Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Florida Aquarium

Tomight we went to an event for introducing the STEM schools in Hillsborogh County. It was held at the Florida Aquarium and we toured all the elementary Magnet and Choice programs, which enrollmemt begins next month.

The girls had a ball learning all about Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) programs with fun, interactive exhibits set up around the room.

Afterwards, we walked through the aquarium looking at all the sharks, fish, jellies and sea turtles!

Visiting Disney Springs!

On sunday, we visited Disney Springs! The last time we had been there it was called Disnet Village with much less to do. They expanded the shopping, dining areas and created a beautiful show waterway that looked like natural springs!

We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe and cooled off in the splash pad. It was a wonderful day acting like tourists!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

British Swim School!

We are excited to be part of the British Swim School family! Our new business will be launched in January. We will be teaching survival floating classes to moms and their babies, and swimming lessons to kids and adults!

Even the girls are excited to be part of the team! Sierra and Audrey both want to be instructors! For now, they can be our cheerleaders!

The Cougar Challenge

Last week was the Cougar Challenge at Cimino elementary. It was a day of fun and exercise. Each grade had the chsmce to run around the track to raise money for their school!.

Audrey's class went first. Audrey ran 18 laps and wouldnt stop! She was amazing!

Sierra ran 20 laps and was the fastest girl in her grade! She was amazing and had a great time with her classmates!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Big Red Barn

Today we visited the big red barn, a local farmers market, and they had a farm festival setup. They got their faces painted as tigers, ran through a maze, picked out pumpkins, and dunked a guy in a water tank! It was so much fun. Happy fall everyone!

Breakfast in Bed

Audrey woke up today and wanted to do something nice for her sister. She decided to make her breakfast in bed! Cereal, milk, orange juice, yogurt, a pear and a sweet treat!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Audrey's Eyes Are Perfect!

After Audrey was diagnosed with convergence insufficiency and accommodative dysfunction last May in Denver, we decided to get a sevond opinion. Yesterday we met with a pediatric opthamologist and after a full dilated exam, she gave Audrey a clean bill of health. Her eyes are perfectly normal. We celebrated immediately by going to lunch at her choice if restaurants - IHop!