excited to dress her up and venture to Gigi's house in Winter Springs.

Looking cute as a button, Sierra wore her new Christmas dress and stockings. Immediately upon our arrival, Sierra hugged Gigi and began exploring her house. She met Mr. Ramadam, the Ram staute and noticed every small piece of decoration that was arms reach on various table tops and nooks. So it was essential to making her house "child proof".

Once all the breakables were put away, Sierra was free to roam the house and explore. We had a wonderful visit with my Mom, as well as Uncle Davey and Aunt Lucy.

We took several photos to document the evening. And, my mother went overboard cooking a wonderful feast of ham, greenbeans, sweet potato, mac-n-cheese, hot cider, apple & cherry pie and Sierra's new favorite food - fruit filled jello!

Sierra loved being part of the process...helping my mother with the food preparation.

Davey and Lucy looked great and met our darling daughter Sierra for the first time! A bit shy, Sierra didn't warm up very quickly to the new family members. But in time, we all knew she would.

With church service in Winter Park beginning at 5pm, we were running a bit late to make the service, but all ended well and we made it as planned.

Thank you my dear mother for planning such a wonderful evening of food and prayer. Thank you Davey and Lucy for sharing the evening with us and meeting Sierra. We love you all & Merry Christmas!

Rock Climbing, Monkey Bars, Swinging & Kicking Oh My!

Sierra rarely wants to play on the baby climbing area. Instead she gravitates to the play area where the big kids are. The steps are taller, the activities are more advanced and they have monkey bars high above the ground!
Upon arrival to the park near our home, Sierra walked through the little kid's area straight to the rock climbing wall. Attempting to climb it alone, I rushed to her side to aid in her climb. Other older children were climbing up the wall with ease as Sierra watched carefully. Once the two boys reached the top, Sierra pushed upward and to my great surprise, made it all the way to the top without once looking back in fear.

Once safely to the top of the wall, Sierra gave me a hug and sat for a while as Daddy took a few snapshots. Very happy with herself, Sierra and her overjoyed Mommy planned Sierra's next adventure...

The Monkey Bars! Sierra seemed game with her daddy supporting her, but Mommy was a bit nervous about the idea. At least 7 feet off the ground, Sierra tried her best to hang on, but her tiny little hands couldn't wrap around the bar very well.

So, we thought we'd try the Swing which looked much more tame. We strapped Sierra into the seat and off she went, soaring forward and back as her Mommy swung next to her. This activity was boring compared to all the other things she tried that day, so after trying a few other of the activity areas, we moved on... Watching the bigger kids play catch with a soccer ball looked fun, so when they were finished, we started kicking around the ball for a while. What a fun day this turned out to be!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Playing Hide-n-Seek & Peek-A-Boo!

Sierra loves to play Hide-N-Seek and Peek-A-Boo. She has discovered that if she runs around the dining room table, Victor and I cannot see her from the kitchen. We'll call out her name with an inquisitive tone and it seems she intentionally does not answer. As a matter of fact, she will slow down, sneek around the table and quietly walk to the kitchen as Victor and I keep asking where in the world Sierra could be. When she's finally ready to surprise us, she'll peek around the corner with a big smile on her face, as if to say, "Here I am!"

We took these snapshots of Sierra as I was sitting on the floor playing Peek-A-Boo with Sierra on her birthday. She was tapping the chairs taking a break from her sillyness.

Then, she got a sparkle in her eye and decided she wanted to play again... Here we go again!

"Try to find me", she teases, with her cute smile and bright eyes.

How can you resist such cuteness and innocence? Of course, we couldn't and her Daddy and I were on the floor chasing her around and around the table. She was laughing out loud, and letting out high pitched screams every so often when we got close enough to snatch her up from the floor and give her endless tickles and belly blows.

Our darling little daughter will only be this young once in her life. Victor and I are trying to make the most of each moment one minute at a time.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Puppy Presents & Puppy Love...

Of all the special fun we enjoyed on Sierra's birthday, another special moment came soon after all Sierra's birthday presents had been opened. The fun gingham print sheet that wrapped up Daddy's seal stuffed animal gift somehow ended up on top of our dog, Morpheus. Discovering the sheet that was left on the floor, Sierra investigated the last surprise of the day...

There was a puppy inside! And, not just any puppy, it was HER puppy, Morpheus. Forget about the fact that Morpheus is 5 years old and weighs 125 lbs. If you actually knew him, you would know that he is the most easy going, layed back, casual dog on the planet. Nothing can stir him from slumber on the floor. As Sierra moved closer to her puppy, she decided that Morpheus needed some puppy love...

A sweet pull on the ear should awaken him from his sleep. Or, maybe he wants to play hide-and-seek! Yes, that must be why he is laying on the floor under this sheet!

What fun it is to have a secret hideaway where no one can see you. We commend our loyal dog for putting up with our silliness and fun at his expense.

One day soon, Morpheus will realize that Sierra is his new best friend. And she will provide him with all the food she can fling on the floor. With her friendship, he will have an endless supply of people food. He will also have a playmate with endless energy and frivolity. He will be her champion horse, her loyal protector and her best girlfriend to have tea parties and dress up parties with.

So, here's to our wonderful and faithful dog, Morpheus. Thanks for giving our daughter a place to rest her head while having her lunch. As my mother would say, and we all agree... Morpheus is a good dog!

The Making of the Birthday Cake...

Sometimes, the process of preparing for an event is more interesting than the actual event. In the case of Sierra's birthday, the entire day was filled with fun and laughter, but there were some special moments along the way that we'd like to share. Starting with the making of the birthday cake...

Of course, we enlisted all family members to help in the process. Our useful dog Morpheus was in charge of cleaning the pots and pans. He was very happy to help and rushed at the chance to begin his responsibilities when called...

Our original plan was to have a Butterfly themed party for Sierra since one of her favorite books is "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle. Her favorite part of the book is when the caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly. To add drama to the ending, her Daddy and I always flutter the pages to show Sierra how butterflies can flap their wings and fly away. This always brings a smile to her face! As you can see below, the butterfly cake pan did not work so well when we flipped it out of the mold...

Once again the dog came in handy to pick up all those crumbled pieces of cake when they fell on the floor! Exhausted and frustrated, Victor turned the cake project over to me. With Mommy in charge, a cupcake cake was created with pink and green icicng and a "fun to be 1" candle to make her birthday wish.

Another family birthday portrait photo of Sierra just after breakfast in her new pink & black leopard print jacket with super soft pink fur on the inside.

When naptime approached around 10:30 am, Mommy and Daddy had a private birthday toast to our beautiful daughter on her first birthday.

To our beautiful, fun, smart, independent daugter Sierra Grace,
Our lives have become so much more enriched by your life. We have loved watching you grow up into the little lady that you are. We promise to provide all the nourishment you need to be the best and brightest you can be. We wish you happiness and love, and we will cherish you today and always. Thank you for the gift of your life.
Love, Mommy and Daddy