Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Little Angel Strolls Through Her House!

Yes, this is Sierra's house now. Toy's strewn over the floor, plastic barriers protecting her from the antiques, and a once useful pack-and-play crib is now Sierra's official toy bin as well as the center piece of the house! Once a place of order, our house seems cluttered and messy, but at least it is a house full of love that is cluttered and messy and not just a compulsively clean house without the most wonderful little angel in the world living there. The video above shows our little angel strolling through her house with purpose and confidence. As you will also see, Sierra is becoming quite a competent walker. Victor and I are both so proud!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Kicking and Learning Story...

It's funny how the smallest things become huge sources of amusement when you have a child. Not only is everything "new and exciting" to the baby, but it's also "new and exciting" for us as parents. For example, if we haven't already told you, one of Sierra's favorite words is "kicking." We discovered it was her favorite word because she would repeat it over and over again at any point in time. At first we had no idea what she was saying. We simply thought she was experimenting with sounds and syllables. Her word could've been, "tickle" for all the times her daddy tickled her belly to get a few laughs from Sierra. Or her word could've been, "lickle" because she seems to be in an oral phase where everything is licked or goes into her mouth.

But, one day, I discovered she was excited and moving her feet while she said it. Then it occured to me that one of her reading words she was learning was, "kick" and the program was teaching her to add "ing" after words to make new words. Of course, Sierra's word is "kicking!" So now that we finally understand her word, we use it all the time. Like when she's sitting on the steps, she can kick her legs and say her word, and Victor and I get huge kid-like grins on our faces and laugh out loud. She loves it! We even went to a place called, "My Gym" and showed off how skilled she is by showing everyone she can kick and play! And, on Sunday, at the zoo, we had her on a fencepost and look what she was doing....

Sierra's 1st Trip to the Zoo

Sierra has been learning many new words from her "My Baby Can Read" program. Many of the words she's learning are "animal" words, such as elephant, tiger, lion, monkey, and gorilla. So Victor and I decided the best place to reinforce her learning would be the Central Florida Zoo! To our happy surprise, on Sunday, the zoo was having a special Halloween Day for visitors, which included face painting, trick-or-treating, and Sierra could dress up in her very first costume - a sweet angel because, she is one! Unfortunately, our sweet angel started eating the lace decorations and chewing on her skirt, so we had to modify her costume to a simple onesie, the skirt with tights and her cute pink, slip-on tennis shoes. Take a peek at her Sunday afternoon at the zoo!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hooray! Sierra's First Steps!

On Wednesday, October 21, 2009 at 6:30 in the evening, with my Mother as our witness, Sierra Grace took her first steps! We are so proud of our little girl. At a mere 10-1/2 months old, she is growing up right before our eyes! Our little girl is standing tall, she is more confident, more demanding of what she wants, and now she's walking! Everyone we knew with children always told us to "cherish" the moments when she is a baby because those special days fly by so fast. Now we are at the moment of realization that our baby girl is not a baby anymore. She is a little girl and growing more and more independent every day! Take a peek at our little girl taking her first steps with Mommy and Daddy...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sierra vs. The Bedroom Steps

As new parents we are learning there is a delicate balance between teaching your child new things in a safe environment and letting them learn lessons on their own, along with all the bumps and bruises that sometimes follow. As soon as Sierra learned to crawl, she ventured to every nook and crannie that she could find. One special area of the house we had taught her to be shy of was the dreadful, "Bedroom Steps," which were two treacherous steps about 8" in height that should have looked like the Grand Canyon to our sweet innocent child. Victor and my biggest fear was the day that Sierra would decide to take on those infamous steps...

Definitely Daddy's Little Girl!

As the saying goes, "Daddy's girl", and "Mamma's boy." Sierra is definitely Daddy's girl! Not only does she look like her Daddy, she is fearless like her Daddy, independent like her Daddy and she loves her Daddy like no one else.

The Best Toys In Life Are Free!

It's funny. No matter how many plush toys, expensive gadgets, or toys you can buy that are engineered to teach your child new developmental skills, the best toys are always free! As soon as we unpacked Sierra's Size 3 pampers, her eyes lit up like Christmas lights. She started making the "Mmmmmm!" noise that only means, "It's mine and I want it now! At that moment we realized we found Sierra's favorite new toy. After playing with the box on her own for about 5 minutes, Victor looked at it, went to the garage, and brought back an old leash and, "Voila", a Pampers Bus had been born! Take a look at sierra riding in her favorite toy...

Sierra's Backyard Pool!

Sierra is a very happy baby and wherever she goes she makes her Mommy and Daddy smile too. Here are a few photos of her in her backyard swimming pool. It's the best $7.50 we've spent in a long time!

Learning to Walk...

As we see our beautiful daughter grow and learn new things, we are so excited to see that she is getting closer to walking on her own. We bought Sierra a cute toy stroller she can push around the house (with our help, of course!) as she strengthens her legs and practices taking strides with confidence. Take a peek at a home video we made of Sierra with her new toy.