Monday, November 30, 2009

A Cozy Weekend at Home in our PJ's

As mentioned before, this Thanksgiving holiday, we decided to stay close to home so that Victor could heal from his surgery. And as luck would have it, the temperatures dropped to around 60 degrees which was a nice and welcome change.

We all decided to spend the day in our PJ's! Take a look at the cute photos we took of Sierra in an outfit her uncle Davey Jr. sent us. Who ever would have guessed we would have needed the warmth of the cute outfit during a Florida Thanksgiving? Enjoy the cute photos of Sierra playing Hide-and-Seek, Peek-A-Boo and just having crazy fun at home...

Thank you Davey and Lucy for sending us the cute "Flower Power" pajama outfit. It really came in handy this weekend!

Our Close to Home Holiday Fun...

Just prior to Thanksgiving, Victor scheduled a much needed surgical procedure to replace 2 of his cervical vertebrae with a new type of titanium disc called Prodisc-C's. So, in light of Victor's planned surgery, we decided to have a quiet, stay-at-home holiday.

I planned on working from home the week of his surgery as well as for the entire week of Thanksgiving. All went as planned and the surgery was a success. We did have a few unexpected setbacks, however, every day Victor vows to "take it easier" so that he can heal completely. The photos below show snapshots from our holiday close to home...

Sierra and I posing in front of Santa's Workshop.

Another photo in front of the reindeer with all the magical snow and lights.

Victor and Sierra playing with the new and improved style Santa hats.

Dawn holding Sierra in the new T-Rex restaurant at Disney Village when all the lights and dinosaur characters came to life . . . an exciting moment for Sierra! Daddy and Sierra posing in front of the Mr. Potato Head Christmas tree.
Outside of the "Bibity Bobity Boutique" store where little girls can get made up in Princess style.

A facinating, Musical Merry-Go-Round Ride where a squirrel got confused and ended up on the ride too!
A final photo of Sierra admiring the beautiful and colorful flowers at Downtown Disney. "Mmmmm!" as Sierra would say!

Sierra's New Friends...

As Sierra approaches her first birthday on December 6th, we look back at all the amazing changes that have taken place in her first year. When we brought her home from the hospital she weighed 7 lbs, 2 oz and was approximately 22-1/2" in length. Today, she weighs about 26 lbs. and must be close to 32 inches tall. And, boy is she a handful!

She can walk, run, play, laugh, smile, talk, understand words, throw temper tantrums, follow simple instructions, speak a few words, give out kisses and wrap Victor and I both around her tiny little finger. She is also becoming more and more social as each day goes by. When we go to the park or the library, Sierra always smiles at everyone and plays with both young and older children.

At home, she is learning that all her stuffed animals are her friends too. One very special animal and a word she has learned from her reading program is "Gorilla". Her Gorilla friend is very big, and will protect her anytime she needs refuge. She loves her Gorilla friend so much, whenever she is being chased by her Daddy or Mommy, Sierra knows her safe place is with Gorilla. She runs like the wind, screams as she nears her protector, leaps at him with her mouth wide open, and gives him a big wet loving bite on the face!

Sierra's other household friend is a raggety, stuffed dog in our bedroom. No matter how many times she may walk by the stuffed animal, she simply cannot resist pulling him off his chair and giving him her familiar greeting - a sweet, wet bite on the nose! They toss and roll on the floor and the old stuffed dog always gives her a nice comfortable place to rest her head.

All of the photos above show the pure contentment, happiness and joy in her life. As Sierra grows older, Victor and I hope she retains all the positive feelings and experiences of her youth in her heart and knows that her parents will always be her protectors, like her gorilla friend, in real life!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our Beautiful Little Girl

This morning I was thinking...I haven't been taking enough pictures of our little girl. So, at 7:00 am I found the camera and started taking pictures of....

Sierra in her cute 80's hippie style pants climbing the steps in our bedroom. Notice the full "big girl" steps instead of the sit and scoot technique.

We were removing the sheets from the bed and Sierra saw an opportunity to playing in the sheets on the floor.
She looked so cute just being herself. Every photo turned out adorable.
In our house, neither Victor or myself can resist holding her, chasing her around the house and doing anything that will make her laugh out loud or give us a big smile. We often ask ourselves, "Do you think Sierra is spoiled?" The answer is always, "Yes, of course."
But being so young only comes once in a lifetime, so why not spoil her?!

If by spoiling her we are giving her a sense of happiness and joy that she willl carry with her for her entire life, then we will spoil her. Years from now, she won't recall any of the events or activities he had at this early age, but in her heart she will know that her parents, family and friends loved her unconditionally.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Looking for a Home in Rhode Island...

We found out 2 weeks ago the company I've been working for over the last 16 years is being relocated to Rhode Island. Fortunately, out of all the employees at Galaxy, I was one of the handful of people asked to make the move to the new corporate office in Rhode Island. I was surprised and honored and most of all curious, since neither Victor nor I had ever been there.

So, we decided to visit the lovely Ocean state. And, for the first time, we felt it would be best to leave Sierra at home since we had to accomplish a lot in the short time of our stay. This was a first away from our little girl, and I have to admit I was very sad not to take her with us for 3 whole days!

We traveled all over the state (it's only 40 miles wide) and visited the quaint little towns of Wickford, Newport, Jamestown, Narragansett and to the southern tip of Point Judith and back to the main city of Providence. The people were friendly and conversational. We loved the beautiful bright yellow, red and orange colored leaves. The weather was brisk and cool in the mid 60's and warmed up to about 70 on Sunday. The perfect time to visit everyone told us.

Narragansett point was lovely and situated on the water. We visited the rocky shorelines and even saw a few longboarders surfing the waves to shore.

After thinking Rhode Island would be urban and congested, I was delighted to see how rural and open the area was. We found the perfect home in Coventry on the water called "Johnson's Pond." We met a few neighbors and felt right at home. If Victor can find a job at a local hospital or Psychology practice, I'm sure we'll consider moving. However, for now we were happy to visit.

We'll keep you updated on our final decision. And, thanks Mom for taking care of Sierra while we were gone. Victor and I had a nice mini-vacation and owe it all to you!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mimi & Grandad Visit Sierra From Louisiana

Victor's parents came to visit from Shreveport, LA to see their darling little grand-daughter, Sierra Grace.

Driving two days to get here on Friday night, Carl and Linda arrived on the eve of Halloween. It was wonderful to see them and especially to see the smiles on their faces when they saw how much Sierra had grown since their last visit in May.

As a gift, they brought their darling little grand-daughter two adorable sock toys, a monkey and a frog. Sierra instantly took a liking to them both and gave them big wet kisses.

Sierra loved having special guests in the house and quickly showed off her walking, kicking, reading and cuteness skills.

We were proud of Mimi for changing her first diaper. And to our surprise, she went the extra mile and even put it on backwards! If Sierra could talk, we know for sure, she would tell us Mimi is lots of fun!

Sierra's 1st Halloween...Our Little Angel!

We often call Sierra our "Little Angel," so what better costume for Sierra's first Halloween than an adorable, sweet, precious little angel!

Of course getting our angel in the costume was a task not easily accomplished. The sparkle net sleeves and the feathery halo looked very tempting and delicious to Sierra. And, she couldn't resist biting and chewing holes into them.

Don't worry. Victor had a plan...bubbles! Of course, distracting Sierra with bubbles. It was the most perfect and genious plan. My husband saves the day! Sierra was instantly mesmerized by the bubbles and completely forgot about her cap sleeves and feathers. Sierra loves bubbles and they were way more fun!

Sierra's first Halloween was a success. As you can see, she looked cute as a button and her halo stayed on her head for at least 30 minutes! Plenty of time for us to snap these photos and take a short video of our evening. Take a peek below.